Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Round 29: August 2030 (Winter)
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Jace Novak is 73 and Magdalena is 66.
(Lia is 33, Maia is 28, Ethan is 24, Annabel and Georgina are both 6 and Gabriel is 3)

Narrated by Jace Novak

Magdalena came down with some sort of virus recently and she was just so unwell.

She was living on cups of tea I brought her in bed, because she could hardly keep anything else down.

I did as much as I could for her at home but I started to think she really needed medical attention. It took a while, but I managed to convince her to go to the hospital.

I can't blame her for being reluctant. Neither of us have entered the hospital since Tessa died. It's not a place either of us are keen to spend any time in.

I didn't mean to worry the girls but I didn't want to not tell them their mother was in hospital. I should have known that Lia would panic though. I think she was on her way before I even hung up the phone.

Once Lia calmed down and saw Magdalena wasn't dying, we had a very nice visit together. A positive experience in a hospital for once!

We always love seeing our children, as well as our grandkids. They're such a joy to us.

A few days later, the doctors told us Magdalena could go home. I couldn't wait to get her in the car.

Magdalena was pleased to hear the news as well.

Once we got home, we decided to have everyone over. Although we do that all the time, so it's not like we needed an excuse.

I spent a good bit of time talking to Georgina about painting. I was telling her all about my latest piece and how I chose it and she was hanging on every word.

That little one is going to be an artist like her grandpa, I can tell!

Annabel reminds me a little of Tessa. Always talking, to anyone who'll listen. Our family are on the quieter side, so loud people tend to stand out!

Annabel is very outdoorsy like Tessa too. She wasn't happy at all when Lia told her it was too cold to go and play outside.

She had to content herself with playing inside, with Gabriel and Georgina.

Lia is very concerned about Annabel's grades. She hasn't been able to get anything above a D and Lia is wondering if she ever will.

Annabel is only 6 years old, so it's probably a bit early to start fretting about grades. But Lia is a natural worrier, so I'm not surprised it's already playing on her mind.

But I can commiserate with her as a parent. Magdalena and I had those same worries about Maia just about all the way through school.

She never did finish college, though she came close but Maia is doing quite well for herself now. She plans children's birthday parties for a living, which she enjoys.

Magdalena has been pushing her a bit to maybe work a bit harder at her job and be promoted. But she's happy where she is and she's earning a decent wage, so I don't think that's a big deal.

Maia has also been with Ethan now for two years and it's going well between them.

I was a bit dubious about Ethan at first because he's four years younger than Maia and was still in college when they started dating.

I probably scared him a little, to be honest.

But I actually like Ethan a lot. I can tell he cares about Maia and I know he makes her happy, and that's all I want for Maia.

Well, okay. That, and to see Maia get married and settle down.

Maia is used to me and Magdalena asking that question all the time but we do really wonder.

She and Ethan are talking about getting a place of their own soon, which seems like a positive step.

I guess moving in together is a kind of settling down.

I'm still hoping that their next step will be marriage!

  • Title is from Invisible by Modest Mouse.
  • Magdalena got sick with the flu but I made sure she was all better before going to the hospital. Which seems odd, but I didn't want her infecting everybody else in town!
  • But the hospital scenes took forever and then I went to write and there were like six shots missing. I didn't have my heart set on them or anything, or else I would have redone them. But I was still a little annoyed.
  • I didn't notice the similarities between Tessa and Annabel until this round but they're definitely there. Annabel is also a huge slob like Tessa was but Jace wouldn't notice that, being a huge slob himself. ;) I think it's quite sweet that she has these similarities to her aunt who she never really knew that well.
  • Magdalena and Jace both have the want to see a relative get married. Maia is their only relative who is both single and actually of age to get married. So it doesn't take a genius to figure out who they want to get married!
  • Speaking of Maia, she does seem quite fond of Ethan (and he of her), which is cute. I don't know if they'll be moved in together by the next time you see them but sometime next round almost definitely. Maia might be wearing out her welcome with Calvin and Aaron by now, so she'll need somewhere to live anyway. ;)


  1. You were trying to scare us with Magdalena being sick at the beginning. But I knew you wouldn't do 2 deaths so close together like that. I liked the little Gabriel cameo, though. He's so precious! All of Lia's kids are.

    I liked the pic of Maia reacting to her parents asking when she's going to get married. Her eyes are glazed over and Magdalena looks so sweet. I'm happy that she and Ethan are moving in together soon. Maybe we'll have some accidental Maia and Ethan babies soon too (I see they're both sloppy)! She might be wearing out her welcome but she's probably feeling like a third wheel around them, too. I know I'd feel like I'm "in the way" if I were living with a couple.

  2. I was so afraid one of them was going to die. I get so nervous with elders as heads of households.

    It's nice to know that Tessa lives on in Annabel.

    I'm surprised Cal and A-ron hasn't kicked her out already!

  3. This is such a cute family, I love them. Glad that Magdalena didn't die. When sims get the flu I get so nervous. Seems mine drop dead almost every time. LOL

    It would be nice to see Mia settle down, but I wouldn't want to force anything on her.

  4. It's been a long time since I had anyone with the flu but I do remember being shocked when they actually died. Relieved when Magdalena survived it!

    Maia seems like she's found her own pace, and she'll 'settle down' when it feels right for her. Such a lovely family!

  5. I was a little bit scared in the beginning that you were going to have another death, but I'm glad Magdalena is doing well.

    It's always nice when you see bits of a lovec one living on in someone else. I'm glad Anabel is like Tessa.

    I'm hoping with Magdalena and Jace here, that Maia and Ethan are going to get married, I'm sure she would make a beautifull bride, but they should do it when they are ready.

  6. Thanks for your comments, everyone. :)

    Danielle, LOL, no, actually, I really wasn't! I knew there was the possibility but it wasn't my goal. I just thought maybe my hospital could be used for healing people for a change! No one ever seems to leave alive!

    Magdalena has been at Maia to find a boyfriend ever since she broke up with Nick, so now that she's with Ethan, she and Jace are both swooping in. I imagine they think she's close to turning into an old maid - unmarried at the ripe old age of 28, lol! Jace wants six grandkids too, so he wants Maia to hold up her end of the bargain, now that Lia has dutifully pumped out three.

    And yes, you don't miss anything, do you? I'm amazed Maia hasn't got pregnant yet! I had a scare with her in college when I got the "pregnant by risky woohoo" pop-up, which was mercifully not followed by an actual pregnancy! Things would have been so different then! I can't see that Nick would have broken up with her if they had a baby together, so there would have been no Maia and Ethan and no Nick and Sarah! Crazy!

    LaurelCrossing, ha, I keep forgetting you guys don't have access to my death list! Previously, all my Sims have lived to a maximum of 79 but from now on, you'll start seeing a lot of Sims live into their 80s and 90s. So a Sim Jace's age isn't necessarily on death row just yet!

    Aaron is too soft-hearted to kick Maia out. Calvin probably would but he'd prefer the roommate thing to just dissipate naturally as well. They can both see that she's getting serious with Ethan, so they probably sense that it's coming to an end anyway.

    Riverdale, I love them too. I never thought I'd enjoy playing empty nesters but I actually am! Jace and Magdalena are my favourites though.

    It feels like mine always die of the flu as well! But Jace and Magdalena can both make that soup, so she had a good chance of recovery. Though poor Samson ate multiple bowls of that soup and still died, so I guess it's not a sure thing.

    Jace doesn't want to force anything on Maia either but he'd really like it if she got married of her own accord anyway!

    S.B, oh yes, without a hack, I'd be stunned if someone actually died from the flu! I never had it happen! But I use realistic sickness (link in my hack post, if anyone is interested), which means you actually have to take care of the sick Sim or they will die! I've lost three relatively young Sims to that flu - Ottilie (early 50s), Samson (early 30s) and Alexandra (teen).

    Maia is slightly immature and took a while to find her stride but I think she's quite content now. She'll get there but maybe not as soon as her parents would like her to!

    Thank you.

    Tanja, no, we've got Magdalena with us for at least another round. :)

    Annabel isn't quite as sweet as Tessa was (I'm too lazy to check but she was very high in nice points) but she's very much like her in other ways. It's interesting to watch.

    You know I love a wedding, lol! But I want at least one of them to roll the want first, so I know it's something they really want to do.

  7. It's crazy to think of Maia married someday! We need to see more of her with Ethan, I feel like we haven't got to see much of their dating life. It was nice seeing them in this update, and getting Jace's opinion of him.

    I'm SO relieved that Magdalena didn't die! When you had her head off to the hospital, I was a wee bit concerned. It was great seeing Lia and all the kids, and I really like that you see a correlation with Tessa.

  8. Maisie, oh, you will definitely see more of Maia and Ethan! I think they might both do the roommate thing for one more round but they'll be talking about taking that next step.

    Ethan's been quite lucky with Jace because Jace seemed to like him straight off the bat - even Nick didn't get that!

    I will be so sad to kill off Jace/Magdalena, when the time comes for them. I'm always extra distraught about leaving my Sims a widowed if they've already suffered a big loss in their lives and the Novaks definitely have.

    I think Annabel's similarities with Tessa might be a nice bonding point for her and Lia. Of the two girls, Annabel is most likely to end up clashing with Lia because they are so very, very different. But this might be little bridge for them.

  9. Oh, thank goodness Magdalena recovered! How terrible!

    Maia is so different from Lia. I've always loved them as sisters for that reason. Maia just sort of has her head in the clouds and isn't really focused, and Lia is a bit high strung and stuffy. :)

    I'm very interested to see how far Maia and Ethan's relationship goes! Moving in together is definitely a positive step!

  10. Rachel, it would be nice if Magdalena and Jace had many years together before one of them dies. Of course, I already know whether or not that will happen. ;)

    Oh, yes, there's not a lot of similarity between Lia and Maia. If they weren't both relatively nice, they'd probably butt heads a lot more often than they do. Lia's always had a fairly clear idea where her life was headed (or where she wanted it to go anyway) and Maia just never has. She takes things as they come and figures it all out along the way.

    That includes her relationship with Ethan - we'll see how that goes in the future. :)

  11. I was worried that Magdalena's illness was fatal. I'm glad she's ok now. This family has had enough grief for a long time.

    I think it's sweet that Annabel has so many similarities with Tessa.

  12. Sari, yes, this family have had their share of tragedy. I was glad I was able to get Magdalena well again, because the soup hasn't always worked for me. Samson had a few bowls of soup and we all know how that ended!

    I'm looking forward to seeing how many similarities Annabel shares with Tessa as she gets older. Her kind of personality could lead to her being somewhat of a black sheep, because this whole family is so reserved but Tessa did alright, so you never know.

  13. Oh man, I'm telling you, every time I see one of your Sims in a hospital, I panic, lol! So glad Magdalena's okay!!!

    I'm proud of Maia for taking her time. I felt the same way about my Amelia all this time (until recently, of course), I was like, how have you not knocked yourself up already!?! lol! Maybe I jinxed her? And maybe we just jinxed Maia too! ;)

  14. Laura, the hospital needs to improve its mortality rate! Usually people go in and don't come out, so I'm trying to use it for other things too, lol.

    I really like that Maia's not rushing into this either, even with Jace and Magdalena on her back (and they understand why she's taking it slow, I'll add - but they just really want to see her get married!) It's not easy, seeing all of her friends and classmates are marrying off. LOL, I bet you have just jinxed Maia. But I think I'd already jinxed her anyway. If she's not pregnant by the end of Round 30, I'll be stunned!

  15. LOL! I had the same reaction as Laura. I was worried, so I'm glad that she's okay. Poor Lia's face though! That was a great picture-- her running into the room with a baby on her hip. She really did look worried.

  16. Lunar, I figured most of you would be worried, though it wasn't my intention!

    I think I've said before that I base a lot of Lia on my mum. When imagining her reaction to things, I usually just have to think what my mum would do. And that's totally what my mum would do, lol. I'm glad she did look worried can be hard to use the facial expressions to get "worried". It's easier to get "cartoonishly terrified", so you have to overlay. ;)