Thursday, 10 September 2009

She came along to me

Round 20: Spring 2011

Collette Sitko is 66, Julian is 61, David is 29 and Kirstin is 27.
(Vivienne and Georgette are both 71, Owen is 34, Adrienne is 4 and Malcolm is 1.)

Narrated by David Sitko

She doesn't have any grandchildren to care for, or weddings to help plan any more so Collette has taken to hanging around in the front yard, waiting for someone to walk by.

She's made good friends with Vivienne Carmody, who's also retired.

That's what she says anyway. I've never seen anyone turn a friendly conversation into an argument so fast!

She's definitely a challenge to know but Vivienne keeps coming around and I've survived living with her for 2 years now, so she can't be all bad!

Kirstin and I have been married for just over a year now. I love it but it's not exactly as I expected. We have a lot of fun together but we've both been working a lot, Kirstin even more than me.

Kirstin has become such a workoholic. She invites her boss Georgette over after work almost every night. She's hoping to get promoted by ingratiating herself to her.

On the nights Georgette is not at our house, Kirstin is on the phone with her. The other night they spoke for at least half an hour. I'm working some pretty long hours at the hospital right now, so when I'm home, I like to spend time with Kirstin but her job is making that really difficult right now.

Even our first anniversary celebration was delayed (we should really have gone in the winter) but at least we got to go out!

It was a great night - champagne, good times and good memories. We went to the Blue Lion a few times while we were still in college.

We got a little carried away in the car outside the Blue Lion. Don't look at me, it was Kirstin's idea! We hid on the floor in front of the back seat but I think the rocking car would have given away what was going on in there, had anyone passed by!

Kirstin's brother Owen brought his two kids, Adrienne and Malcolm, over to visit.

They're both adorable and we all love having them over. I could it made Collette a little bit sad though - she'd love Kirstin and me to start a family.

I'd love Kirstin and me to start a family too. How great would it be to have our own little rugrats running around the place?

It's not that Kirstin doesn't like kids or even that she doesn't want them. She loves being an aunt and she does want to have children. One day. Still, I'm getting a bit impatient. I'd like to have kids sooner rather than later.

"Have you given any more thought to maybe starting a family?", I asked her over dinner. I was hoping maybe seeing her little niece and nephew had made her start thinking about parenthood herself.

No luck though. I don't know why it really makes a difference but she wants to wait until she's actually practising (she's a paralegal right now) before we try for a baby. I'm pretty disappointed because kids will probably be at least another two years away now.

Random pics:

Julian is having issues with the diner. He has a gold sales badge and this girl had only just walked in, so she shouldn't have been in that bad of a mood.

I'm kind of having issues with the diner myself. They are overrun with customers and I can't seat a damn one of them! :\ I tried it with Julian and with his waitress Adriana and the action "Be Host" just drops out of their queue after a while. I just went to one of the restaurants my tester Sim owns and he seems to be able to seat people just fine. So at least I know it's not a hack issue, I guess. But it still means I'm going to have to try to sort this out somehow. If anyone has any ideas, please share them in the comments!

  • David rolled the want for a baby at the beginning of this year, while visiting his brother. I often take control of my visitors and one of the side effects is I get to see what they're thinking when I'm not playing them.
  • Kirstin doesn't seem to care one way or the other about having kids. Fortune Sims generally don't, I find. I think she'd be the type to put off kids for a career so that's what she's doing. She's on birth control right now. I'm attempting to not have everyone jump straight into kids right after they get married and unfortunately, David is a victim of this. I expect Kirstin will be promoted to a Personal Injury Attorney next round so she might be willing to go off her birth control then. ;)


  1. Ugh, I hate buggy lots. I don't have any ideas except try having that family buy another diner and see if the errors continue. If so, then it's with the family-if not, then it's the lot and there might be items in the way or invisible diners or something :\

  2. Have you tried force error on the stand? Or maybe just deleting the stand completely. How aggravating.

    Aren't these two a cute couple! It's hard not to give in when they first get married, but as these two prove, just being a married couple is pretty fun too.

  3. I haven't tried any of those things so they're all good suggestions! Thanks to you both. Another thing I haven't tried is having one of the other family members go down and see if they have the same problem. I'm pretty sure it's a lot issue though, seeing Adriana couldn't be a host either.

    Lunar, David and Kirstin are really cute together! She's quite mean but she and David are very sweet to each other, when they actually do get to spend time together! It's hard for them right now because she works 9-4pm and he's working 6pm-1am.

  4. I hope you can figure things out with your diner. I don't have any suggestions other than what you've already received.

    I usually get to feeling like the clock is ticking when it comes to my Sims starting their families right after marriage, but I've learned to let that go. Single Sims as well. If they don't fall in love right away, it's ok. Boring. But ok. LOL!

  5. I like to see all different kinds of family makeups. ACR has taken a toll on my hood recently, or otherwise I think I'd have more couples who wanted to wait to start their families, or (dare I say it?) not have children at all. But anyway, these two are still young! No rush at all! I'm glad they're still happy together, because they're adorable!

    I always take control of my visitors too :) I like the illusion that their lives and stories go on outside their designated time slot in the round.

  6. I hope you're able to solve the buggy lot, it would be a shame if the diner went completely corrupted.

    I think it's very realistic that Kirstin wants to wait a few years before having kids. Many people nowadays have their first kids when they're in their late 30's. They're both still so young!

  7. It has always been hard for me not to knock sims up right after marriage! I'm a genetics freak and I love to see what two people can create! But they have plenty of time, no need to rush into it at all!

  8. I hope you get the problem fixed with the diner! My only thought is that maybe there's something in the way or not enough room for the host to move around and get to the customers waiting? You could try moving things or putting the podium in another place to see if that helps.

    I'm trying to have some couples hold off on kids too, although ACR and risky woohoo like to mess things up for me. ;) But Kirstin and David are still pretty young and have time to have kids, if he can just wait a bit longer!

  9. If the diner is corrupted, I know where I got and I don't think I changed it that much so it won't be too much hassle for me to get it set up again. I hope I can fix it in game though, or that the problem magically solves itself. Hey, it could happen!

    Laura, if Kirstin wasn't on double-duty birth control, she almost definitely would have been pregnant by now. I get the "Kirstin is trying for a baby" dialog box every time. For maximum realism, I really should have some couples who choose not to have kids at all but I worry I'd get bored of them! I'm already dreading playing Linnea this round because she's all on her lonesome now that Cordy and Luc are off at Uni.

    CissieMae, here in Australia, the average age for first-time motherhood is around 32. I think I've had about 2 Sims wait that long. I think I will have Cordy and Luc (and most subsequent graduates) wait a while when they get out of college. They'll likely try right away but they'll be so young!

    Mizzgin, that's part of the reason for me too. I love seeing how genetics of two different Sims mix and I'm *really* interested in seeing Kirstin's features mix with someone else's. I'm going to wait at little while longer though!

    Shana, there's definitely nothing in the way because I haven't moved the furniture around in there in ages. UNLESS there's something invisible stuck there! I might try that stuck object remover and see if it finds anything.

    And I think it was your blog where I got the idea for David and Kirstin to hold off for a while, come to think of it!

  10. "I hope I can fix it in game though, or that the problem magically solves itself. Hey, it could happen!"

    Stranger things have happened in my hood. I've also sold a lot and rebought it, and it seemed to help. Currently my diner owner is buggy, I don't know how to fix a buggy person. lol. Redownloading lots helps too. The sim itself doesn't have problem doing other things on the diner does he? Can he sell to the guests? Can you put a lot of things in his queue and they stay there?

    And for the update! I think Kirsten would want to wait too, and think they are adorable. Glad they are doing well, unfortunate that the work hours are wearing on David though, that'd be hard having a spouse work a lot.

  11. Maisie, there are a couple of things you can try to fix a buggy person! One is clearing their gossip and trash memories with the lot debugger. The other is using InSim or SimBlender to reset their aspiration (just choose the same one again). The latter usually only works for teens. There's a bug sometimes, which seems to have been fixed for me with M&G, where the teen's aspiration doesn't set correctly and causes jumping.

    But as I recall, I don't think Julian has a problem doing anything else and he can sell to the guests. Once he does and is successful - that's when it all falls out of his queue.

    David works quite a lot himself and I think that's wearing on him too. He doesn't have a career-related LTW so I might even end up changing him to something with less stressful hours!

  12. I wanted to thank you for taking the time to answer about my own bjorked sim. She was scheduled to play many seasons ago, and I've procrastinated. (I'd much rather play). But I decided to fix her today, and it was soo easy. Doh! to me! Somehow she lost her aspiration (popularity) and it was blank. As soon as I gave her an aspiration she was fixed. tada!

  13. Good, I'm happy I could help you!

    I'm the same when stuff in the game gets broken - if it's something I can avoid trying to fix, I usually do! I'd much rather play.