Saturday, 27 June 2009

There's a place

Round 18: Days 86-90
Last update: Jonas/Pascal and Mina

Next update: Jonas/Pascal and Mina

Narrated by Jonas Lachance

One of the nights soon after I got back from college, we shared the first family dinner we'd had in a while.

Even though Abigail was on the same campus as me (and still is there now), it felt like I hardly ever got to see her.

I guess Nicholas takes up a lot of her time nowadays. I'm glad she brought him down to Exeter with her. It'll give Mum a bit of a chance to get used to being a grandma.

Dad is gradually coming around to forgiving Caleb for knocking up his little girl. He hasn't been brave enough to actually come and visit but they've had some phone conversations.

Dad is a good guy, so I think everything will work out eventually. He's always been a great dad, so I don't think he'd be too scary as a father-in-law. I don't know if Caleb and Abigail will end up getting married or anything but I guess he's kind of part of the family forever now, via Nicholas.

Tatiana came down to see me while she was visiting her mum. Neither of us can wait until she graduates so she can come back home for real.

We went and hung out in Central Park. The city council redid it all recently, and it looks so much better. I think we sat there for a few hours.

I pretended I was taking in the view but I was really waiting for just the right moment to ask Tatiana to marry me.

I was 99% sure she'd say yes but it was still a relief to hear it. We want to get married as soon as we can, so probably soon after Tatiana graduates. My parents don't exactly have a conventional marriage but Tatiana and I think we'll go for the more traditional model.

Random pics:
I left this one out, because it's out of character for two shy Sims like Jonas and Tatiana to woohoo on a park bench in their underwear. But it's a really cute picture anyway.

And just because I can't help myself.

I laughed so much at this. She and Jonas had just woohooed up in his bedroom and as soon as they were done, she just up and walked out. She got her engagement ring, she got laid, she was out of there!

  • Please ignore that Pascal is an elder in the family portrait while clearly still an adult in the next picture. I forgot he was so close to aging up and didn't get a chance to take the picture first.
  • The diner that Jonas and Tatiana are standing in front of in the first pic is the awesome drive-in that I think I mentioned before (I didn't build it). I was dismayed to find it doesn't work. Something blocks them from taking their seats, so I have to go and figure that out. I think the front wall might just need to be nudged out a bit but I hope I'm able to replicate the building exactly. They've rounded the corners somehow and it looks really cool.
  • I decided that Jonas (and likely Abigail as well) would probably have an inkling about his parents' "arrangement". Pascal and Mina were not always discreet, though they've been faithful to each other for the last 8-10 years or so.
  • Abigail will be moving back with her parents next round, along with Caleb and Nicholas. Most likely on a new lot. Jonas will move in with Tatiana on the farm. That will be interesting for him, because I don't think the boy has ever cleaned anything in his life. The Lachances have always had a maid but my farm Sims aren't allowed maids or repairmen. He'll be fine without the latter though - he's very handy.
  • Pascal and Mina pretty much do nothing all day. I'm letting them use up all their vacation time before they retire (Mina has 8 days, which will take her well into elderhood) and then they can babysit Nicholas all day.


  1. I love the engagement do you take the pictures without the little movie playing? I've always wondered that......Jonas is so cute!

  2. LOL, booty call with an engagement ring, you can't beat that! But YAY! I'm glad these two are getting hitched! They're adorable as ever!

    Nicholas is adorable too! I love seeing families get together :)

  3. "She got her engagement ring, she got laid, she was out of there!" LOL!! That is just too much. That picture is great. xD

    It's a shame that drive-in doesn't work. I wonder what's blocking their seats?

    The park looks awesome!

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Taylor, you can turn the movies off under either Camera Options or Game Options. I haven't had them on in a long time, as I prefer to be able to control the camera myself. I sometimes turn it back on before they go to college, because I still really like that movie.

    I forgot to mention in the update than Jonas already wants a baby. I think he's smart enough to hold off on that, after Abigail. He had the baby want as soon as I loaded his lot. He didn't roll the "Get Married to Tatiana" want until they went on their date. Not until they got to the park actually. It was about 10 minutes before sunset, so it was like he was telling me, "Now!"

    I have to go in and check the drive-in when I play today. If it's the same problem I had with another diner once, there's just not enough space between the counter and the table. You need two and I believe there's only one.

  5. What a sweet engagement, the sunset really makes it very pretty. Nicholas is a little cutie, I look forward to seeing him grow up. And seeing Tatiana's first kid when that eventually happens.

  6. Nicholas looks like just Abigail - not much of Caleb in him that I can see.

    Lachance genes are really strong, so I'm guessing any kid of Tatiana and Jonas is going to end up looking more like him. But I'm excited to see if I'm right, because this game always surprises me.

  7. Oh, I can't wait to see Jonas and Tatiana get married! Haha, those two are too cute.

    That's right Tatiana, leave him wanting more. XD

  8. I am giddily excited about doing a Jonas and Tatiana wedding! Finding a dress for a no frills girl like her may be a challenge though, so I'm keeping my eyes open!