Friday, 28 August 2009

Winter 2010 birthdays

With Winter 2010 comes Tessa Novak's first birthday. It's not exactly a party but the Novaks have invited a few friends and family members over to celebrate.

She's still too little to blow out the candles, so Magdalena does the bulk of the work.
And she's one!
And she's not getting any cake either, despite the fact that she's the birthday girl. It doesn't look like big sister Lia likes it much anyway, so maybe she's not missing anything!

Random pic:
With all that Caleb has been through in the past few months, don't you think he'd have something more interesting to talk about than Luc, a 17-year-old who hasn't done any remotely scandalous?

  • I probably won't do cake and everything for every single age up but I just felt like playing the Novaks a bit today, so I figured I might as well.
  • It looks like Tessa might look more like Jace than her sisters do. She's got Magdalena's colouring but of the three girls, she's the only one with her dad's nose.


  1. Aww Tessa is so cute! Sometimes you do feel like just playing a particular family for a little longer.....nothing wrong with that!

  2. Tessa is really cute! It's great that she looks like Jace, it's always nice to see both parents' genes passed on for the next generations.

  3. Happy birthday Tessa

  4. Thanks everyone. I'm always pleased to get some genetic variety within the one family.