Sunday, 30 August 2009

Rock star

Drusilla Clarke is 79, Linnea Lane is 50 and Cordy and Luc are both 17.
(Debbie is 50 and Rose Draper and Joanna Gottlieb are both 15)

Narrated by Cordy Lane

Every Sunday night, Mum picks Luc and me up from our house and we have our weekly outing together. We try to do a different thing every week.

We didn't go anywhere fancy but fancy restaurants don't have the kind of pie and cake that we like and pie and cake was what we had decided we wanted for dinner that night.

It's really great spending time with Mum. I love listening to her try to give advice to Luc, which he always rejects. I miss having her at home with us but given how frosty things still are between our parents, that's just not going to happen.

So I try to make the most of the time I do get with her. Luc doesn't get along with Mum as well as I do, so I spent more time talking with her than he does. She always has all these old stories about Sullivan residents who died before I was even born.

Things at home have been very depressing because my grandma Drusilla died, aged 79. Natural causes and she lived a long life but still. Ever since my parents got divorced, it's been Grandma who's cared for us most and taken care of the house.

Mum is upset but I don't know if she's more upset about Grandma or about the prospect of having to run the household. I'm only kidding...sort of. She tries but I don't think she was really cut out to be very domestic or parental.

To her credit, she's been trying to have dinner together more often but it really does feel like there's something missing without Grandma. We always forget and set a plate for her anyway.

I don't really know how Luc is feeling about Grandma and everything because he's been avoiding being at home. He has spending a lot of time with Rose, who he's been dating since they met at school. She's a good friend of mine, so I know pretty much everything that goes on on their dates.

He took Rose ice skating the other day, all the way over in Sullivan.

Luc is a really good skater - both of us are naturally talented at anything athletic. I'm not being conceited, it's just true.

Anyway, Rose is not such a great skater so she fell over. A lot. And not once did Luc help her up or show the slightest concern.

When they stopped skating, Rose laid him to about it and he pretty much just ignored her.

He even went back into the rink and perved at other girls! Can you believe him?

So she got really angry at him then and she ended up dumping him.

It wasn't just the skating thing and the perving at other girls. Rose says it's for the best anyway, because they just don't have much to talk about.

It's like she told me when she came over later. Luc and I are both going to college next year. A really strong relationship can survive a separation like that sometimes but that's never been what she and Luc had anyway.

Anyway, Rose walked off away from Luc at that point and studiously ignored him by talking to our cousin Joanna instead. Rose thinks she might be getting a little crush on Joanna! I was so shocked! I had no idea Rose liked girls. I don't know if Joanna does though, so I don't know if anything will happen.

Luc is being a big fat emo about it.

Rose and I aren't really helping. We've made him the butt of all our jokes for now. He doesn't find it nearly as funny as we do.

But hey, what do you want us to do? We are all so bored! We haven't had school in what seems like forever because we've had never-ending snow days. So we have to find some way to amuse ourselves!

It's a bit cold for the pool but I'll do anything to occupy myself for an hour or so! And I've always loved being in the water. I don't seem to notice how cold it is when I'm swimming.

Stephan, the boy I kissed at school, came to visit on one of the snow days. It was nice to see him, I guess. I just think he might like me more than I like him. I mean, he took the initiative to come and visit me because we weren't going to see each other in school but I don't think I've ever missed him when he wasn't around. I'm kind of glad he's not coming to Suffolk next year. It'll make for a far less messy ending.

Random pic:

I have long thought that TS2 needs to recognise more distant relatives as family, and this is why.

That is Cordy swooning over Galen, who is her great-uncle! Ewww! Actually, now I'm wondering if TS3 recognises great aunts and uncles - I'm not sure I've had any yet.

  • Luc and Debbie are BFFs but for some reason, conversations never go well between them. Minus signs flying around everywhere!
  • I hope the two Mums thing was not too confusing. I tried to make it clear which mother I was talking about, if it was necessary but I suspect it still might sound a little awkward.
  • All of a sudden, my Sims are gossiping about people again, rather than about cats. They're a bit behind the times though, gossiping about Emmy Lachance.
  • Holy crap, Rose is bi! And Joanna is a lesbian (although obviously, Cordy wouldn't know that). That really does work out spectacularly well for me, with my boy shortage for this age group and all. They have only one bolt but I'm hoping I can boost that with matching secondary aspirations (turn ons already match).
  • I have plans for both Cordy and Luc, romance-wise. I'm going to try and get Cordy and Eliot together at college in 2011 but Luc will need to wait a little bit longer. He won't care - he's Romance so I'm sure he'll be happy to woohoo any old thing on campus while he's waiting.
  • If you're curious, both Cordy and Luc got into college with 4 scholarships each. Cordy would have had 5 but she got demoted on the last day of the play session. Funnily enough, back when Drusilla was a teenager, she missed out on college for that very reason!
  • Speaking of...RIP Drusilla. I think she was actually supposed to die last round because when I checked her, she had 0 days left. That's why you don't see much of her before she died in this round. I pretty much took the portrait and then she died!


  1. Good timing on the portrait. I thought it was sudden that was gone without any other photos, that explains why!

    I agree about extended family, it creeps me out. One of my distant relative sims have 3 bolts for each other, and at a family reunion, they were trying to woohoo in the grandma's bed! YUCK.

    How do you know your sims are bi/lesbian, do they roll wants on their own for that? I've had my girl in sims 3 roll wants to flirt with girls, but never in TS2. Wasn't sure if it was a hack or if you gave it a nudge.

  2. I was just thinking about the extended family thing and I take it back! I mean, it creeps me out when it's a great-uncle and his niece (great-niece?) but I have some couples in my game who are second cousins or cousins by marriage. I wouldn't want to not be able to have them together, so I guess I'll just deal with the creepiness!

    I use the ACR randomiser function to assign all my Sims' sexual preferences. At birth, generally though I usually don't check what the Sim is for some time after that. I use the one that will change anyone in the hood who doesn't already have a preference. I usually leave the preference as whatever the randomiser makes it but I have changed it manually a couple of times - the randomiser made Tatiana a lesbian but I changed it before she turned teen, because I was having a girl shortage!

  3. I read your comment in my blog about a creepy situation with Galen and Cordy and rushed over to read this. Eww! That is beyond creepy!

    Glad it worked out well with Rose and Joanna! :) And you have the future all planned for Cordy and Luc. May I be curious and ask who you are planning to pair up with Luc?

    I wasn't confused with the two mothers thing, it was pretty clear to see which one you were talking about.

  4. The two mothers didn't confuse me, but I am curious on how the kids differentiate when both mothers are in the room.

  5. CissieMae, I'm actually thinking about Asha Royce for Luc. She's Romance and I think she'd pair with him much better than Rose did. She's only 13 right now though. That's 4 years younger than Luc which is not a big difference - it's less than the difference between Tatiana and Jonas - but it's a bit too much right now. I see Asha as being a bit wilder than Cordy though, so I might still try to hook them up when Luc is in college but maybe not for a couple of years.

    AppleValley, Debbie and Linnea *hate* each other so I usually don't let them be in the same room. It ends in fisticuffs, which I try to avoid because of how every Sim around rushes to watch. I had the most annoying situation with that on David and Kirstin's honeymoon. Conveniently, it also lets me avoid the question of "how do the kids tell the difference between their mothers?"

    I wonder what real gay parents do.

  6. That's a good question about what real gay parents do. I bet each parent has a proper name, like one is Dad and one can be Papa. Maybe the kids sort of make something up themselves when they're little.

    As for the great uncle stuff-- yikes! It is true that the family difference should be recognized better. I think I've heard that Sims 3 will recognize the great relatives. Personally, I run along with the in game mechanics that allow such things. It can happen in real life. I'm more disturbed by siblings or 1st cousins than more distant relations.

  7. Ah, you're probably right. I'll have to think about that next time. Maybe for Betsy and Kimberly's kids.

    Lunar, that's normally my philosophy too. If TS2 considers them fair game, then so do I. Not if it's a very old man and a teenage girl though, LOL. I don't know if you've read my next post yet but the couple who get together in that post are actually second cousins. And I don't think they're the only ones in my hood.