Saturday, 15 August 2009

Teenage FBI

Round 19: Spring 2009
Xanthia is 78, Tate is 39, Zelda is 34 and Josie is 7
(Araminta is 46 and Anna is 31).

Narrated by Zelda Benton

So we didn't think it was going to happen but it did! I'm finally pregnant again. I'm still a year off qualifying for fertility treatments so that we were able to fall pregnant naturally was a relief.

I told Mum straight away, who was thrilled of course. She always wanted to have more children and was unable, so grandchildren are the next best thing for her. She totally dotes on Josie, and on Ione and Finn too, my sister's kids.

Telling Josie was the next task. She seemed pretty receptive to the idea, even suggesting that she could teach the baby how to play soccer when he/she was old enough.

Truthfully though, I don't know. Josie is a little spoiled. She's used to have the undivided attention of three adults and a baby will change that.

She'll have to start sharing her toys eventually, and I don't know how well she's going to take to that.

I got the idea to write a children's book about a new baby coming into the family, to maybe prepare Josie for what it will be like. It's not finished yet but hopefully it will be before the baby arrives. Who knows though? I've been so tired and sitting in front of the computer makes me even sleepier.

I didn't feel like going into work so I stayed home and invited my big sister to come and keep me company.

Araminta was almost as excited as Tate and I were about this pregnancy. She knows how long we've been trying and how much we want this baby.

Mum was working when Araminta came over (yep, still working at 78!) but of course, having both her girls at home with her is her favourite thing, so we ended up all having dinner together too.

I'm glad our last memory of Mum was a happy one. I know 78 years is a long time but I had hoped she'd be around a little longer, at least to meet the new baby.

My friend Anna dropped by when she heard about Mum, which was nice of her. Not to mention completely out of character.

Perhaps impending motherhood is softening her up. She even let me rub her belly.

But no, she's still the same Anna. I started sniffling about Mum at one point and Anna looked around awkwardly before pulling out her Rubik's Sphere. Oh well. Touchy feely stuff was never her strong point.

It seems like when it rains, it pours. Not a week after Mum died, Tate and I found out that I'd miscarried our baby. Tate wants to try again but I don't know if I can take the possibility of another miscarriage. Maybe we should try to adopt instead. We'd be giving a home and a loving family to a child who doesn't have one.

Random pic:

Anna had this look frozen on her face for a while and I just think it's perfect for her! I think she's angry about the maternity wear the game has picked out for her, which is not her style at all. I'd pick something else out for her but it wouldn't stick anyway. And I really wish Maxis had fixed the belly bug. It really irritates me to see a woman in her second trimester with a third trimester belly. Stop ruining my continuity, Maxis!

  • Adoption or fertility treatments? Next time I play Zelda, she'll be old enough. But if I can find a hack that lets adopting a baby fulfill the "Have a Baby" want (and vice versa, because that would be handy too), I might just have them adopt. I could control the gender that way too. Hmmm.
  • It really seems like Inteen has it out for poor Zelda and Tate. For 34, she's already weirdly infertile and now a miscarriage. It seems like it runs in the family because Xanthia had trouble conceiving both Araminta and Zelda.
  • RIP Xanthia! She was a sweetheart.
  • This family is so close! Ione and Finn call Zelda all the time and before she died, Xanthia had the wish for Ione to get a scholarship. I have never seen that wish from a grandparent unless they were living with the grandchild.
  • This post marks the end of Spring 2009. Profiles have already been updated for 2010, because I'm a sick, sick woman and actually enjoy doing tedious things like that. Summer 2009-2010 will start with the birthdays post. It'll be a busy post too, with 4 age-ups and Tatiana and Jonas's baby!
  • I did Claudia and Victoria's makeovers today. They needed them more than Calvin and Troy did but they turned out to be much easier to fix. All they really needed was their mouths moved down and to be made a little larger. I didn't want to make them look beautiful - just a little more normal looking. They still have creases in their face but I think those will smooth out naturally. I don't think I could get rid of those without changing their faces a lot, and I don't want to do that.


Claudia before:

Claudia after:
Victoria before:

Victoria after:
Looking at them, I think the difference is really small but I'm much happier with them now.


  1. Victoria is darling. She looks like a little sim doll.

    Poor Xanthia! I thought I had missed something somewhere. It went from seeing Xanthia getting the good news of the baby to Zelda crying.

    What a sad post for this family. They should adopt. That would be a lovely way to bring some needed joy into the house.

  2. So sad, I honestly don't know. Jolie and Jorge had a hard time concieving and adopted. Right after adopting they discovered they were pregnant with TWINS, so maybe adoption might bring in some baby dust as well. I vote for adoption, that would be interesting to see thier quest for a new family member.

  3. heartbreaking for the family! Surprised she never retired and got to enjoy "the good life." Sad on the loss too.

    There is a hack that makes adopting fulfill the have baby want. It's in this thread at SimBiology.

  4. Yes, this was a really depressing time for the Bentons. Xanthia's death and the miscarriage happened all on the last day. I knew Xanthia was going but the miscarriage was somewhat unexpected. She'd had the pre-term contractions as a warning already but I thought I was taking better care of her after that. Poor thing.

    Apple, I was tabbing between your blog and the game while I was playing this family, so Jolie and Jorge's struggle got my attention. If they adopt, that'll be it for them; I'll probably put Zelda on birth control unless they both roll up the want for another baby. Tate wants 6 kids and they might be able to afford a house to fit them all but no way are they getting 6 kids! They might move anyway, depending on how much money is left once they adopt.

    I've only just started having my elders retire again. Previously, I liked to keep them busy so I didn't get bored but with the shorter rounds I play now, it's harder to get bored!

    Thank you Maisie! I knew that hack existed but I just couldn't remember where I saw it. That will be perfect for what I want!

  5. Awww, this was a sad one :( Poor Zelda! I'm glad she's trying to adopt though, at least it's more certain and she won't be disappointed again.

    RIP Xanthia.

  6. I've got a whole bunch of kids that I put into the adoption pool ages ago, so it will be nice to let one of them "free"!

  7. Oh, this poor family, two tragedies at once. :( Adoption would be nice though, with all those poor Sim kids that need a loving home. And as Laura said, it's more of a certainty of getting a child rather than risking another miscarriage after what they've just been through.

  8. Yes, Xanthia's death was expected but it would be a lot to take in with the miscarriage on top of it.

    I kind of wish adoption was like in TS3 though, where you can choose the gender. That's a handy feature.