Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Somebody told me

Round 19: Winter 2009

Araminta Romilly is 46, Henry is 44, Ione is 13 and Finn is 8.
Narrated by Ione Romilly

So this is our new house. It would be perfect except for the fact that I have to share a room with Finn now. Mum and Dad have been struggling to afford our old house since before I was born, so we finally had to downsize.

My parents have considerably less privacy in this house which doesn't seem to bother them but it kind of grosses me out!

Dad's favourite part of our new house? The top of the line appliances in the kitchen! He insists the food he cooks with them tastes better but I can't tell the difference.

Not having huge bills to pay all the time meant that Mum and Dad were a little more open to getting a pet, something I've been pestering them about since forever.

We (minus Mum) all went to the pet store after school one evening to pick out our new family member. I loved this bird but no one else was as keen.

Finn had his heart set on a cat or dog and was briefly enamoured with a little dog named Baxter.

We ended up with this gorgeous British Shorthair named Wacky (I don't know, we let Finn name him).

Passing on the bird was probably a good idea. We spotted it out flying outside the pet store as we were leaving and Wacky looked very interested in it!

I've been reading up on mechanics and I really think I could fix up a car if I had the opportunity. We have plenty of space for an old junker, so I started begging Dad for one. Who cares if I can't actually drive for another three years?

o he made a few phone calls...

...and he found a woman with an old car she was willing to sell super-cheap.

And now I finally have a car. I think it'll take me about three years to fix it up at the rate I'm going though! It is really cold right now, so I can't stay out working on it for too long!

I guess you might be wondering about Gordon, the guy I kissed at school a few months ago? Well...I guess I'm kind of over him now. We've chatted a few times online but I don't really talk to him much outside of school. I'm a little young to be starting anything serious anyway.

Random pics:

Araminta's sister Zelda dropped by this round. She brought her little dog Hachiko, whom Wacky was not keen on.

Is it borderline inappropriate to read passages from steamy novels to your brother-in-law? I think may cross a line.

  • The real reason for the move is that I'm pretty sure the old house is corrupt. It crashed on me three times - twice while trying to get Ione a job and once for apparently no reason at all. I didn't get any of those problems on this lot, nor did I get any problems with the Collins-Moretti house (which I played right after this lot), so fingers crossed the problem is solved. I am kind of sad about the old house, as it was the house Simona and Raffaella grew up in.
  • I checked Ione and Gordon's relationship and they aren't even friends any more! She's about 42 Daily with him. 13 year-olds are so fickle!


  1. Ione is such a cute teen!

    That is sad about the old house. Did you bulldoze it or is it still sitting in the neighborhood?

    And that last pic? LOL! Wow, a discussion with chocolate covered strawberries does seem a bit inappropriate.

  2. I just love the names you pick for your Sims. It's a shame about the old house. But, I really like the look of the new one. I'm wondering what color Ione will decide to paint on her car. *smiles* It's so great her Dad got her a clunker to work on.

  3. I love their new house, though it's too bad they had to move out of the old one. I hope it was just that lot and your problem is solved now! Wacky is so cute! LOL, yeah I think that kind of reading to your brother-in-law may be a little inapppropriate ;)

  4. I hate that they had to move but I'm glad you seemed to have fixed the problem. Their new house is really cute and it's a place to build NEW memories. Wacky is really but, although I'm more of a dog person myself!!

  5. Sorry about the house, but they have gotten a nice one in the process. I really like it! And downsized bills are always of the good!

    Teenagers gotta love 'em! One minute they are in love with one boy then you turn around and they have someone new. Makes your head spin.

  6. Aww. Baxter is cute. You should go back and adopt him too!

  7. Thanks everyone!

    I'm happy with how Ione turned out. I did surgery on her as a toddler because she was really weird looking (she looked like Henry) so it's kind of cool that she ended up looking like Araminta anyway.

    I like the new house too and it was already all decorated for me, so that was a bonus. I only changed a few things. I probably like it more than the old one actually - I'm just sentimental! LOL.

    I'm glad she's over Gordon. He's a townie for one thing (one of the better looking ones though) but it's more realistic to NOT marry the guy you got together with at 13!

  8. Ione is adorable working on her car, what a tenacious teen!

    Bummer on the buggy lot. I have a sim I have to move cause of bugginess. Frustrating for sure.

  9. Maisie, you caught me right in the middle of replying to comments! LOL.

    Buggy lots are frustrating but on the plus side, it's a relief when you figure out it's a buggy lot and not a buggy Sim! You can't just toss them aside like you can with a lot.

  10. I like the new house a lot. I seems really well done but I can't imagine how a 13 would like sharing a room

  11. Well, I shared a room with my sister until I was 12. It's not fun, especially at around that age! So I feel for Ione but it's a necessity for them at this point.