Saturday, 25 December 2010

Round 30 ROS

Hope you're all enjoying your Christmas! If all goes to plan, I'll be enjoying mine by the time you read this. :)

This round isn't finished yet and won't be until after Christmas but I thought I'd throw up the ROS for Round 30, seeing I've had them rolled for a while now. So here they are...


  1. Merry Christmas, Carla!

    ROS was nice to you this time! Nothing too deaths unless that one Sim's biggest wish is to see the ghost of someone else. :)

  2. Are you going to fulfill this sim's lifetime wish, choose the biggest wish they have in their panel or make up a wish according to the character? I'm very curious to see how this ROS works out.

    The silly fight worries me, but you didn't write anything so it's probably between kids or something :P

  3. snarkysims, thank you!

    Yes, after two ROS deaths in a row, I'm giving myself a break from any death-related scenarios! Especially seeing I have to kill off three elders this round already. :\

    Flit, this Sim's lifetime wish is something that I haven't decided whether I'm going to have them work for or not. So the ROS refers to the biggest wish they have in their panel.

    I haven't decided what I'm doing for the silly fight one. I haven't checked who this Sim's highest relationship is with yet. Once I know, then I can start planning something.

  4. Eek on the upcoming elder deaths... I'm not looking forward to that! I'm curious who was audited! I fear that its a young, struggling family... hope it all works out for the best for whoever it is. Also excited about the biggest want, especially after your little tease!

  5. I have to ask, what determines the ROS? Do you just make it up as you go along? I always liked them because it makes for gameplay more interesting but I don't know if I can get enough creative juices flowing to make them up on my own.

  6. Maisie, nor I! But everyone has to go some time, sadly. As for the audit, I haven't checked this family's finances yet but I've got a bad feeling about it!

    I don't think this Sim will achieve their biggest want this round but I'd like to get them started. I have no idea where it will lead but we'll see. :)

    townofwinfield, my ROS list is up for download here:

    In that same post, there's a link to Laura's ROS file. In her post, she also links to the randomiser program that we all use, if you haven't picked that up already.

    In my own game, I use the scenarios on my list (most of which I didn't make up, I'll add), the ones on Laura's and I also add any interesting ones that I come across when reading other people's blogs as well.

  7. Maybe a little bit late (I forgot to say it in my previous comments) but a merry christmas to you too!!

    I'm glad you didn't roll a death this time! It seems like there are enough sims dying of old age this round!

    I'm really excited about the biggest want ROS, especially since you teassed us with your own comement on it :)

  8. Yay, no death ROS! Woo!

    I'm excited to see how all of these play out! You're so great at figuring out creative ways to make them happen. :)

  9. Tanja, thanks, Tanja! I hope you enjoyed your Christmas as well.

    No, no death rolls this time! If I did roll one, I was going to give myself a veto for it anyway. I did two ROS deaths in a row for Round 28 and Round 29, so I deserve a break. ;)

    You've all probably figured out that biggest want ROS is something that should be a good thing, at least eventually. So I'm quite excited myself. :)

    Rachel, heh, I was going to reroll any deaths anyway, but I was pleasantly surprised to not have to. :)

    Thank you! It's a bit of a struggle with some of them but I'm already trying to get some ideas going.

  10. hope you had a great christmas! Congratulations on making it to round freaking 30 - I'm honestly so proud of you right now, lol!

    These look like pretty decent ROS's- this is the best part of starting a new round!

  11. bbop, thanks! Round 30 seems quite momentous, doesn't it? I don't remember being so excited about Round 20 or Round 25.