Monday, 8 June 2009

I finally made some Sims and other assorted things

I was up far too late making Sims last night. I haven't moved them in yet so there aren't any real pictures (the camera works in CAS, but seemingly only for full length shots) but the pics on the Exchange are actually pretty clear. So here's Eloise and here's Connor. I don't think I'll be making things all the time but I wanted to see how the Exchange worked and also to see if they are as deletion-happy as the TS2 exchange is.

Eventually, I'm going to play these two as housemates, with a view to getting them married. I have checked out the possible offspring in CAS and they make some real cuties, so I'm looking forward to it!

I haven't decided what I want to do in regards to story progression and life span. If I continue to jump around the hood, I will probably turn aging and story progression on and bump the lifespan up to the longest possible. If I play them legacy style, I might turn SP and aging on and leave the settings as is. I may or may not blog them. Right now, I'm leaning towards occasional, very short updates and keeping TS2 as the major focus.

The aforementioned assorted things:

I've found that Sims can swim in the pools of unoccupied houses. And the beach looks pretty awesome in the background there.

Helping with homework is more realistic now.

For some reason, Sims are prone to sitting on the edge of the bath to read the paper. I don't really understand this. If they were going to program to sit anywhere non-seating like, it should have been the coffee table. Perhaps everyone else in the world is sitting on the edges of their bathtub while I'm perched on the coffee table.

This is fairly dark, even full-size, but Parker Langerak (Kaylynn's older brother) stayed out past curfew and got brought home by the police.

Dustin, his dad, was not happy. His relationship with both parents took a severe hit.

I went through the pregnancies of two of the pre-mades in my first incarnation of Riverview, but I thought I'd try it out with Beau and Victoria Andrews. Don't mind Beau - he's always in his underpants. I finally just stopped changing him.

Victoria got cravings something fierce! She has really low cooking skill though, so all I could do for her was Mac and Cheese.

Sims freak out way more when it's time for the baby. I wonder if Sims with the Brave trait also panic. The description says something about how they never panic, even in an emergency. I've found out that the Dislikes Children trait is kind of a crock - they still get a positive moodlet from bringing the baby home, which is DUMB - so it will be interesting to see if EA thought of this. They should hire me. I have no programming ability but I could sit around and tell them what's ugly and what they should have thought of but didn't.

This is what Beau did when his wife took the taxi to the hospital. He did eventually get up and "Be with Mother" but it was after a good half an hour of video games. Asshole. He's a Couch Potato but I don't know if that what caused it or if there was some kind of path failure. The Dislikes Children guy went to the hospital with his wife straight away (another dumb thing - they should stay at home and sulk).

By the way, it was a girl and her name is Rachel. Beau had the wish for a girl and Victoria wanted a boy, so I promised both and let them duke it out.

I don't know if you can see it in the small picture but the ants are attacking this picnic. VJ Alvi didn't seem to mind.

Sims with no sense of humour can bore other Sims to death. It took me a while to figure out what the hell Buster was doing. They fall on the floor rather dramatically. He's not really dead but he was actually sleeping.

I fear EA would think I have no sense of humour because one of the other special interactions they have is "share trivia". EA, you can have a sense of humour and still like trivia!


  1. Hey! How does the Sims 3 run for you? I am just curious, mine is very slow. :)

  2. Oooh, Eloise and Connor are awesome! From what I've seen of everybody's first Sims, they're very unique! Man, if I had the game, I'd snatch them right up! :)

    LOL, underwear dude is funny! But I'm not really liking the weird boxy muscle definition on the guys backs. I've seen it on everybody's sim-dudes - a weird horizontal muscle indent between the shoulder blades and waist that doesn't seem like it should be there. Does that look weird to you? Am I the weird one? Am I thinking WAY too much about male backs? LOL!

  3. LOL at that last picture. That's actually pretty darn cute.

    Plenty of cute pictures! Thanks for that. There's just so much to do!

  4. The "brave" trait is mostly a crock, too. It's hit and miss. I've had sims both ignore burglars with it and STILL panic as well as beat down the burglar. Same deal with fires. Didn't think to note pregnancy.

    For me, all fathers do the same thing and I've gone through 10+ births with varying couples, sigh. They all WAIT until the mother is at the hospital to go. I hate that they'll leave work, though. Annoying.

    CAS is fun, I just really miss genetics. It kind of takes out the fun for me if I can't see the traits passed down instead of just copypasta from mother to daughter and father to sons. Sigh.

    For blogging and eventual multiple house play, I'm playing with long lifespan, but may kick it up to Ultra if I get enough houses going simultaneously. With JM's mod, I'm hoping he can eventually enable freezing houses. So far, it fixes a lot of my hates/nags. But right now there's a big issue with crashing, sigh.

    When my fiance had a sim pass out/faint on the floor, he freaked out. "SHE DIED!" it was hilarious. We could NOT figure out WTF happen. Turns out she fainted because she was tired.

  5. OMG Connor looks exactly like this radio DJ on YleX.!

    Your game looks fabulous. Actually your game looks so much fun that I'm tempted to start playing right now and I really shouldn't. I spent HOURS yesterday in CAS, as I started a new hood with no sims but I haven't moved anyone in yet.

  6. I love your views, I so agree with you on many levels. I think EA has got to have the worst taste clothing/furniture wise, or a really weird sense of humor that I just don't get. Haven't figured it out just yet. LOL Also, love Beau in his undies, how funny is that?! Makes me want to go play now!

  7. Beau in his underwear cracks me up. I like the little features of the game, such as being bored to death or ants attacking the picnic. My video card won't play the game so I just have to enjoy it through your posts. :)

  8. Nice! I love looking at your pictures. :)

    I think the sad part is, I actually do sit on the edge of the bathtub and read. Maybe they've been spying on me. 0_0

  9. Thanks everyone. Now to address specific questions/comments!

    Anthony, the game runs beautifully for me but it's almost brand new. My sister was playing on her significantly older computer and it was very slow. She borrowed our dad's newish laptop though, installed it on that and it ran okay. Not as good as on mine and a lot of settings were down to medium (all mine are on high) but definitely playable.

    Thanks Laura. Eloise and Connor are getting some downloads so hopefully they'll still be there for you when you get the game! LOL.

    I agree about the muscle definition on the back. It kind of reminds me of that annoying indent that TS2 men get when they get fat. I'm wondering though, if it only shows up on Sims with a lot of muscle tone. I'll experiment with some flabby men in CAS and see what happens.

    I've not played with genetics (or lack there of) too much but I was pretty disappointed to read about things like dyed hair being passed down to kids. That's a huge part of TS2 gameplay for me and I think that, more than anything, is what I'm missing in TS3.

    Ha, CissieMae, Connor really does look like that DJ! How funny. He's based on a Sim from my old Chelsea River neighbourhood.

    Cheezy, I'm starting to think I may be the odd duck here! It must be more common than I thought!

  10. Beau looks like a sumo wrestler.

    Thanks for sharing

  11. "They should hire me. I have no programming ability but I could sit around and tell them what's ugly and what they should have thought of but didn't."
    LOL! I loved this comment.

    And I agree with you regarding trivia - I love trivia (of course, I have a great sense of humor.) :)

    so can does your Sims2 and Sim3 run well with both loaded on the same computer?
    I just need a new (fabulous) game computer so I can have both on there.

  12. I'll be able to tell you about TS2 when I finally get around to playing it again, which is looking like this coming week. I can tell you that TS3 runs beautifully normally but sometimes I find I need to restart the computer before I load to get optimum performance. Occasionally I'll load and it'll be unbearably slow. Restarting always works, thank goodness!