Friday, 5 June 2009

Weekend wars

Round 18: Sullivan High School

So while I'm waiting for TS3 to install, I thought I'd put a little school update up. I'll probably do future school updates separately too, because it's making more sense to do it that way in my muddled brain. Betsy Carmody is the new principal, which I think I have mentioned before. I have also played through her family's round, in which quite a bit happened, and I'll try to get that ready too.

Betsy's dad raised both of his daughters to have a love for music, so the first thing she does when she takes over Sullivan High is convert one of the disused classrooms into a music room. Wade and Eliot are thrilled. Wade was raised around music but Eliot's only ever been able to play music at school.

Betsy needs some student relations training though as she is constantly joy-buzzing her students and making them cry. I may need to look closer at personalities next time I choose a principal, rather than just using anyone in the education career!

Anyway, the kids are enjoying their music lessons. Max and Amelia are focusing on electronic instruments.

While Zaria has chosen an instrument with more of a classical bent.

Evan is mixing old and new school by rocking out on the electric double bass.

Private study in the library needs to be supervised if Betsy expects the students to get any work done at all.

Even under her watchful eye, Max and Zaria have managed to sneak away to make out in the corner.

Speaking of Zaria, she'd better be sure to keep an eye on that boyfriend of hers. Max gets a lot of attention from girls and he laps it all up too.

And there's romance budding among some other students too.

It appears that Margaret just likes anything in pants because she's lined up trying to compliment Wade too.

Trouble's a brewing in the cafeteria! Eliot looks quite sweet but he is, in the grand tradition of my Sims, a complete asshole.

Betsy's much tougher than her predecessor and hauls both boys into her office with no hesitation.

Yeah, she's tough! Betsy pretty much talks like this to everyone but her students don't need to know that!

In the boys' bathroom, Evan comes out of the cubicle just in time to see Wade admiring and talking to himself in the mirror.

Wade is rightfully embarrassed, so he quickly changes the subject and tells Evan about Max and Zaria making out in the library instead.


  1. ROFL You only do that in your own mirror Wade!

  2. Haha, Riverdale-- that's a tip for him. That's a great pic of Evan leaving to find Wade checking himself out. XD

    Your teens are so much trouble. Good luck Betsy!

  3. No one gave my teens the memo that self admiration is better left for the privacy of your own home! In the girls' bathroom at the same time, one of the townie teens was doing the same thing!

  4. LOL, Wade! Save that until you get home!

    Betsy looks like she can handle those troublesome teens with no problem with that no-nonsense expression! ;)

  5. LOL! Oh no, Zaria, not Max! At least keep him on a leash. Those teenage hormones are flying everywhere. xD

    Loved Evan catching Wade admiring himself. That is hilarious.

  6. Betsy can more than handle these kids, I think. I just realised there's a School Rules option on Inge's stuff and I unchecked them all. I'm going to let them run rampant so Betsy has more stuff to bitch them out for.

    Evan coming out of the stall when Wade was admiring himself was just perfect. I didn't even need to zoom in or rotate the camera. It was like I was seeing it from Wade's perspective.

  7. Awesome pictures, Sullivan! The music room is great. I always like your school updates.

  8. Thanks. I like playing and writing the school updates too. :)