Monday, 28 September 2009

Heart problems

Round 21: Summer 2013

Adam Gottlieb is 58, Athena is 53, Wade is 23 and Amelia Moretti is 24.

Narrated by Amelia Moretti

While Wade was living in the dorms, our time together was often limited. We're definitely making up for that now! I'm living with him and his parents in Exeter and we even carpool to work together. We're almost surgically attached.

We're also in the midst of wedding planning, which regretfully, we've left to Wade's parents! They have a lot more time off work than we do, so they've been happy so far to make and take all the necessary phone calls, including booking Cedarwood Hotel for the ceremony and reception.

I wonder if they're not just happy to have us out of the house. Adam and Athena are still very romantic together. I hope Wade and I are like that when we're in our 50s. My parents are but you's just awkward when it's your parents!

I'd already been to Cedarwood for my brother's wedding but it was really exciting to arrive there and know that I'd be getting married there. It's so beautiful.

And so was the ceremony! It felt as if I'd been waiting forever to be Wade's wife. I know we're both young but if he'd asked me once he'd turned 18, I would have said yes. I knew he was right for me, even then.

After the ceremony, it was time to mingle with the guests. I have such a huge family and it took half the day just to greet all of them!

When it was time for the cake, Wade shoved a whole handful into my mouth before I could protest! Normally, that would irritate me but I was in such a good mood that I just laughed. Or I would have laughed, if my mouth wasn't full of cake.

Cake time was actually the only time I got to sit down all day. My feet were killing me!

I had to stay on my feet for just a little bit longer for the dancing though. Just an hour or so more, and I knew Wade and I would be alone (and I'd be able to take my shoes off).

We spent one night in the honeymoon suite at Cedarwood...

...before heading off to our honeymoon in Cape Elizabeth. Looking back, we should have splashed out a little on the hotel, considering how much time we spent in our room.

I've always wanted to take a beach vacation, while Wade has been before, when he was about 10. Being 10 though, his parents weren't keen on letting him try fire dancing and that was the one thing he was set on learning to do this time.

Me though, I was content to lie on the beach while Wade attempted to avoid third degree burns.

I got burnt anyway though. Note to self: don't fall asleep in the sun! I think I might do all my lying on the beach at night in the future.

Wade didn't learn from my mistakes though and we both headed back to Exeter as red as lobsters.

We'd been back a few weeks and Wade had slipped back into his afternoon routine of coming home from work and looking for insect specimens in our backyard.

I knew exactly where I'd find him. I needed to talk to him and I was definitely a little nervous about it. I'd been to the doctor that afternoon and found out I was pregnant. I guess it would have happened sometime on our honeymoon, from the Spring due date they gave me. I really didn't know how Wade would react. We hadn't even been married a month and starting a family was not something we'd discussed yet. I'd been feeling a bit clucky since we got married but I hadn't brought it up with Wade.

Wade was definitely surprised but I think he was cautiously happy about it too. My pregnancy was a shock to both of us and we're both going to need to get used to the idea.

Side-update on The Claudette:

Adam is still loving running his restaurant. It's a lot of work but they've got themselves up to Level 2 so far!

They attract a very exclusive clientele.

Though Adam and his staff didn't take long to learn that putting on a nice suit or evening gown didn't imbue anyone with a sense of decorum or table manners.

Random pics:

Did you recognise Amelia's wedding dress? I'm continuing my heirloom wedding dress thing and Amelia was the third generation of Gottlieb women to wear this dress. It's the same one Wade's mother...

and his grandmother wore!

Sidenote: everyone in this wedding pic is dead now, except Mina. That's kind of sad! And look how crappy my early weddings were!

The only immediate family member who was missing at the wedding was Amelia's brother David because I...forgot to invite him. But the others were sort of hiding for much of the ceremony. Apparently, the honeymoon suite doors don't automatically lock when you close them!

Wade's sister Joanna and her girlfriend Rose headed up to make use of the suite first.

Or at least, I thought they were first. Amelia's brother Emil and his wife Anna had already snuck away for a quickie minutes before. I believe I also saw Max and Zaria, and Eliot and Cordy walking downstairs so they might have had a little fun up there too.

  • How cute are Wade and Amelia in the picture of them cuddling on the bed in the honeymoon suite?
  • Amelia rolled the want for a baby right after she and Wade got married. She got pregnant by risky woohoo, on the Witch Doctor's couch. She is due Spring 2013, just like her sister-in-law.
  • Also, I did do wedding pics again and I'm showing you the full-size versions here. I had to do these at home because I still like using the reward camera better than the hand-held one all Sims have and I like those frames better than any of the other ones in the game, which doesn't make SimPE recolouring the best option for this.
I didn't do the whole wedding party thing this time. I'm not sure who'll be the next to get married but if it suits that couple, I might do it again then.
  • Apologies to anyone who had this turn up in their feed 3 or 4 times! My fault, but hopefully it wasn't too much of an annoyance for you!


  1. LOL @ everyone making use of the honeymoon suite before the bride and groom could. I guess they all wanted to test it out. ;)

    Congratulations on the surprise pregnancy! Getting frisky on the Witch Doctor's couch? LOL!

  2. Wow, I love that wedding dress, very nice and especially how it's handed down the family. I wish I look as good as Athena when I'm 50-I love her outfit! Thanks for the Claudette update! I love that resturaunt, I've been searching for it on MTS but can't find it so it's nice to have more photos of the place.

  3. I love that the wedding dress is like a sim heirloom! How beautiful.

    And Adam is SO CUTE in his hat. I guess it's not just the curls. Must be the cooking. One of my favorite sims in game (Water Mellon) is a chef too. XD Doesn't Adam look so happy at the chef station?

  4. Adam looks more thrilled at the chef station than I've ever noticed another Sim looking. I'm sure Joseph never looks that happy when he's grilling burgers at Julian's diner!

    I've had couples at my two previous weddings at Cedarwood but I don't think any have ever invaded the honeymoon suite before. My Sims were extra frisky that day, apparently!

    Apple Valley, I wonder if the creator took the Claudette down. I just ran a search for "restaurant" and got all the way back to Orchard, which is another restaurant in Exeter and I've had that in my game for almost a year. The Claudette was a more recent download than that. :\ How frustrating! It's a fantastic lot.

  5. For some reason wedding smake sims horny. LOL Woohoo all around!

    I'm glad they had a nice wedding and honeymoon, besides the sunburn. My mom got burnt when we went to barbados. Poor woman. So I do feel their pain.

    Can't wait to see the baby!

  6. Must be all that love in the air - makes Sims amorous!

    Sims don't seem to be nearly as bothered by sunburn as we are. It looks nasty but it doesn't seem like the mere rubbing of fabric on skin causes them intense pain! I'm thinking back to the sunburn I got in NYC (from riding on one of those double decker buses) and I'm kind of jealous of Sim sunburn!