Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Heaven's never letting me in

Round 18: Days 86-90

Narrated by Madelyn Nihill

We were all feeling a little cramped in the triplex so James and I started looking into buying a house. We found a great one not far from our old place and we moved in as soon as we could. Aaron loves it already. The floor of his nursery is covered with toys.

He's not as thrilled about the potty training...

...or the fact that his bedtime is still 7pm. But James and I need some time to ourselves too!

Mum and Dad have come with us too. They helped us pay for the place, so we could hardly not have them live with us.

Yes, that is a baby bump you can see - I'm pregnant again! I guess that's what James and I have been doing with all that "time to ourselves" once Aaron goes off to bed.

I'm a little worried, to be honest, because when the baby comes, I'll have a newborn and a 3 year-old. I guess I should just be thankful my parents love babysitting so much.

I'm not very thankful that James got himself demoted recently though. I tried to hide my annoyance, because he felt pretty bad as it was but it was for such a stupid reason. Something to do with a touch football game or something. Really silly.

But fortunately, he did manage to suck up to his boss and get back into his good books. And he ended up getting a promotion on top of that! So now we're just eagerly awaiting the baby.

The other night, we had some of James's family over, mostly to announce my pregnancy. It was his grandmother, his mum, his dad and his brother.

I think Hanna was actually more excited than we were. This will be the third grandchild for James's parents, which is so weird because they're much younger than my parents.

I love it when the whole family gets together. There's so much going on, which is very different to what I grew up with, as an only child.

There's sometimes a bit too much going on for Raffaella. She's a little hard of hearing now and James gets annoyed at her and tells her to sit closer if she wants to know what's going on.

She does, usually, but sometimes we still have to resort to yelling and pantomime to get our point across!

Now that Aaron is walking, he's getting into all sorts of things that he shouldn't...like the cat's food. It must be delicious, because he's at that bowl constantly, either eating it or throwing it around like confetti.

Luckily, we keep some of Aaron's books close by so that we can grab one and read him a story to distract him. He loves being read to.

Ethan Gabriel Novak is the latest addition to our family. He looks just like his big brother.

It's hard to look at them when they're so sweet and small like this and not want another but I do think Ethan will be our last. Two is plenty.

To celebrate, James and I had a night out on the town. Well, it was just the pub in Sullivan but it was fun anyway.

The food was so good I just had to steal a bite of James's.

Random pic:
Just because I like the perspective here but couldn't really work this pic into the update. This is Ethan, by the way. Aaron has aged to child and Charlton and Aphrodite are both elders. Their profiles are updated, of course, so you can check them out there.

  • Gah, I crashed again during the Nihill/Novak update but at least this time, I was saving like a madwoman all the way through and I don't think it'd been more than a couple of Sim hours since the last time when it crashed on me. And it was only once.
  • I'd started to play this family in their triplex and the first thing Madelyn and James did was try for a baby. So the move was definitely necessary!
  • Aaron and Ethan are, if you didn't guess, clones. I had a suspicion and I checked their personalities and yup, identical. Oh, well. I usually forget that Betsy and Anna are clones because they're so different in my head so hopefully I'll be able to do the same sort of mind trick on myself with the Novak boys.


  1. OH no, clones! My farmer family with the zillion ugly kids were mostly clones. (I think there were three boys who all looked alike and had the same personality.) I did the same mind trick on myself. Amazing what different hair and aspirations can do. XD

    But what a cute little family. So sweet to invite everyone over to make the announcement! I really love seeing everyone together.

    The bit about Raffaella, LOL! Of course, it makes me a little sad to see her getting older. :(

  2. Yeah, I'm just thankful Aaron and Ethan are cute clones. Betsy and Anna are no great beauties but they look much prettier as adults than they did as toddlers, with their identical enormous pointy chins!

    I think Raffaella, Elias and Petra are my only originals left! They all started out as toddlers, which feels like so long ago. But Raffaella has always been a favourite of mine and I'll be sad when she goes.

  3. More babies, huh? lol I hadn't realized how tiny their old place was.

    I hope teh crashing stops soon. It seems as if a few of us are having random crashing. My game crshed this morning after two hours of play.

  4. Yeah, there were three bedrooms but they were all quite small. I'd probably move Xanthia's family too if I wasn't so sure she was going to die soon!

    This crash was different to my last crash. Last time it crashed, it was seemingly for fun, with no warning. This time, I got a message about not having the correct DirectX adaptors. Thanks, Computer, but seeing I've successfully loaded and played the game many times over the past 6 months, I don't think that's the problem.

    Both times though, it's been after hours of play. Drives me nuts!

  5. At least your clones are cute. I try to avoid clones by randomizing genetics with the bat hack box thingy.

    Both Aaron and Ethan are cute.

  6. Ack, clones! You're more accepting than I am... someone would be having an unfortunate pool accident, LOL!

    Poor Raffaella... it's always easy to pick on the hard of hearing. ;)

  7. Monique, I randomise genetics manually, in CAS, but I must have just rolled to the same algorithm as Aaron in this particular case.

    Mao, I probably should drown one but I won't. I have a serious overpopulation problem in Sullivan but I also have no will power to control it.