Sunday, 20 September 2009

When everything was alright

Round 20: Winter 2012

Students are: Adrienne Novak (5), Ethan Novak (6), Sarah Carmody (7), Calvin and Troy Clarke, Aaron Novak, Nicholas Moretti (all 9), Josie Benton, Patience Draper, Maia Novak (all 10), Claudia and Victoria Kirby, Finn Romilly and Jacob Weaver (all 11).

It's Jacob's last year before high school and today, he should be up in the art room with the rest of the primary kids. Instead, he's outside in the playground on the merry-go-round.

His older sister (and new teacher at Sullivan Primary) Tatiana sees him from the window and hauls him into her infants' classroom to lecture him.

Instead of heading up to his own classroom, he lingers around for a while, distracting both Tatiana and the other students.

Adrienne is the youngest student in the school and the only kindergartener. Tatiana was prepared to keep an extra close eye on Adrienne, to make sure she was fitting in. But Adrienne, however, is one of the most confident 5-year-olds Tatiana has ever come across and she's not intimidated by her older classmates in the slightest.

Tatiana really likes the children in her class. She's planning on a few months off after this baby is born and is looking forward to being a bit more active with them once she comes back. She's feeling pretty good this pregnancy but she has to admit that she does get fatigued much more easily.

The primary class are up in the art room and honestly, not many of them are getting a lot of serious work done. Maia, Patience, Josie and Victoria are 10 and 11 but still go straight for the crayons, which are really only there for the infants' class.

Finn and Claudia are another story though. They don't do anything but serious art work. They're either future geniuses or future artists. When they head off to high school next year, we might find out.

Predictably, they get along like a house on fire and their favourite topic of conversation is, of course, school.

It's lunch time for all the kids and at Sullivan Primary School, that means one thing - burnt Mac and Cheese. Maia is in the cafeteria fast and manages to grab one of the few non-burnt bowls. She's an old pro at this now.

Maybe it's because she's new or maybe she just doesn't care for burnt mac and cheese but Adrienne has decided to sneak over and raid the fridge. Maybe there are some cookies or chips in here that she could eat.

One child crumpled in pain on the floor - if I was a teacher here, I know who I'd be looking at.

Josie gives herself away by going to check on her handiwork.

Unsurprisingly, her friends have decided to sit at another table today, leaving Josie all alone.

Josie has had plenty of "you catch more flies with honey" talks from adults in her short life. From her own parents, her teachers and even some of her friends' parents. Tatiana figures another can't do anything to hurt though and hers might just be the one to stick!

  • I took such super-good care of Tatiana while she was at work! I was checking her hunger and energy every two seconds - my Sims are usually safe once they're in their second trimester (Tatiana is early on in her third) but I've heard Sims can still miscarry past that point.
  • I mostly just think Tatiana makes a really cute pregnant Sim and wanted more of her this round, so that's why she's here. But she is a trained teacher, so I thought why not give her a go at one of the schools?
  • Too. Many. Children! Seven of them are going off to high school next round (4 in 2013 and another 3 in 2014) and only two more will start, so it'll be less crazy next time, which will probably be in Spring 2014. But then, I guess, it'll just mean my high school will be crazy instead.


  1. OMG 14 students! That's a lot of work. I feel like I had enough with the 6 I had in my elementary school this round, the kids get distracted so easily.

    For a moment I thought Josie was actually dying but then I realized she was just playing with someone. I felt kinda bad seeing her sit by herself but then again it's all her own doing.

  2. Tatiana is adorable as a pregnant sim. haha, I was just thinking the same thing in that last picture.

    And Josie still kills me. I love how in that last picture she almost looks like she's going, "Really?"

  3. That is a crazy amount of students and Josie is just too much, lol

  4. Thanks everyone!

    14 students isn't quite as overwhelming as having that many Sims on a home lot, for some reason. They seem to take care of themselves a little better.

    I think being nice and gentle is a new concept for Josie, despite the fact she's been told before. Some kids are like that. I dread/can't wait to see her as a teen!

  5. That's a lot of kids! I still have my elementary and high school combined, but I don't have very many students right now (3 teens, 3 children) so I was happy to add in a few townies to fill in some spots. I think in a few years I'll have a packed school though, with the baby boom I've had the last two rounds!

    Aw, I feel bad for Josie sitting by herself. But I guess like Cissie said, it is her own doing.

  6. I had to fill up my high school with a couple of townies last time because it was a little empty. The main reason was because it was all girls though! This school though...well, I haven't had to pad it with townies for a while now!

    Josie attended James and Madelyn's wedding (update just went up - Tate was a groomsman) and she really behaved herself, so I'm hoping Tatiana made an impression on her.