Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Her estuary twang

Round 21: Spring 2013

Principal Betsy Carmody is 42, Ione Romilly is 17, Asha Royce, Lia Novak and Olivia Nihill are all 16 and Finn Romilly, Jacob Weaver and Claudia and Victoria Kirby are all 12.
(Townie students are Gordon Nott in the front and Elmer Miguel in the back)

Monday morning starts out on a somber note for the students at Sullivan High. Principal Carmody gathers all the students outside to inform them that Abhijeet Turner, former student and star player on the school soccer team, had tragically passed away.

Recently graduated, Abhijeet had moved into a small townhouse in Sullivan. He had a job at the bowling alley and was doing pretty well for an 18 year-old alone on his own for the very first time.

However, no one had warned Abhijeet about the lethal danger of toaster pastries left unattended.

He tried to extinguish the flames before realising he didn't have that most basic of home safety devices - a fire extinguisher.

By the time he saw he was in rather grave danger, it was too late.

None of the younger students had ever heard of Abhijeet and their interest in this impromptu assembly is waning. Victoria thinks it's sad but she's already wondering when she can head off and find her friends.

One of said friends, Jacob, has tuned out completely and is focusing and unfocusing his eyes on various things around the playground to pass the time.

Betsy has one student's full attention though - Abhijeet's former girlfriend Asha.

Asha escapes the assembly as soon as the students are dismissed. She and Abhijeet dated for almost two years and she feels like she should feel something. But for now, she just feels numb and just wants to avoid other people and play her beloved drums for a while.

For the other students, life goes on. Gordon regales his girlfriend Ione with a dirty joke he just heard, much to her disgust. Ione's little brother Finn overhears and can't help but smirk.

Gordon's tasteless joke doesn't do any lasting damage to Ione's opinion of him, luckily for Gordon.

On the other side of the corridor, Olivia has put two and two together and realised that Lia has a teensy crush on Gordon. Olivia knows as well as Lia does that the crush needs to be nipped in the bud so she helps out with that time-tested method - distraction!

At recess, Olivia encourages Lia to join her in a game of basketball but Lia's in a bit of a daze today and can't keep her mind on the game.

Perhaps she's thinking about Gordon again. Lia thinks she's managing her crush pretty well, now that she's able to quite literally grin and bear it when she sees Ione and Gordon flirting and kissing. She might be trying a little too hard to show it doesn't bother her though!

In the music room later on, Finn impresses the Kirby twins with a pretty mean bass solo! Who knew he could even play?!?!

Yes, Claudia is quite sure she knows what's going on here! Finn and Victoria soooo like each other!

Claudia gets bored with Finn's bass solo and heads off to do her own thing, much to Victoria's relief. Claudia has such a big mouth sometimes and Victoria's never sure when her twin is going to completely embarrass her. Claudia's absence means Victoria can work up the courage to pay Finn an awkward compliment on his mad bass skillz.

Claudia's right though - there's definitely something there! Holding hands (very briefly!) is about as far as either of them are willing to go right now, which surely will please their parents!

Random pic:

I just liked this pic. Gordon and Victoria are very excited about the pissy amount of snow that fell over the school playground first thing in the morning. Hoping for a snow day maybe?

Just two very random ones of Finn because he might be my new favourite. I've not seen a Sim pull so many hilarious faces since Raffaella. He's too adorable! He's not flirting with Elmer here by the way - I think he's telling him about a bird, for some reason. I love Victoria standing there looking adoringly at him.

Okay, that's the last one, because this is already my longest school update ever! Victoria is laughing at Finn's football skills - he drops the ball pretty much every time.

  • If you hadn't guessed, Asha was the unlucky Sim who rolled the "Fulfill Greatest Fear" ROS this round. Asha's three fears were "Fall Out of Love With Abhijeet", "Death of Abhijeet" and "Death of Luc". The death ones are worth more than the Fall Out of Love one, so someone had to die! I'm a wuss about killing my own Sims (though I have done it!) and I really want to see where Luc and Asha together, so sorry Abhijeet but you had to go! It's kind of a fitting end for him - he never did have much luck. The one time he got to dump someone he got sprayed by a skunk immediately afterwards.
  • I can honestly say that setting up Abhijeet's death was the first time I've ever used that toaster oven. I just remember them being rather deadly in TS1 so I thought I'd see if they were holding up their reputation in TS2. They are, as you can see.
  • If any of you ever need to set up a death by fire and have a choice of where to do it, don't do it on an apartment lot! I had to pose Abhijeet to look like he was being consumed by the flames because he kept running out to the mailbox and the fire truck comes even without a fire alarm. LAME! So I had to InSim him to death later. The landlord had swept up his ashes before Grimmy had even left!


  1. ROFL You know I never had a fire with the toastover in S1 days. At least it wasn't one of the playables that had to kick the bucket this round!

  2. Poor Abhijeet!!! And Awwww at Victoria and Finn!!!! I also never had a fire in TS1, thank goodness!!!

  3. The landlord is taking his job a bit too seriously! LOL Poor Abhijeet, he never had any luck in life.

    Victoria and Finn are so cute!!!

  4. In TS1 days I never used the toaster oven, they seemed bent on burning up even if it was a good cook sim.

    Poor Abi. Really Asha could say she feels guilty in this instance, and be right on the money.

    Gordon's hair is great!

  5. The toaster oven was like certain death for my TS1 Sims! I completely banned it from my Sims' houses. It took me a while to realise we even had one in TS2, because I was so used to avoiding them like the plague!

    I am so glad I didn't have to kill a playable! Especially not Luc. I love him and his nose ring and his lecherous ways.

    I'm kind of in love with Victoria and Finn together. The chemistry between them is very weak (one bolt) but they definitely like each other a lot. I imagine it's pretty rare to find the real life equivalent of a three bolt match at 12 anyway!

    And yeah...poor Abhijeet! He was the one who dumped Asha, not the other way around, so I imagine she'd be feeling quite the mix of emotions when it hits her.

    I hardly ever use Gordon's hair on males. He used to wear it shorter (in the Round 19 school update, when he gave Ione her first kiss) but he got a makeover pretty much because I was bored one day! I had a little time to play but none to update (I tend to do my updates in a big group and then release them daily), so a few townies got makeovers that day! I found out Gordon is a nature Sim when I made him selectable at Ione's house so the whole look seems pretty appropriate to me now.

  6. Victoria and Finn are cute. They look like they're the kind of sims that even if it didn't work out, they could still be really good friends and remember the time when...

    Poor Abhijeet! I'm telling you, it's the name. It's a bad luck name for a sim. XD Yeah, I hate killing sims off too. I just use insim if I have to kill them. It is just easier.

  7. Poor Abhijeet! I shouldn't laugh at such a tragic end, but LOL! The poor guy just never had any luck. He's probably glad to finally be put out of his misery. ;)

  8. Lunar, I hope Victoria and Finn can be those kind of lifelong friends. They've been friends since childhood and it'd be sad to let that all dissipate.

    Shana, you can go ahead and laugh - I did!