Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Black cadillacs

Round 19: Summer 2009-10

Jace is 53, Magdalena is 46, Lia is 13, Maia is 8 and Tessa is 6 months
(Araminta Romilly is 47 and Ione Romilly is 14).

Narrated by Magdalena Novak

Since Tessa was born, Jace has been putting in a lot of extra time at his store. He's had to put up with uppity customers...

...and has spent countless hours restocking after closing time.

Finally though, we have our dream home! Jace finally got the $50,000 business prize we were waiting on and this is what we did with it. Lia and Maia had been forced into sharing Lia's bedroom since Tessa was born and there was only one bathroom in the triplex! We were living on top of each other and it's nice to have so much space to spread out now.

We had a fancy dinner of lobster thermidor to celebrate our new fancy house. Pity Jace hasn't picked up any fancy table manners! I'm so glad the girls don't eat like that!

I'm finding motherhood is a bit easier the third time around. Maybe Tessa is just an easy baby but it feels like I can read what she needs more quickly than I could with Lia or Maia.

The girls are still adapting to life with a baby in the house. Maia is used to being the baby herself, so she's not thrilled.

Lia is the complete opposite. Every time she hears Tessa crying, she races for the nursery. We let her help sometimes but we want her to have fun and be a kid too.

I don't think we have to worry too much about that though. Lia's found a new hobby she really enjoys - making robots! I don't know where she learnt electronics from but I've been really impressed with the little toys she's made so far.

She made one for Maia and has another saved for when Tessa is old enough to play with it.

My friend Araminta moved to the other side of Sullivan recently but she comes to visit me a lot. She brought her daughter Ione, who is best friends with Lia. We always used to talk about how funny it would be if our daughters became best friends like us but we never thought it would actually happen.

Of course, they're not interested in hanging around with their mothers any more, so they headed off to the bowling alley for dinner.

I don't think either of them knows how to bowl but somehow, Lia got a strike!

I'm glad they're happy to hang out with each other and aren't chasing boys yet! I don't want Lia to get in over her head with boys at such a young age. And besides, once she starts dating, I'll really feel old!

Random pic:

Magdalena's cousin Caterina visited this round. During her visit, her husband Ben (who is also Magdalena's cousin, which I never noticed before) invited himself in, flirted with Caterina and then walked out again as if nothing happened. It made me laugh, in light of the last time I played with the Nihills.

  • Had everything gone my way, I would have had this entry up for you yesterday. But it didn't go my way and this was why.

I had the Novaks buy this beautiful house, spent all day decorating it, only to find that the stupid thing lags so badly it's almost unplayable! So it was too late to start over by then, so this went up a day later than I wanted. I'm happy with their new house on the inside (which is pretty rare when it's a house I decorate myself) but it's not as impressive on the outside as the first one is.
  • I completely forgot to roll ROSs for this round! I've made sure I won't make that mistake next round and I've got them all ready for Round 20.
  • Not much happened with this family but I somehow still got engrossed in them and played them for 5 days. Lucky I remembered to turn aging off!
  • Magdalena wants another baby and Jace wants 10. Um, how about no? Crazy Sims! My Sims don't usually roll the want for another baby until their youngest becomes a toddler but these two are eager.
  • I was just looking at my birth order list and the gender imbalance is worst with this current crop of teens. I thought it was worst with my 0-10 but I was so wrong. I have 7 boys and 9 girls in the 0-10 age group, which is not so bad. Compare that to my 11-19 age group, where I have 7 girls and 1 boy. Luc will have his pick! There is still Eliot and Jesse, who are older but still very single. So maybe once some of these girls are in college, they might pair up with one of those two. That's still 4 girls who I will have to pair up somehow. I really want to avoid townies or making more Sims in CAS.


  1. I actually like the house that they moved into the second time better than than the original on the outside.

    They had their last daughter late in life, huh? Sometimes I hate when they get pregnant and have a baby at that age. Amanda Ottomas is like that. Her parents are ready to turn into elders.

    Hopefully their daughter won't go boy crazy just yet. Have you ever noticed that some teens when they become teens don't roll romantic wants right away, where as others do.

    This game still surprises me!

  2. I'm the glad the family got the dream home they wanted and needed! Sorry to hear about the problems with the first house, but the second is really nice too. LOL, I love when older Sims roll up wants for more babies, like they've suddenly gone insane. They really want to start all over with more diapers when they should be looking forward to retirement and an empty nest? ;)

    Now I'm imagining Luc thinking he hit the jackpot with all those girls available to him to choose from, LOL ;)

  3. Wow, I forgot that they had a baby late in life. Talk about the timing for wanting more kids-they should be thinking 401k's and retirement trips, not infants.

  4. It's great that they are able to afford the house they always wanted........it pays to work hard sometimes!!

  5. I prefer this house *now* but I was very bitter about the first one not working. I couldn't have decorated the last house as nicely because the rooms were much larger and I never know what to do with all that space. There were also only three bedrooms, so someone would have been sharing.

    Jace and Magdalena are Family Sims and you know how nutty they are about the babies! That 10 children want is the worst one in the game, or it would be if I ever had the inclination to go for it! I just take it as a sign that they'd love a large family but recognise that it's not very practical. ;)

    I don't know how many girls Luc has chemistry with but I'm pretty sure Ione is completely uninterested in him. One of the girls is his sister, so those two are out. He's still got a good bunch to pick from though@

  6. It's a shame about the first house you picked (especially since you spent time decorating). But this new house is very lovely. I love that they sat down to Lobster to celebrate. How fitting!

    Geeze-- that is a heck of an unbalance with the teens. Well, I suppose it's not going to be a problem for Luc. XD

  7. Heh, Magdalena cooked the lobster on her own too. I was very impressed that she chose that!