Saturday, 19 September 2009

Cause a rockslide

Round 20: Autumn 2012
Jesse Carmody is 27 and Evan and Amelia Moretti are both 23
(Wade is 22 and Abigail is 29)

Evan, Amelia and Jesse are still rooming together, though there is now a little more tension than there was in the past. After Abigail's affair with Jesse, Amelia was ready to turf him out. Evan is too soft-hearted and wouldn't allow it - it's Abigail he feels they should be angry with, not Jesse. So the boys eat breakfast together...

...while Amelia busies herself in the kitchen. She needs to practise her cooking anyway. She was promoted to prep cook recently and she knows damn well it was because she saved the restaurant's reputation in the eyes of a very picky celebrity patron and had nothing to do with her skills. She'll need to prove herself in the kitchen if she wants to get any further.

Socially, Evan has been continuing his run of bad luck. The only girls he's met lately have all been under age.

And he seems to have an uncanny knack for choosing the same hangout places as his elderly mother. Even if he did happen to meet anyone, Maria was likely to show up and ruin his chances anyway.

Jesse and Abigail have been seeing each other somewhat officially since she broke up with Caleb. "Somewhat officially", because although both would describe themselves as a couple, they've yet to meet each other's families.

If it was up to Jesse, they'd be engaged already and Abigail has brought up the topic too. Every time marriage comes up in conversation though, it's patently obvious that Abigail is in no place to be thinking about such a serious commitment right now. One minute she's suggesting she and Jesse leave the city and elope and the next she's obsessing over Caleb, wondering if he'll ever talk to her again.

For Jesse, this is it. Abigail is the woman for him. But he's growing weary of her wavering between him and Caleb and wishes she'd make up her mind once and for all.

And he's really sick of having to sneak back into his bedroom with Abigail, hoping Evan and Amelia don't catch them. Things have been tolerable in the house lately - rubbing his relationship with Abigail in their faces would not help anything.

When he can put all that out of his mind and just enjoy being with her though, he's happy.

Evan feels like he's been wearing the same clothes forever, so he heads down to the op shop to pick up something new. As he's making his way to the register, he could swear he saw a woman studying him closely.

He's a little nervous - Evan's always nervous when he talks to girls - but he bites the bullet and goes to talk to her. She seems a little shy too, which sort of puts Evan at ease. Maybe she's not so scary.

In fact, she's actually very nice! Her name is Lucia and she's visiting from Cape Elizabeth. And she's agreed to a date with Evan! Perhaps it's a little sad but this will be Evan's first date ever.

Most girls probably wouldn't appreciate their dates attempting to start a food fight over dinner but apparently, Lucia isn't most girls. She and Evan are getting along swimmingly.

Evan being Evan, the date ends with a brief, rather innocent kiss. Evan's a late bloomer and he's apparently in no hurry to catch up.

Evan's twin sister, Amelia, got plenty of practice at kissing (and certain other activities) during high school. It seems like she's been with Wade forever. It actually works out to about 6 years, which is almost like forever when you've been together since high school.

Tonight, they're eating at the Blue Lion and Amelia is regretting her choice of Mac and Cheese. Wade can't believe she wants to be a chef one day and this is the cuisine she orders when she eats out.

Cuddling with Amelia on one of the pub's couches after dinner, it hits Wade like a bolt of lightning - he does love this girl and he does want to marry her! All through college, he'd been unsure but everything seems perfectly clear now.

Amelia can't quite believe her eyes or ears. She had just about given up on getting a proposal out of Wade and was contemplating asking him herself. She would have too, but she's pleased to get the traditional, down-on-one-knee proposal that she's been hoping for.

Make that thrilled.

Amelia's on cloud 9 for days afterwards, even when heading off to work.

She's in such a good mood that she actually sits down and has an honest-to-God conversation with Jesse.

Amelia doesn't even blow up at him the next day when he adopts a cat named Galileo without consulting anyone else in the house first. Once she and Wade get married, she won't be living here anyway and Galileo and Jesse will be Evan's problem to deal with anyway.

Meanwhile, Evan thinks he might be falling for Lucia. She stays over most nights and eats breakfast with everyone in the morning - it's almost like she lives there.

  • This house is almost like playing three different houses. It's really fun but Jesse, Evan and Amelia's social lives do not really overlap the same way the social lives of a traditional family would. So this felt a little wordier than usual but I hope it was okay!
  • Amelia and Wade have set their wedding date for Summer 2013, so this household will shrink next round. Instead of a separate wedding post, I might bundle it into the Gottlieb update, seeing they're scheduled to be played then anyway. I was so not expecting Wade to ever roll the want to marry Amelia, by the way! Amelia has had the want for about 4 years now and he never has. But a few flirts and make out sessions at the pub and "Get Married to Amelia" rolls up.
  • Abigail is so messed up in the head! I've never had such a conflicted Sim before. Just so you can get an insight into her psyche, she started out her date with Jesse with the want and fear of marrying Jesse and the want and fear of marrying Caleb (which is really odd because she's not in love with him any more). The want to marry Caleb rolled away (the fear stayed) pretty quickly and then she wanted to be friends with Caleb. The fear of marrying Jesse comes and goes. She also gets the frequent want to take an island holiday. Yeah, I'd probably want to take a holiday if my life was the hot mess that Abigail's life has become.
  • Jesse's chemistry with Abigail was acting up a bit this round. Twice, it jumped from their usual three bolts to two bolts, which is odd for two reasons. 1) Abigail was not even on the lot either time and 2) it must have been a big dip, because the lowest raw score I have for 3 bolters is 95 and Jesse and Abigail's raw score is 120 (total 225, if you're curious), so it would have had to dip at least 25 points. What could cause that, I wonder?


  1. "Yeah, I'd probably want to take a holiday if my life was the hot mess that Abigail's life has become."

    Who wouldn't?! The girl's obviously has some serious issues. Maybe she should try being a single for a while instead of jumping from one relationship to another.

    Amelia and Wade are such a sweet couple! I'm glad she finally got the proposal, the poor girl has certainly waited enough!

    And Evan finally got his first date! Yay :)

  2. Maybe Abigale should take a vacation! She sounds like a hot mess. But it makes for an interesting story! XD

    I really love reading about this house. All three are such characters. It'll be sad to see the house split up next round, but I'm sure it will have to be interesting.

  3. I agree, maybe a vacation could help her sort out her feelings...or cause more confusion if she meets a cute island sim :P

  4. Thanks everyone!

    I think Pascal and Mina are wealthy enough to send their messed-up daughter on a vacation, so maybe I'll set that up if she's still got the want when I play her. I'm due to play the last update of Winter 2012 today, which just happens to be Abigail's house.

    CissieMae, that's probably what Abigail should do but I don't think she will. She doesn't know how to be happy without a man. In Sim terms, this means her wants panel is constantly filled with romantic wants, both generic and specific.

    At least Amelia and Wade and now Evan are happy and stable!

    Lunar, I'm dreading breaking up this house too. They're a fun bunch. I might find them another (playable) roommate when Amelia gets married. I like this platonic roommate thing.

    Apple Valley, don't even say that! LOL. No more men for Abigail! She needs to clear her head, not muddy it. She's driving me nuts!

  5. I agree, maybe Abigail should take a vacation and try to figure things out! Or else she should try being single for a little while.

    Aw, I'm glad Wade finally proposed to Amelia! And it's good to see Evan is developing a romantic life too. :)

  6. It's hard for me to feel bad for Abigail......but I do think she might want to take a little time out for herself before jumping into something with Jesse. I'm so happy for Amelia and Evan! At least their lives aren't hot messes!

  7. I see Abigail as one of those women who always has to have a guy. I have a friend who is kind of like her (apart from the cheating). Break up with one guy and then jump into a serious relationship with the next.

    Poor Evan was looking like a bit of a loser there for a while, so I'm glad he's got someone. And I love a wedding, so I'm super happy about Wade and Emilia.

  8. Maybe a vacation by herself, no kids, no men, nothing. Just her and a bikini will clear up her head. So when she comes back she can make a choice and be open minded about it!

  9. The poor girl didn't get a beach holiday, because her master ( is cheap! She had to go camping instead!