Thursday, 23 December 2010

You say it's your birthday, November 2030

The long-awaited baby #3 for Finn and Victoria is on the way!

Victoria isn't due until April but she's already looking just as big as her twin sister Claudia, who's due in February.

Jacob and Claudia's first child is a welcome surprise and they're finding themselves growing more and more excited by the day.

Amber Dawn and Elmer Miguel have moved into their brand new house, ready for the birth of their first child. All they need to do now is prepare the nursery in time for the impending arrival!

Meanwhile, Steve and Olivia's baby is on its way right now!

Steve is a little nervous but is glad Olivia abandoned her idea of a home birth. His nerves definitely couldn't take that! Steve is much more comfortable in a hospital, so if anything goes wrong, they'll be in the best place to take care of it.

Dr. Clarke is not at all concerned about Olivia or the baby. Olivia's labour is going very smoothly.

A few hours later, Steve and Olivia welcome their new baby, Jacinta Penelope!

Ramona is very keen to meet her new little sister, so grandma Caterina dutifully brings her down to the hospital so the two girls can start getting acquainted.

  • It made me laugh that Jacob has rolled the want for a baby now that Claudia's already pregnant. I just thought, "well, I'm glad you want a baby, because you're kind of getting one anyway!"
  • I have Amber and Elmer living in one of Maisie's brownstones. I have about six of them all lined up a couple of streets away from my own brownstones.
  • It's very hard to keep Olivia in any sort of worried/fearful/panicky facial expression - she just defaults back to smiling. That kind of fits with how I see her in my head, so I went ahead and added "laid back" to her traits.
  • Yay, welcome Jacinta! I'm excited that she's genetically different to Ramona. Jacinta has black hair and grey eyes like Olivia (Ramona has Steve's light blue eyes) and her skin tone is a little lighter than her big sister's. I'm very curious to see how she'll look when she's older. I'm hoping she looks a little bit more like Olivia than Ramona does.
  • And finally, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! I'm out of here for a little while! I'm not travelling, so you may still see me around the place but I won't get to play again for real until maybe Boxing Day. So no more proper updates until about the 27th.


  1. Bummer on no more updates! Just when I get Christmas break you are off. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas yourself though!

    And yay, I was right, it's a girl! I'm looking forward to her aging up since she's so different than Ramona in the basics. Looking forward to the rest of the upcoming babies!

    It's fitting that Victoria would carry larger than Claudia, her stomach muscles more stretched out. Though the game doesn't really care about that.

  2. Aww, a little girl. Such a cute name and I agree, Olivia is definately a laid back sim. I could see her having one of those orgasmic births that you hear about because she is so relaxed about everything.

  3. Maisie, thanks! There'll be no family updates but I will throw up my ROS for next round sometime over the break. The next proper update will probably be the day after Christmas for most of you, due to time zone differences. So not too long.

    I was actually thinking girl as well! I just can't see them having a son, for some reason. Steve and Olivia just seem like parents of girls.

    I thought the same thing about Victoria and Claudia - Victoria's abs wouldn't be quite as steel-like after two kids!

    Apple Valley, Jacinta is a favourite name of mine. :)

    Goodness, I've read about those orgasmic births! I've never met anyone who has claimed to have had one, though I imagine you'd have to be a pretty chill woman in general to manage it!

  4. Yay another little girl! I like the name Jacinta, too. I don't see it much around here. Very pretty. I'm very interested to see what she looks like. I'm glad you got a little variety :).

    And wow, orgasmic births huh. I just read a little bit about it since I've never heard of it and wow is all I can say lol. If anyone I know had an orgasmic birth, they sure haven't talked about it. I can definitely see Olivia being the type to have one, though.

    Have a great Christmas!

  5. Wow that's a lot of babies! I can't wait to see them all. Olivia and Steve have such a cute family.

  6. Danielle, Jacinta isn't too common here either. My sister had a friend by that name in primary school and she's the only one I've ever known. It seems to go well with Ramona though, being as they're both Spanish names that we probably butcher in English (I personally prefer them in English though)!

    Sarah, I know, right? I'm actually pretty glad that everyone in the next two families I'm playing is too old to get pregnant or allowed to use BC! I'm very excited for all these babies but my population is really getting up there!

  7. Welcome Jacinta! So many babies are on the way--we're going to be meeting a lot of new citizens of Sullivan!

    Merry Christmas to you, too!

  8. Rachel, the population in Sullivan will be reaching crazy proportions (arguably, it already has!) but I can't say I'm not anxious to meet all these new babies!


  9. I love meeting the new babies! It's great when they don't share all the same genetic traits. Laughing about Olivia being laid back and the whole idea of an 'orgasmic birth' (yeah right).

    Your neighborhood is going to be bursting at the seams!

    and Merry Christmas!

  10. S.B., me too! I love genetic variety within the one family, especially when they still resemble each other. My sister and I aren't identical but no one would argue that we're sisters. I like seeing that in the game.

    Heh, I can't say I'm particularly convinced about these orgasmic births myself! But I'm very highly strung and I just can't imagine being that relaxed, lol.

    Thank you. :D

  11. How exciting for Victoria and Claudia to be pregnant at the same time. Sure, they're in completely different situations but still :)

    Welcome to the world, Jacinta. I love that name too! I'm glad she has different coloring than Ramona, hopefully she'll look more like her mother so you'll have both genes represented :)

  12. Sari, one with her first and one with her third, I know! When Claudia has her baby, there will still be a couple of months for Victoria to offer a bunch of advice, before she gets really busy with her own newborn!

    Fingers crossed Jacinta picks up some of Olivia's features; I really don't have any other Sim who looks like her!

  13. It will be nice to see the differences between Ramona and Jacinta when they grow up, seeing they are genetically different!
    I love that last picture with Ramona and Jacinta on the bed witht their morther!

    Do you use a specifific posebox for the labor-pictures? I have been wondering that for some time now since you use the hospital as a communitylot, and it got me thinking about changing mine, so I can send more sims over...

    I love the fact that Claudia and Victoria are pregnant at the same time! It must be really exciting for them too, as well as their families!
    And I'm, of course excited to meet these new babies!! :)

  14. Tanja, it will be but we have to wait so long! November next year! Oh well...there are lots of other babies to be born in the meantime to tide us all over. ;)

    I actually use one of Aikea Guinea's animation paintings for the labour pics. It's this one:

    It's actually the animation for "Nightmare", which you normally only see when Sims go to bed with a really bad mood. It's handy, because it's already at bed height. I set their facial expressions first (the animations aren't overlays, so you need to do that before you choose an animation), wait for them to do the tossing and turning part of the animation and then freeze them once they sit up. LOL...probably more than you wanted to know!

    It's a very exciting time for the Kirby/Romilly/Weaver families at the moment. Two new babies coming, fairly close together!

  15. Happy birthday guys! And Carla, I just wanted to point out, I wouldn't be setting in bed like that after popping out a kid. ROFL You're too sore to move like that, plus it might get a bit messy. ;)

  16. Riverdale, LOL, you're probably right! I remember visiting my friend in hospital after she had her baby and she could barely walk, the poor thing. Ah's a cute pic anyway. ;)