Friday, 3 December 2010

The Kirby-Weaver wedding

Round 29: May 2030 (Autumn)
Jacob Weaver and Claudia Kirby are both 29.

When I woke up on the morning of our wedding, I could have sworn I heard rain.

Yes, it was definitely raining. Just what we needed.

I was trying to stay calm about it but Mum didn't help when she spent all of breakfast talking about how heavy the rain was and how we'd all get drenched if it kept up. It really put my mind at ease.

Thankfully, she didn't jinx us. The next time Dad and I went to check, the sky had cleared up and it looked like it was going to be a really beautiful day.

Even the grass was only damp, rather than muddy. I was just praying it would stay that way!

By the time the ceremony was about to start, it really seemed like it was going to stay fine.

It was all pretty close to perfect, really.

We didn't have the apple trees ready for harvest, like at Victoria and Finn's wedding. But we did have some beautiful autumn foliage as a backdrop.

I couldn't have planned a better setting for us.

I remember pushing for a commitment from Jacob while we were still in college which seems insane now! I wasn't ready then but I'm definitely ready now.

I was so happy both Victoria and Rebecca could serve as my bridesmaids.

I considered Josie and Patience when Jacob first proposed but ended up settling on my sisters instead.

It seemed more important to have family anyway. And what with Patience being Jacob's ex and all, it felt a little weird.

I mean, I wouldn't have wanted Amar in the bridal party, even though that was all 10 years ago now and I have to admit that he's slightly less of a jerk these days.

But Jacob went with Finn and his nephew Dominic instead, which I was more than capable of dealing with!

I really did get lucky with my in-laws. Arianna is just so warm and friendly, and has been since the second Jacob brought me home to meet her.

And Liam is great too. I think I might get along with him even better than Jacob does.

I guess Jacob kind of drew the short straw with in-laws, though Dad is generally pretty laid-back. Mum really likes Jacob but she can be draining even when you're in her good books.

Jacob's just lucky he got off to a better start with Mum than Finn did. She's much better now.

Mum was very well-behaved for most of the day. Dad tries to keep her in check.

Dad insisted on a toast, which was embarrassing and sweet at the same time. Everyone seemed to like it, so I guess we'll go with mostly sweet.

Caitlin is 7, so she's too young for champagne, but she was very excited about the toast nonetheless.

Everyone could have cake, at least.

Our cake was beautiful and delicious.

I think Declan's slice was bigger than his head.

We had three kids under 12 at our wedding, Declan and Caitlin and Jacob's nephew Brendan.

I was a bit worried they'd be bored but they seemed to have a great time together. Caitlin is in the same class at school as Brendan, so they played together.

Declan was glued to the chess set. I even saw him trying to teach Brendan to play. If only all our guests could mingle so well!

Rebecca had some kind of falling out with Dominic. It would have had to have been about something stupid, because Rebecca's just like that. She's got a big mouth and a short fuse.

And then there's Mum, who was incapable of reining herself in for the whole day. Rebecca brought her boyfriend Lucian to the wedding. It was the first time she'd introduced him to our parents.
Mum was in fine form, which Rebecca seemed to find more amusing than anything.

I know Lucian keeps mentioning marriage to Rebecca, which she's not ready for. Maybe Rebecca thought Mum would scare him off the idea!

But then, I don't know what to think of Lucian myself. I talked to him for a while and it was like he wasn't listening to a word I was saying.

By the time we got to our first dance, I was definitely prepared for this wedding to be over!

I just wanted to leave the drama that comes with any huge family event behind and get on the plane for our long-awaited honeymoon!

We'd booked a flight to Cape Elizabeth and neither of us could wait to get there!

Cape Elizabeth was gorgeous. We did a little sightseeing but our honeymoon would have been amazing even without that.

I just loved having so much uninterrupted time with just Jacob.

It was so wonderful and I think I was more relaxed than I'd ever been in my entire life.

I was still really tired by the time we had to head back home though.

Back in Sullivan, we discovered why; I'm pregnant! Jacob and I are both so excited! We haven't told anyone yet and probably won't until I'm a little further along. We're both very keen to start a family, though I have to admit, this is a little earlier than we were planning on.


I should have more autumn weddings. The colours in the background are so pretty.

I'm not even going to tell you how long this one took me. It wasn't even the posing - it was just the zooming in and out and switching angles, trying to find the very best frame. This was my favourite.

My siblings with the biggest age gap (equal with Ione and Elspeth); Jacob and his 18-years-older sister Tatiana.

Claudia with her sisters Victoria and Rebecca, who have a much more sensible gap between their ages.

Claudia, Jacob and his parents, Arianna and Liam. Should have zoomed in on this one a bit more!

and with Claudia's parents, Trent and Megan.

The bridal party.

  • Jacob has taken Claudia's name, which I kind of agonised over. It means the Weaver name is now dead but it's more important to me to keep the Kirby name going, seeing it's one of my original names.
  • This wedding just went so smoothly! I'm definitely not used to being able to say that! I actually found it much easier to run the wedding, without having everyone selectable. I just made the guests selectable when I needed to direct them and otherwise just let them do their own thing. I didn't lag, I didn't crash - it was a joy!
  • And man...I don't know why I ever switched back to doing weddings commentary-style, because this was so much easier and (in my opinion) better. I've sort of forgotten how to do commentary-style, because I really need to rack my brain to write that way for my wedding posts!
  • So I now have three pregnant women in Sullivan - Claudia, Olivia and Amber, one of my playable NPCs. Olivia is due in November and Claudia and Amber are both due in February.


  1. This wedding was gorgeous and i've got to say that Claudia's hair looks so pretty like that!
    All the posed pics look great and the honeymoon looks so nice. i wish i was there..
    I'm so excited fot then new baby. Gosh 3 new babies,thats so exciting! I'm looking forward to them xxx
    Shame about the Weaver name but the Kirby name has been around longer so it makes sense.
    Its great it didn't crash i hate it when that happens. Its been happening a lot to me with one particular house so i may move them soon.
    I love this style of writing. Its nice to see it from teh brides point of view, you get to know what they're thinking

  2. I'm glad it didn't rain during the wedding, because it looks so good outside!!
    The wedding looks amazing! Everybody looks stunning.
    I wonder if Megan was succesfull in scaring Lucian off the wedding-idea.

    I'm soo happy they are going to have baby! I have been wondering about that ever since they graduated, and I know that's soon, but Victoria's children are so adorable, that I can't stop wondering how Claudia and Rebecca's are going to look :)

    I'm glad you kind of found a way around the crashing, I have very few crashed and already hate it, I don't think I would have the patience to start a wedding all over because of it!

  3. Gorgeous wedding! I'm glad it went so well. Lol on the slice of cake being as large as his head!

    I'm not sure I like that Lucian. I hope she finds someone better. I always like seeing Amar, I hope he settles down with a playable.

    The autumn colors really are gorgeous and yay for a baby! Must be something in the community. I have three expecting too. But babies are fun and you haven't had a huge growth spurt in ages it seems!

  4. Wonderful shots, gorgeous wedding, what a great job! You must have amazing patience, I had nothing but problems with mine! *crash* LOL!
    Love that you put up links to some of the sims!
    And a baby already, whoa! Love the outtake shots as well. The last one is perfect, wedding album ready, great job!

  5. Wow, the baby(ies) came pretty quick-yikes!

    The wedding was lovely, I'm glad it stopped raining. If it kept raining in game, what would you have done?

  6. What a beautiful wedding! And, yay! Another baby. But I kinda figured she was going to get knocked up pretty fast. LOL

    I might have to take a page from your book and play my school without all the kids selected. Maybe that's why I'm crashing. I have four rows of kids in the school and three teachers.

  7. Aww beautiful wedding! What else is new? :) Love the pics of Caitlin and Declan and of course Brendan. Declan looks like he can't wait to devour that huge piece of cake. I would too! LOL Rebecca might have had the right idea to scare Lucian off. Introduce him to Megan. I wonder if he'll stick around after that experience lol.

    And yay, a baby(ies)!! So excited for these 2. I love the posed pics of the wedding. The autumn colors are pretty and I really love the one of them walking arm in arm.

    That's a shame that the Weaver name is now dead. I'm going to have that problem down the line with a lot of my families. The Hu's (3 girls), Thomases (2 girls) and Davina Meadows. I'm not too attached to Meadows or Thomas, though, but I'll definitely let one of the Hu girls keep their last name. It's tough when you have all girls.

    I'm so glad you found a way around the crashing. Hopefully having all those sims selectable was the cause for the lagging and crashing since you seem to have found the solution.

  8. Thanks for all the comments, everybody. :D

    mail, I downloaded that hair especially for Claudia, because I thought it might suit her. Her face shape is hard to find a good hairstyle for.

    I don't want to say too much but I'm going to guess that there are probably a couple more babies yet to be conceived this round. We might have a real baby boom on our hands!

    Glad you liked the "new" style. It's a lot more enjoyable for me to write this way.

    Tanja, well, Megan would have scared me off! Not sure what Lucian's reaction was yet though.

    LOL, you've been waiting a long time then! I'm curious to see what this baby will look like too. I don't know how much they'll look like Declan and Caitlin, because I don't think Victoria and Claudia look that much alike. But we'll all see soon.

    Oh, thank goodness but I don't ever have to redo the entire wedding when I crash! I just get them married again quickly and then do the bits I didn't get a chance to do pre-crash. It's just a pain to reload, really, because my game takes so long.

    Maisie, so much Sim food seems so out of proportion but the cake is really something else!

    Yeah, I really wasn't impressed with Lucian's behaviour at the wedding! But I'd like to see Amar with one of my playables too. :)

    I just checked and my last big baby boom was when Declan was born - I had 5 babies born that year, although the other pregnancies were twins. I'm excited to meet these new little ones!

    Drew, thank you! Weddings are one of my favourite things to do in game, so I persist, even though they drive me insane sometimes. This was a nice change!

    The posed pictures at the end will eventually be framed and be hung up in my Sims' homes. I love doing that.

    Apple Valley, LOL, you're always trying to jinx me with twins!

    If it kept raining, I would have turned it off with the Weather Controller! LOL, I'm not above cheating!

    Riverdale, yeah, she and Jacob have both been wanting a baby on and off for a while now. I thought I had the want locked, but I guess not, because neither of them have the want at the moment. They were on BC but ACR BC doesn't work in the sauna. ;)

    I'm actually going to try doing my school the same way this round! I just wonder if the kids will all stay on the lot without being selectable. :\ Oh, well, won't know until I try! Fingers crossed for the both of us!

    Danielle, LOL, yeah, I imagine Megan would scare a lot of guys off. Who knows about Lucian though? The boy is so eager!

    Thank you, that's my favourite one too! I wasted time on it but for a good reason, lol.

    Yeah, that's the trouble with all-girl families! Royce is mostly gone too, though it lives on in Royce-Nihill. I normally like to do the traditional thing and have the girl take the guy's name (mainly because the guy takes the girl's so rarely in real life) but I'm quite set on keeping all of my founder surnames going!

    I think the lack of crashing could have had something to do with me finally defragging this computer as well! I've had it for two years in January and had never defragged it! When I'm playing now, I notice that my hoods are loading faster. The whole game is probably loading faster but it takes so long that it would be hard to notice a difference of only 5 minutes or so!

  9. Yay! What a gorgeous wedding. I love the gowns that Rebecca and Victoria are wearing--the color is divine.

    Oh wow, Lucian really didn't do a great job with this meeting, did he? Megan isn't easy to please even in the best of circumstances, so if he really wants to be a part of the family he needs to try harder! (I'm not the biggest fan of Lucian, can you tell?)

    A baby on the way! Those honeymoon babies are like an epidemic, LOL. But I know they wanted to start a family soon.

  10. This turned out great, I'm going to try not selecting everyone and see what happens in my next big event, too.

    I wondered, too, what you would do if it had rained. I remember before having the weather controller, it rained on someone's outdoor wedding morning... I moved all the furniture in the little living room and put the arch and chairs in there... and before they came to actually marry, it stopped! I now imagine the couple telling their kids about how they rushed to move all the furniture then it stopped raining :)

  11. The wedding shots are really beautifully, perfectly framed, just enough background detail to give them some pop without distracting from the people in the foreground.

    I like the way you went through the wedding guests, catching everybody up, putting relationships into context.

    I'm not very familiar with legacies, so I don't know what commentary style is. Your writing is wonderful though!

  12. Rachel, thanks! The bridesmaid dresses were another one of my last minute switches but I'm glad I changed them.

    LOL, I'm not Lucian's biggest fan either, at least now! Megan will have plenty to say to Rebecca next time she sees her, I'm sure!

    LOL, I think we'll probably have an epidemic on our hands once Nick and Sarah get married! They've both been desperate for a baby since before they even got together!

    Blackcat, thanks! You'll have to let me know how not having everyone selectable works out for you. It seems to make sense, that it would be easier on the computer.

    That's a cute story to tell the kids! If it had have rained at Josie's wedding, I would have done the same thing. But her parents' house is much bigger than this and they have a huge garage where the furniture could have been stored. I don't know why I would feel the need to get realistic about where Sims store their extra furniture but there you go!

    S.B., thank you! Wedding photos are my favourites to do. I like looking at wedding pictures in real life but am not keen on actually attending, so it's like the best of both worlds to me!

    I'm glad it didn't seem like I missed anybody! There were a lot of guests who didn't rate a mention and some who probably didn't even appear in the background but all the important ones got a look-in at least.

    Honestly, I'm not even sure if what I call commentary-style is the same as the legacy definition anyway! I don't really read them either. But thank you, that means a lot. :)

  13. I knew it would end with her pregnant after that honeymoon, lol.

    Aww! This was very lovely. I love all the everyday story strains that come together at the weddings. Megan is always amusing. And Lucius-- nice way to make an impression dude, lol.

    All the last pictures were gorgeous. A fall wedding really is the way to go.

  14. Gorgeous wedding! I love that photo of Jacob and Claudia together among the trees.

    And I am so excited about a Claudia/Jacob baby!! :)

  15. Lunar, lol, the baby want had rolled away for both of them, so I wasn't actually planning on a baby! But somehow, the game decided you'd all be right anyway!

    Lucian had obviously never met Megan before, if he thought he could get away with acting like that! Finn was unfailingly polite and friendly and she still didn't like him for years, lol.

    I'm going to have to do more autumnal weddings, I think! I don't think I've done many.

    Shana, aw, thanks! I'm pretty excited myself! I'm hoping for some attractive gene mixing, lol.

  16. What a beautiful wedding! Claudia looks really beautiful in that dress and Jacob looks handsome.

    What is Lucian's problem?! Does he honestly think he's going to impress his girlfriend's parents acting like that. But then again, Rebecca wasn't really behaving any better so maybe they're more of a match than I have thought, lol.

    Yay, a baby!

  17. Sari, thanks! I took so long to pick out stuff for Claudia! And then I just stuck Jacob in the same suit Steve wore at his wedding. LOL.

    True, Rebecca is no charmer herself! But yeah, Megan will have some things to say, I'm sure!

  18. Ages late, but awww, this was such a beautiful wedding! So many nice memories in that orchard, between all the generations! :) Claudia looked gorgeous (that hair! love it!), as did Jacob!

    And wow, a baby so fast!

    Okay, so I don't like Lucian, lol! I mean, besides being pretty and all, there's just something off. Hmmm, thinking about Rebecca and Dominic... do they have any chemistry? Angsty attraction maybe? Or would that be a no-go because of Tessa?

  19. Laura, thank you. :) Even when I'm not planning to let my couples have babies right away, they get them anyway, lol! I'm hoping to keep this orchard thing going, though I don't think Rebecca will go for it. She's a bit of a rebel. ;)

    Speaking of Rebecca, yes, she does have chemistry with Dominic. They're two bolts and a higher two bolts than she has with Lucian. But I don't think I'd do that to the poor guy, lol! He needs someone sweeter. He's also as keen to get married as Lucian is, so I'm not sure they'd be a good pair anyway.