Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Download: Nouk's Tommie Hair, Pookleted

So over the weekend, with some help from Sari over Twitter, I finally figured out this whole Pookleting thing! I adore Pooklet's textures and colours and ideally, hers are the only ones I'd use. It's nice to be able to switch easily between hairstyles without my Sims' hair colour changing drastically. I'm so excited about doing more of these!

I hadn't seen this hair Pookleted yet, so I thought I would throw this up for download, for your Simming pleasure.

Audrey and Olivia model the black tones.

Browns, by Camilla, Sophie and Matilda.

More browns, by Josie, Julia and Lila. There are six browns because two of Pooklet's blacks (Lila and Sophie's) have always looked more brown to me, so I binned them as such.

Blonde tones, modelled by Patience and Maia.

And two more, by Susannah and Elspeth.

Reds, by Ione and Madelyn (who got to lose her wrinkles for the occasion!)

And the last two reds, modelled by Victoria and Cordy.

All colours are binned, elder should be linked to the black tones. I used Mail Bomb for the grey, which is the lighter tone. I removed the toddler and child age stages, because this is a teen-to-elder mesh anyway. The mesh is included in the zip.

Thanks to Nouk, for the lovely mesh (original here) and Pooklet, for her awesome textures and colour actions!

You can download my retextures here!


  1. These are lovely, and I've really been enjoying reading your blog. Your neighborhood is similar to the way I play but much better organized :).

    I just thought I'd thank you for the DL, which I'm snagging and also point you here: http://hat-plays-sims.dreamwidth.org/ in case you haven't seen it. Since you like Pooklet's textures/ colors, this is a great resource. I managed to get about 70% of my hair to match from raiding her awesome hair dumps.

  2. Off Topic:

    Sullivan has a bunch of pretty girls, I love to see all the different types together. And I was proud of myself that I could remember all their names. ;-)

    But I hope Patience keeps her short hair, because that absolutely her style.


  3. These are great, Carla! I wanted to comment last night but I got a quick wave of nausea and had to get off of the computer. They really turned out great and I can't wait to snag these and try your tip out myself! Thanks for putting them up for dl!

  4. They look great, Carla! Thanks for uploading.

    I can do the actions but I haven't figured out how to use Pooklet's textures since I can't just copy and paste them onto the existing texture. My recoloring skills being and stop at copy and paste.

    I also recommend Hat's blog, she/he has done amazing amount of Pookleting!

  5. Thanks so much for these Carla, will fit right in with my 1970's era. *downloading*

    Great job!

  6. You're welcome, all!

    Kalynn, thanks for the link to Hat's blog! I had a few of her hair recolours from GOS but had never visited her blog before. :D

    Astrid, LOL, Patience hasn't had long hair like this ever. And it's been quite short since she was about 15 or 16. I almost had her grow it out at one point but I'm quite attached to her current style now.

    Sari, actually, I did these with copy and paste! But it doesn't always work. I tried it with Patience's usual hairstyle yesterday and it was such a fail! If the textures are just square swatches of hair, you can usually get Pooklet's textures to just tile over it.

  7. That's what I thought. I remember seeing a tutorial months ago about using the textures for a non-square swatch but it looked way too difficult for a n00b like me. I think I'll just pooklet the textures that I have, they look quite nice that way too and at least I get a matching color palette for all my hairs.

  8. Sari, I haven't seen that tutorial but I was trying to mock something up myself when I was doing Patience's hair but it was too hard. I ended up playing with the hue to match it to Volatile instead. The difference between what I came up with and the Pooklet colours is just about imperceptible, so I'm pretty happy with it.

  9. Looks great!!! Most impressive that you learned this, made them, binned them, uploaded them, and made a post oh so quickly!

    I'm glad your sharing these. I've been working slowly at editing out all my hairs to be pooklet colors, but I don't have motivation most of the time!

  10. Maisie, thank you! I'm trying to do a few styles a week but we'll see how long I keep that up! I don't find it difficult but it's a little tedious. I'm going to share the ones I'm really happy with. I made a nice one yesterday but I have no idea where the mesh comes from, so I'll have to figure that out first!

  11. I think these look great! It's interesting too to see some of the ladies with long hair, lol. How weird does Victoria look with such long hair?

  12. Lunar, thanks!

    It was fun to see what these girls all looked like with long hair. Most of them have never had hair that long. Victoria looked especially weird - I think she'll be sticking with above the shoulder styles!

  13. These are lovely! I don't think I've seen this style Pookleted either and like you, I am trying to keep my hair bins mainly in Pooklets shades.

    One question, are they familied? As in changing color keeps the style?

  14. Gayl, thanks, I'm glad you like them!

    If I remember correctly, they're familied as follows:
    Dynamite/Depth Charge/Incendiary/Explosive
    Safety Fuse/Volatile/Pyrotechnic
    Flash Powder/Brisance/Primer/Molotove

    Shrapnel and Land Mine are in their own families, because I prefer those two to be binned as brown, rather than black (which is how Pooklet categorises them).