Friday, 28 August 2009

The Sitko-Moretti wedding

Round 19: Winter 2010

Since David and Kirstin's engagement last winter, wedding planning has overtaken the Sitko household. Despite Collette and Kirstin being two of the most stubborn women on Earth, they did finally manage to work together to do what needed to be done.

And they did a pretty good job of it too. Julian managed to secure a booking at the Cedarwood Hotel (for a mere $10,000!) and the couple were thrilled with the venue.

The ceremony was held at sunset, in the garden of the hotel.

It's still early in the season, so it wasn't even very cold.

After the ceremony, David and Kirstin mingled amongst the guests. Kirstin was deep in conversation with Anna when Anna suddenly broke away from the conversation, looking absolutely furious.

Anna's sister-in-law Amelia has inadvertently made a fashion faux pas and showed up to the wedding in exactly the same dress as Anna. Because it's Anna, this requires poking.

And because Amelia isn't all sweetness and light herself, she gives as good as she got! Previously, they were good friends but it remains to be seen if their friendship can be salvaged.

The rest of the reception ran pretty smoothly. The wedding cake was delicious...

...and the champagne flowed freely.

The evening eventually turns cold and the bride and groom lead their guests inside for some dancing.

Most couples slow dance...

...but you can't trust those college kids to take anything seriously!

Finally all the guests leave and the newlyweds spend the night in one of the luxurious honeymoon suites.

The next day, they head off for their real honeymoon in Cape Elizabeth.

It's always warm there, so they spend most of their days lazing around the beach. All good things must come to an end though and they are now back in Sullivan, where winter has well and truly begun.

Random pic:
Hey Filippo! I think you're already skating on thin ice with Maria, so you should probably keep your eyes on your wife and not your daughter-in-law!

  • This was supposed to be a mini-update. So much for that. First I had to play them through a whole two days and then I just had to take them on a honeymoon for another three! The Gottliebs will have to wait until tomorrow.


  1. LOL @ all the drama over a dress!

    Kirstin's gown is gorgeous! The whole wedding was beautiful actually! Your Sims have the best weddings! :)

    Congrats to David and Kirstin!

  2. I love weddings! I'm actually planning one now, but since my hood is in the beginning stages, there won't be as many guests as you had! It was a gorgeous wedding! and I love Kristin's dress!

  3. Such a beautiful wedding! LOL @ Anna and Amelia! I hope everyone else took note and will make sure they don't ever show up anywhere in the same outfit as Anna. ;)

  4. I have to agree. Your sims do have the best weddings-- and the funnest. LOL at Anna and the dress. She would do something like that!

  5. I love seeing pics of your weddings! And that venue is just fabulous! I forgot, did you build it yourself or is it another great download?

  6. Thanks everyone! I might try to do bridesmaids next time, inspired by Mizzgin's old Taylor Family. I've never tried that before.

    When I saw Anna and Amelia had turned up in the same dress, I thought "Oh, it couldn't be more perfect!" I love the "Influence" interactions. I hear people say they never use them but they are SO handy!

    Kirstin's dress is one of my most favourite dresses ever and it's from Pronup Sims. It's really old, probably from back in 2006 or earlier. I had it many years ago and thought of it recently and decided to go get it back.

    CissieMae, no, I didn't build it. If you run a search for Cedarwood (or maybe Cedarwoods?) at MTS2, it should show up. MTS2 is down for me right now or otherwise I'd give you the link.

  7. Yay, weddings! Congrads guys. *tosses rice at the lucky couple*