Saturday, 1 January 2011

You say it's your birthday, January 2031

This January, Sarah Moretti is entering her second trimester. There's still a while until June, when the baby finally arrives but Sarah and her husband Nick are already very excited.

Also due in June is Asha Lane. Asha and husband Luc are expecting their third child. She's keeping herself busy in their new home recording studio.

Declan and Caitlin are about as eager as their parents are for the arrival of their baby brother or sister! Victoria is due in April.

Victoria's little sister Rebecca has just finished university.

Rebecca's parents and sisters came up to see her graduate with a 4.0 GPA and a degree in psychology.

Rebecca is currently living in an apartment with her friend Susannah. She's working as an assistant counselor and is about to start studying for her Master's.

Ruby Lane is turning 4 and is ready for pre-school.
Her best friend Ramona Nihill will be joining her in her class.

Gabriel Nott will be the only boy in the class but he's used to girls, having two sisters at home.

Mitchell Carmody is now 12 and leaving primary school behind! He's discovered a love of cooking and would like to have his own cooking show on TV one day.

Sophie Gottlieb is 18 and has just arrived on campus. She's not particularly worried about choosing a major yet - she's just trying to enjoy her first year.

Also in the dorm is Lila Sitko, who not only has no clue about her major, she also has no clue about her future career options. She's got 4 years to figure it all out!

Connor Novak, on the other hand, hopes to choose a major before classes start in March. Seeing he's still looking at a career in intelligence, he's leaning towards political science.

Lila's twin sister Camilla decided a long time ago that she would major in art. During her time at Suffolk, she'll be living in the family housing units with boyfriend Charlie and their twins, Grace and Everett.

Finally, Kimberly Carmody is now 60. She had always hoped to grow old with Betsy but is instead trying to focus on the impending birth of her first granchild.

I had no end of grief trying to pose that picture of Victoria and the kids! But how could I stay mad at that face?!

  • Happy New Year! Exciting to be starting a new round on New Year's Day, isn't it? I'm actually a bit of a scrooge about celebrating New Year's but I do genuinely hope 2011 is a good year for us all - it seemed to suck for a lot of people I know.
  • I am scared for this round and the babies, lol! There are at least a couple of Sims who will probably get pregnant, so the babies will continue.
  • I think all the kids are super-cute but Gabriel is just killing me! I love him! I don't know if you guys can see it, because the nose can really throw you off, but I think his similarities to Lia are easier to see now.
  • Mitchell is Family/Knowledge. I rolled for it and was going to change it if it didn't suit him but it really does.
  • Kimberly aged up and still had red hair, which I usually change for elders. But she's a hairdresser, so it seems likely that she'd dye her hair. I might let her go gray when she gets a little older.


  1. Happy New Year! :)

    All the birthday girls and boys look really good. I especially like Sophie, I think she got the best from both her parents.

    I'm so excited about all the babies that are going to be born this round. :)

  2. Aww, so cute. Conner is a cutie and Mitchel reminds me of Jack for some reason. Also, I know Lila and Camilla are twins, but darnit they look so much alike. They could have been identical if not for a few features. Maybe they're like the Olson twins (who are fraternal, yet look alike...until you see their family-everyone looks alike).

    Question, why wasn't Claudia featured as well?

  3. I like this birthday post. My favorite picture is the one with Rebecca and her pregnant sisters.
    I like Gabriel and his nose.

  4. I like Rebecca with her pregnant sisters too. Can't wait for Claudia to birth that baby! Gabriel is a cutie. The Sitko twins are really pretty and Sophie is too. She looks like she could take on the world as a strong independent woman.

    Can't wait to see all these babies! I wonder if Victoria will have a little redhead. Eek I hope so!

  5. Thanks for reading, everybody!

    Sari, thank you!

    Sophie is quite gorgeous, isn't she? She's definitely a good mix of Wade and Amelia. The only one of their kids that looks anything at all like Amelia as well, as far as I can tell so far!

    Me too! Not too long for Claudia's!

    Apple Valley, Mitchell reminds you of Jack? Maybe it's the freckles or the wide nose?

    Of all my twins, Lila and Camilla definitely look the most alike. I can tell them apart at a glance now but it was very hard when they were kids and I was constantly checking their profiles to see which one was which!

    Claudia wasn't featured because she (along with Amber) gives birth next month and was bumped into the third trimester in the November birthdays. Not much to update you on there!

    miss-essa, thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    I was nerdily excited to get the two pregnant sisters together again for another photo. Gabriel's a new favourite of mine too. :)

    Maisie, or Anonymous, lol!

    Not much longer to wait for Claudia. I'll have her pop out her kid at the beginning of February.

    Heh, I would bet that it would be Lila who's got her sights set on taking on the world! She'll need to nail down some kind of career first though, which Sophie already has sorted.

    I would love Victoria to have another redhead! A redhead boy! I don't think I have any other male redheads besides Steve and he wasn't born in game.

  6. I've had a mother and her daughter pregnant at the same time but I had no picture of them.
    I just want to add that your new banner is really cute.

  7. I'm super excited about Claudia, to see the genes mix. :D However, you do have Jack Benton... a very good looking red headed male. Did you have him born in game? that I can't recall, just that he was adopted, and surprise, Charlie!

    Where does Victoria get her red hair? I was snooping around, and couldn't find anyone with red. (nathaniel kirby's page didn't load for me)

  8. miss-essa, ah, that's something I don't think I've had before in my game, even before Sullivan!


    Maisie, I'm hoping Claudia and Jacob's baby doesn't require any surgery. I'm not as worried about it as I would have been if Victoria and Finn's kids hadn't turned out as cute as they did though. ;)

    Ah, yes, I have Jack and I forgot that I also have Rob. Neither were born in game though. I got very lucky with Jack. He's very handsome.

    Victoria's red hair comes from Nathaniel, her great-grandfather. I was excited to finally have that gene kick in!

  9. Yay I love January birthday posts! Victoria and the kids look too cute in that picture (and no, I couldn't stay mad at that face either lol). It looks like she's going to give birth any minute now. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a red haired boy, too.

    Ramona is cute with her red hair and Gabriel is adorable. I can definitely see Lia in him now. All your sims looks great but I agree about Sophie. She's gorgeous.

  10. Oooh I can't wait to see those kids in college!! I have a soft spot for Connor, so I can't wait to see how college compares with his expectations.

    So many birthdays! Babies, children going to school, kids going to college! What an exciting time for Sullivan (though it always is, really). :)

  11. Happy new year!

    So many births comming up, and this round only just started! I'm looking forward to them all :)

    Congratulation to Rebecca!

    Ramona is a very pretty girl! As is Ruby, she looks most like her dad, doesn't she?

    Mitchell was already handsome when he was a child and he's even more handsome as a teen!

    Lila looks so much like her mother! It's almost like seeing Kristin young again!

  12. Danielle, so do I! I get unreasonably excited when I get to age everyone up.

    I'm glad you like that picture because it took me SO LONG to do! Caitlin wouldn't look up and Declan wouldn't do a damn thing I told him to do. Argh! But it's cute.

    I think Gabriel is almost all Lia and I'm betting it will become even more apparent as he gets older. I'm sad none of the kids got her nose but hopefully Maia can pass it on. I hate it when a feature I created in CAS dies out.

    Rachel, well, Connor better like it, because he's living in a lovely dorm I just redecorated! I can see the poor guy getting irritated with dorm life though.

    It's a bit of an insane time for Sullivan. There's a lot going on at the moment.

    Thanks for reading!

    Tanja, I know, it's going to be nuts but I'm looking forward to seeing all the new babies too.

    I've just realised that Ruby actually mostly looks like Asha - her eyes and nose come from Asha. But that's definitely Luc's mouth and that's a more distinctive feature, so she seems to look more like him than she might otherwise.

    Mitchell gets better looking as he ages up. Actually, Austin and Lauren are the same. I've aged all the Carmody children to check, as they all looked a bit odd as toddlers (especially Austin).

    Lila actually looks more like David! The mouth is throwing you off, like with Ruby, because it's such an unusual feature. I just realised Lila is wearing the same outfit Kirstin wore at college too, so you might be remembering that without realising it as well!

  13. Tanja, I meant to also say thank you for commenting! I'm doing the thank yous at the end now and I'm still getting used to it!

  14. Happy New Year to you too Carla, luckily, 2010 didn't suck all that bad for me, here's hoping 2011 is better for everyone!

    I love that freckled skin, so realistic! And lovely shots of everyone. Cripes, I just hope I look as good as Kimberley when 60 rolls around!

  15. Drew, I'm glad 2010 was relatively good for you! I hope 2011 is at least as unsucky!

    That freckled skin is actually just a couple of facial masks layered on top of each other. I have some by a few different creators but I usually end up using Corvidophile's, because they're the most freckly. ;)

    Kimberly doesn't look bad for a woman of 60, does she?

    Thanks for reading!