Sunday, 27 September 2009

Rain, hail, shine

Round 21: Summer 2013

Collette Sitko is 68, Julian is 63, David is 31 and Kirstin is 29.
(Naomi is 38)

Narrated by Kirstin Sitko

Our holiday to Takemizu did not really get off to a good start. David surprised me with a weekend away to celebrate the promotions we both just received. Starting out with a raging headache was not really how either of us has envisioned the vacation beginning.

Then I got a terrible case of poison ivy from a walking tour we went on.

And I won't be going fishing again any time soon!

At dinner that night, we decided we'd forget about sightseeing and trying to cram a bunch of activities into one weekend - we would just spend the time relaxing!

So that's what we did. I think it really did me good. Pre-promotion, David and I were working opposite hours. I'd work from 9am until 4pm and then David would head off to work at 5pm and be gone until 1am, when I'd already been in bed for a couple of hours. Our new schedules have us working the same hours and I'm looking forward to being able to spend much more time together.

David is waiting until I'm ready to start a family but Mum has no such plans. She is still nagging me about why I'm not pregnant. I'm not even 30 yet! I'm not as concerned about a baby interfering with my career right now, although that's been the main thing holding me back over the last couple of years. I'm happy with how far I've got at this stage. I just don't know if I'm ready to give up the freedom I have just yet. Could we have just dropped everything and gone on holiday at the last minute if we had a baby?

I've become good friends with my sister-in-law, Naomi and she says the trade-off is worth it. Maybe it was starting to play on my mind.

David has never had any doubts at all. The man was born to be a father.

After mulling it all over in my mind for two weeks (well, I've been thinking about it for two years now!), I told David I was ready to try. He was so excited and wanted to get started right away, of course. I was still a little nervous about it but I figured we'd have a bit of time for me to get used to the idea before I actually got pregnant. Not exactly - I ended up getting pregnant right away!

Random pics:

So I've been halfheartedly trying to figure out Julian's buggy diner. I love his diner and want it to work properly but I prefer playing to solving problems so I can't motivate myself too much!

The good news is that it's working better than in last round! Last round, neither Adriana (the waitress) or Julian could "Be Host" at the waiter station. This round though, I was able to get Adriana to act as the host and Julian filled in as the server.

He's not as charming as a waiter as he is as host though. Asha was completely uninterested.

And I guess Leo has switched from following Zaria around to following Asha - he sat in the table right behind her shortly after she was seated.

Anyway, so yay. I'm going to keep working on it though. My next task after that will be to find some waiter pants for elders. The pants for elders are so terrible and I don't have any suitable full outfits.

  • As you may have guessed, Collette still has the want for another grandchild. She's so mean but she really loves her grandkids - she gets lots of wants to interact with them when they're not there, which is why I have Owen and Naomi visit so much.
  • I think I might do like Shana this round and keep my totally-unrelated-to-anything-in-the-update outtakes for a special post at the end of the round. It was really fun seeing all of her funny pics together, so I thought it would be fun for Sullivan too. There were so many for this family alone, so I'm going to save them all up. :)
  • Kirstin is due in Spring 2013. The reason I took her off birth control was not because she rolled the want for a baby (because I'm not sure she ever will - do Fortune/Popularity Sims generally roll baby wants?) but because she autonomously made friends with Adrienne and Malcolm (her niece and nephew), was very lovey-dovey towards David this round and had constant wants and thoughts of woohoo. And also this:
I chose the other picture of them cuddling over this one because they looked a little more engaged with each other in it. But this pic was the deciding factor for me. Also, Personal Injury Attorney was the level I wanted her to attain before I'd let her try. She did that, so with that, plus David's promotion to GP, I felt like they'd be in a position that was financially comfortable to bring a baby in. I feel like Kirstin's the type to long for financial security.
  • Kirstin has been a very lucky pregnant Sim so far! She's managed to keep her hunger and energy up and hasn't yet had any morning sickness. I imagine she might have started second-guessing her choice if she'd had a difficult pregnancy, so I'm glad she's having an easy time of it so far.


  1. That last picture... Awwwww! Perfect. It's clear that they're in agreement.

    I love the pic of them cuddling in bed. Oh I wish Sims 3 sims did that. It's soooo sweet!

    I can't wait to see these two as parents.

  2. I know, AL added so many cute interactions. I use them all the time!

    I really love playing these two, so I'm glad everything has fallen in place for them to have a baby.

  3. I'm glad they're finally on the same page with this baby thing. Can't wait to see what their kid will look like!

    Yay for getting the diner to work again!

  4. Ah it seems like everything is in-line for this couple to start a family! I'm so glad to see that! Yayy, for the diner running more smoothly this time!

  5. Thanks, guys! I hope I can get Julian working as the host again eventually but I'm a bit stumped on that one.

  6. Aw, I'm eager to see their baby, but I'm glad they waited until they were ready and didn't let everyone else pressure them into it. And I'm glad you got the diner working, hopefully you can get the host problem with Julian worked out!

  7. Well, David's been ready since they got married but I didn't want to foster any resentment between them if Kirstin felt pushed into starting a family before she was ready.

    I'm hoping the baby looks like Kirstin because she and her father are the only ones in the hood carrying Sitko genes. I'm kind of sorry Julian only ever had one child.