Thursday, 2 December 2010

You say it's your birthday, May 2030

Olivia is a few months along now with Baby #2. Ramona is looking forward to meeting her new little brother or sister but until November, she'll have to be content with talking to her mother's rapidly expanding belly instead!

Just down the street, Marcus Lane is now 1. Now Asha and Luc will have two toddlers to watch out for!


For comparison purposes:
Luc as a toddler...
...and Asha as a toddler.

  • I spent an embarrassing amount of time on that first pic and it's still not exactly as I imagined! I would have liked to have got more of Ramona in the frame, but underneath where it cuts off, it's just a mass of legs bleeding into each other. :\ I think I'm going to experiment with that a bit more though. The picture is cute but I think it could be cuter. ;)
  • So Marcus was a bit of a surprise for me! He looks way more like Asha than I ever thought he would. He might even be all Asha, apart from his skin tone.


  1. Aww, he really is Asha all over!

  2. Cute belly picture! I really like that. Ive always hated tots can't interact with bellies.

    As for Marcus. Idk. I think he might have his dads nose and maybe eye shape. He's a cutie though. I definetly thought he looked like a Lane.

  3. Rachel, Marcus definitely has a lot of Royce in him! Surprising, because the Lane genes tend to be quite strong.

    Maisie, toddlers can't do much of anything, can they? LOL. It would be nice if EA had given us some more options for toddlers, because they're pretty adorable.

    I think you might be right about Marcus. I don't know about the eye shape but I think that might be Luc's nose. I was sort of thrown off, because he has Asha's mouth, which I guess makes it look like he has a larger gap between his nose and upper lip. He still looks mostly Royce to me, though there's a definite Lane influence in there too!

  4. Thar first pic is definitely very cute! But I'm the same - always spending terribly long time on a single picture! It's a bad habit, perfectionism, lol!

    I agree with Maisie, Marcus is pretty much a mixture. However, I think he resembles Asha's a little more than he does Luke.

  5. that is a gorgeous first pic! It is really hard to get that kind of shot exactly the way you want it.

    There is a toddler pose box available btw...

  6. Shake, oh, I think most of us are a bit like that! It's usually worth it though. It's a pity I'm not perfectionist about anything else though!

    That's what I think - Marcus is a little more Royce than he is Lane.

    S.B., thank you! I just want to play around a bit with the pregnant person part and then it might be perfect!

    I think I might have that toddler pose box, if we're thinking of the same one! Hmmm...I wonder if there's a belly pose in that.

  7. I absolutely LOVE that first picture!! It looks so sweet, Ramona rubbing Olivia's belly!

    Marcus does look a lot like his mother!

  8. Aww, Olivia and Ramona both look so sweet in that pic. You think of such creative ways to overlay those poses, even if there's a mass of legs just below the crop.

    And aww, Marcus is cute. What a great mixture he is of the 2. I defintely see a lot of Royce in him. I agree with you on the eyes. Luc's are just a little bit larger and Asha's are turned down a little more. It's cool that he looks like mom and Ruby looks like dad. :)

  9. Tanja, thank you, I'm mostly pretty happy with it!

    He really does, doesn't he?

    Danielle, thank you! I'm very excited to get that shot exactly as I'm picturing it in my head though, so I'll keep playing around with it.

    I'm not really sure about the eye shape, actually. I think I'll have to see Marcus when he's older to know for sure. I did age him to adult briefly but just to check what he'd look like - I didn't do any comparisons. He aged into such a horrendous outfit that I could hardly stand to look at him, lol!

  10. Ooh, Marcus is cute! With his hair, eyes and skin color, wow- everything perfectly compliments the other.

  11. Lunar, I've never been entirely sure what a male Asha would look like but I think I might have my answer with Marcus! He's very cute but definitely mostly his mother's son!

  12. Aww, the first picture is so cute! I don't know how it could be any cuter.

    Marcus definitely looks more like Asha although I agree with Maisie that he might have Luc's nose. He's a real cutie anyway :)

  13. Sari, oh, it's mostly angles and framing that I want to improve! The picture is cute but as I said, I would have liked to have more of Ramona in frame.

    Thanks! I think Marcus is fairly like Luc in personality but he really does look a lot like Asha.