Friday, 28 January 2011

Straight thru you

Round 30: May 2031 (Autumn)
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Matilda Jacobson and Ethan Novak are both 25 and Adrienne is 24.
(Claudio is 50, Virginia is 41, Maia is 29 and Alice is 5)

Narrated by Matilda Jacobson

Ethan just told us that he's not going to be living with us for much longer. He's my ex, so living with him has been slightly awkward at times. But he's also my friend and although I'm happy for him, I'm going to miss him around here.

Up until Ethan's recent promotion, we both worked nights, so we ended up hanging out a lot while everybody else was at work.

Kaiser is Ethan's dog, so he's moving out too. I've never had a dog before and Kaiser really grew on me. So I'm all kinds of sad right now.

But Ethan's moving out for a happy reason, at least. He and Maia have been talking about moving in together for a little while now and they're finally going for it.

When he's not with Maia, he's talking about her. Always good things.

It's very sweet, actually. I think so, anyway.

Adrienne's getting a little tired of it and is ready for another topic of conversation.

Ethan will be going on and on and Adrienne will just completely tune out.

If she's in a good mood, sometimes she'll feign interest but it's rare.

I'm actually jealous. Not because I want to get back together with Ethan but because they're buying a house! I would love to be in the financial position to buy.

It sounds like a lot of fun. The setting up house part anyway. Organising finances doesn't sound quite as fun.

Maybe if I make it really big one day, I can buy a nice house too. I did my first big movie recently and then I was cast in a musical!

Miles took me out to celebrate my new role at a really nice restaurant. It's a new place and it's very romantic.

We've been together for two years now and neither of us are really thinking marriage yet. But I'm definitely in love with him.

Fridays are my favourite day of the week, simply because I don't have any shows so from the afternoon onwards, Miles is all mine.

We have very different interests but we make the effort to meet in the middle. I've been trying to get into comic books, because Miles draws them. I think his stuff is really good but I can't say I've become a total convert to comics.

But then, I haven't managed to convert Miles to video games either. He has fun with them but he kind of sucks.

We took my little sister Alice there, both as something fun for her and so she could meet Miles. I think she liked him.

She mostly just wanted to show off her pinball skills though. She was giving Miles some tips. I don't know where she gets all this confidence from, at only 5 years old.

After we were done there, we met up with my dad and stepmother for lunch. I've been trying to get some time for Dad to meet Miles for a while now and this was the first opportunity we had where we were all free. Dad is a comics buff as well, so I had a feeling he and Miles would get along. I was right!

There has been some tension in the past between me and Virginia but I feel like things are improving. I wouldn't say I like her but we're better than we used to be.

At least part of that is due to Alice. Knowing half of her DNA comes from my stepmother makes it harder to hate Virginia as much as I once did.

I do still wish my mum was around to meet Miles though. She would have liked him too.

Everyone seems to like him. Adrienne was really suspicious of him when we first started dating but even she's warmed up to him now.

I knew having a designer for a best friend would pay off eventually! Adrienne made an awesome dress for me. I can't wait to have an excuse to wear it.

Adrienne has been very focused on her career lately. She's finally got her sewing skills up to par, which resulted in a promotion (and a $10,000 bonus)! She's heading up her own design team now, instead working under another designer.

Because she's Adrienne though, she's saving plenty of time for guys too.

Well, recently, it's just been the one guy. She's dating Amar, a photographer she met at work.

Amar has been pretty honest with her about the fact that he's not seeing her exclusively. Which wouldn't be okay with me at all and I don't think Adrienne will be happy with the arrangement for long.

She says she doesn't care, because she'd probably be doing the same thing if she'd never got pregnant.

But since Sylvia, she's much, much more cautious and I can see her wanting Amar to be similarly cautious. I'm trying to butt out of that though!

Her parents want to meet him and Adrienne's attitude about that has changed over the past year. She used to be very reluctant but she actually wants them to meet him now.

Now she's more worried about scaring Amar off or him thinking she's coming on way too strong.

I don't see what the big deal is. She and Amar are together most nights, so how many other girls could there be? He must be pretty fond of her, so would it really be so strange for Adrienne to want him to meet her parents?

Adrienne says she's going to be brave and ask him what he thinks.

If he freaks out about it, well, then maybe she'll want to rethink the relationship. But she won't know until she asks.

I was pretty lucky with the chance cards this round.

This would be why Matilda got two promotions this round. She was promoted to Supporting Player, a job she held for about 5 real life minutes. Immediately after coming home from work, she went back to work in her new position and got yet another promotion. I usually don't allow 2 promotions per round but there are some careers where quick advancement makes sense to me. In show business, sometimes people become overnight sensations, so I'm less strict with the promotion restrictions.

Adrienne didn't do too badly either! This group is pretty cashed up for roommates. My roommates are usually quite poor. I moved Ethan out with Maia after I was finished playing and they have $30,000 between them, which is not bad at all.

And Ethan came by it all honestly too, because I suck at the Law Enforcement chance cards. I didn't write this one in but I should have. I've done injury a few times before. Next time!

  • Title is from Straight Thru You by The Morning After Girls.
  • I'm going house hunting for Ethan and Maia today. I'm hoping they'll have enough money left over to decorate their house with more than just the basics.
  • Matilda is really cute with her sister. She rolls wants for her all the time. Matilda actually rolled more wants for Alice than she rolled for Miles this round! But she did fall in love with the boy this session, so we'll see how they go in the future.
  • Adrienne is very, very keen on Amar! She's not very interested in multiple woohoo/makeouts right now and all of her romantic wants are for him, so she's quite serious about this. I was expecting to at least see a "Fall in Love With Nick" want, seeing my Sims always seem to want to fall in love with their exes. But nope. Adrienne has eyes only for Amar. We'll see what Amar thinks in his update, which is not too far away.


  1. So are the ladies going to get a new roommate anytime soon? I love Matilda's recolor as well, very nice. I love that set of meshes and need to find recolors for them. Wow, Adrienne and Amar...I hope she keeps her wits about her.

  2. Apple Valley, I'm thinking Adrienne might let her little brother move in with them. He won't be able to afford his own place. Perhaps hijinks will ensue!

    Mikexx2 has a bunch of recolours for Matilda's dress (I think he did this particular one, as well). I found some more recently, but can't remember where I got them.

    As for Amar, I think once Adrienne gets more comfortable with him, she won't have any qualms telling him about anything she's not happy about. The relationship is still in its infancy at the moment, so she's still a bit cautious about it.

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. I do like Matilda's recolor too! I've always liked the mesh, but the colors aren't appropriate for most sims.

    I'm so excited for Maia and Ethan to move in together, and lol on Adrienne's responses to Ethan. I can see how that would be getting old. And WOW on how serious she is with Amar!!! I want her to end up with him, cause I'm positive he'll have gorgeous babies. I can't wait to see how Amar feels about her, and meeting the parents, that's a pretty big step.

    As for Matilda, it was nice to see her whole family, and man, I love your aquarium restaurant, gorgeous! I want to eat there! Miles is a cutie, he looks like he could be a director. Maybe he could direct a comic book version of his movie, starring her (like Spiderman).

  4. It was nice to catch up with these 3. I agree that it was nice to see Matilda with her whole family. Since she was a non-playable, it's like we hardly know them. I forgot she didn't care for her stepmother and I'm glad that things are going well for her and Miles.

    It's great that these roomies are better well off than how some of your other roommate households have been. They all have their act together. I'm nervous for Adrienne! I hope Amar doesn't run off on her. I like them together. And I'm another a fan of Matilda's dress.

  5. Wow, these kids are loaded! I don't have any roommates in my game at the moment but most of my sims that have recently graduated from college are pretty poor.

    I'm glad that Matilda gets along better with her stepmother. Alice is a really sweet girl so it's nice that she gets to spend time with her whole family.

    I hope that Adrienne doesn't end up getting her heart broken by Amar. That girl has had her share of problems and heartache already.

    I love Matilda's dress! And I have no idea where it's from. I tried checking out Mikexx2's MTS profile and LJ but I didn't find it. Please... WCIF it?

  6. Sari, I believe this is Matilda's dress here ->

    I didn't find them the first time looking through ether, oddly enough. I found them through the mesh, related pages.

  7. Danielle, no, we don't really know Matilda's dad all that well and we never got to know her mother at all. I don't even think there's a single picture of her anywhere on the blog! But she and Matilda were really close, so Matilda was unimpressed with Virginia.

    I couldn't believe it when I saw how much cash these kids had! I guess most of it is Adrienne's bonus but it's still a good showing.

    I want so badly to share Amar's side of this but I'm going to zip my lips until his update. I'm still trying to decide how to write that one, because the other guys will have a lot going on too. Hmmm.

    Thanks for reading!

    Sari, usually, that's how it goes for me too. I always find it hard to keep any cash flow going for roommates.

    Alice is too young to remember any tension between Virginia and Matilda, so her childhood will hopefully be tension-free. Having your mother and sister always fighting, especially when you're too little to understand why, would not be fun.

    As for Adrienne, she's definitely had her share of problems, though they were really of her own making. But she's really made an effort to turn herself around since getting pregnant and the results are showing. With any luck, she's saved up some good karma and this thing with Amar will go the way she wants it to.

    See Maisie's comment for Matilda's dress. :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie, thanks for finding that! That's definitely Matilda's dress.

  8. Maisie and Carla, thank you :) I don't know how I missed it.

  9. You're welcome, not that I was much help, lol!

  10. Amar and Adreinne still crack me up as a couple. It's just so perfect for the both of them!

  11. Lunar, they really do seem well-matched! I guess here is the place to mention (because I don't know if I have before) that they have crazy-high chemistry. Their score is 190, which is the third highest in my game. They're just behind Emil and Anna and then Luc and Asha. I noticed it a long time ago and was hoping they'd meet on their own one day.

    Thanks for reading!

  12. It's sweet that Ethan talks about Maia all the time when he's not with her! But I can understand that Adrienne is getting a little bit tired of it!

    I think it's sweet that Matilda will miss Kaiser when he moves with Ethan, maybe she can buy her own dog? ;)
    I like Matilda's outing with her little sister, I shoul do those kind of things a lot more in SimsVille too, but I always forget!
    It's nice to see that Matilda is getting along better with her stepmother as well, I'm sure it will please her dad.

    I still don't see Adrienne and Amar together, but it does seem like a good match.

    I can't wait to see Ethan and Maia's house!

  13. Tanja, I've been very impressed with Ethan and Maia, because Popularity Sims aren't usually so interested in their partners. But Ethan and Maia are quite devoted to each other. Adrienne will have to deal. ;)

    Heh, if Matilda gets a dog, it will have to be a small dog! Kaiser is a lovely dog but he was too big for a small house with no backyard. He has more space to run around at his new house.

    You'll see more of Amar and Adrienne together in the update I'm going to write today (and will hopefully have out tomorrow).

    Thanks for reading!

  14. I love the detail about Matilda's feelings toward Virginia changing because of her half-sister--that's so realistic and kinda sweet. I'm glad Miles gets along with her father--that should help things along should they get really really serious.

    Adrienne and, she's getting serious about him. I can't help feeling this will be disastrous and hurtful for her. I hope not, but it's Amar!

    Awesome chapter! I can't wait to see where all of these people are going.

  15. Rachel, oh, I'm glad that seemed realistic. Matilda has been warming to Virginia a little bit and with Alice getting older and more likely to notice tension, it made a lot of sense to me to write it that way.

    I see Matilda's dad as quite laid back, so it worked out quite well that he hit it off with Miles. He and Matilda are very happy together so far.

    I was quite surprised at Adrienne with Amar. Just about all of my Sims end up wanting to settle down at some time or another but I didn't expect Adrienne to want it so young. But you know, since Sylvia, she has been trying to be more cautious and mature, so her wants really fit with the character I've built up for her in my head.

    Thanks for reading. :)