Thursday, 30 December 2010

Round 29 Summary which my Sims need to slow down with the babies!

Births: 5 (Marcus Lane, Charlotte Lane, Everett and Grace Benton, Jacinta Nihill)

Deaths: 2 (Betsy Carmody, Arianna Weaver)

Engagements: 3 (Nick and Sarah Moretti, Jacob and Claudia Kirby, Rob Ashton and Patience Draper)

Marriages: 3 (Troy and Josie Clarke, Jacob and Claudia Kirby, Nick and Sarah Moretti

Break-ups: 0

Graduations: 1 (Rebecca Kirby)

New residents: 0

Total population: 115 (55 male, 60 female)
Babies: 3
Toddlers: 5
Children: 19
Teens: 12
Adults: 61
Elders: 15


  1. I love these little sumemries you do. I've always enjoyed some good old statistics, lol!

  2. bbop, I'm quite a fan of statistics myself!

  3. So many sims! I like the recaps because, since your rounds are longer, I forget all the stuff that happened in the first half.

    The new banner is super cute!

  4. Danielle, I forget myself sometimes! I go through with the tags and tally up the big events and think to myself "wow, was that really only this round?"

    And thank you! I've had that idea for a banner for a while now.

  5. Wow that was a lot of babies this past round too! And no break ups, which is always nice... even with the elder deaths upcoming, you definitely have a rising population! You should make a graph of your population and how much it has rised in the past few rounds. It'd be a good job for the Mayor to do. ;)

  6. Maisie, I think there'll be more babies this round and I don't know if we'll escape the break-ups again. I can think of a few couples who might not make it to the end of the round! But we'll see.

    A graph would probably just be a perfectly straight diagonal line, going up and to the right, lol! My population has only gone down once that I can think of and it was with only one Sim.

  7. I love the new banner! I want to change mine too, and I have idea's for some, but I still need to finish the lots for taking the pictures!

    Anyway, I love these kind of posts, I want to start these kind of things as well.

    Wow, 5 births this round already, and it doesn't seem like it's going to stop next round, but I LOVE little sims :)

  8. Tanja, thanks! I try to change my banner with every new game year now. I cut it close with this one. I've had an idea for one forever now, but can't think who I'd like to use for it!

    Heh, you know I love little Sims too! There will almost definitely be even more births next round.

    Thanks for your comment!