Sunday, 5 December 2010

Feel the pain

Round 29: May 2030 (Autumn)
Araminta Romilly is 67, Henry is 65 and Elspeth is 16.
(Camilla and Lila are both 17, Josh is 16 and Chris is 15)

Narrated by Elspeth Romilly

Both my parents are officially retired now, so they're around even more than they were before.

They watch Aurora and Bianca in the mornings, which I know they love. They'll be ecstatic if Ione or Finn ever have another kid.

After they drop them off at pre-school, they'll go and do something else together for the afternoon.

Just in time for me to get home from my after-school job. There's really no escaping them now.

My parents are very into family time and always have been, but as long as I have dinner at home on weeknights, they're not too strict about letting me go out with my friends.

I can even get around on my own now, because I have my own car! It's sort of a bomb but I've been saving up for a couple of years and it's mine and I love it!

I especially love not having to rely on my parents for rides! Chris's house is in the fancy part of town, and ours isn't, so now I can go over whenever I like.

We hang out at his place a lot, because his parents are less intent on being home every second of the day.

I have met his parents though. Mrs. Draper really loves me. I can be very charming when I want to be. I already knew her from school, of course, but it's different talking to her outside of that environment.

Chris's dad is cool too. Out of everyone at school, Chris is probably the only one with a Dad older than mine.

As for Chris, well, I like him. We have a lot in common and we never seem to argue when we talk. That's a rarity for me.

But I just feel like he maybe likes me more than I like him. I don't know. Maybe we just haven't been together long enough.

Since Grace and Everett were born, Camilla has hardly gone out at all, except to go to school. Lila and I are always trying to convince to come out with us.

She has her hands full though.

Watching Camilla with the twins has made me realise that I definitely do not want a baby for at least 10 years! It seems like it takes so long for them to be fun and until then, they're just wriggly, smelly and loud. Everett had the most epic screaming fit while I was there.

So Camilla left me to hold Grace while she went to change him. I wasn't too sure what I was supposed to do with her but thank God, she wasn't nearly as fussy as her brother that day.

I was still glad when Camilla came back and took her off my hands. We still couldn't convince her to come with us, but that's normally how it goes these days.

Lila and I went anyway and had fun for a while playing some pool.

Then Josh arrived and it was like I was the very definition of a third wheel.

I mean, is that sort of thing really necessary? While I'm standing right there? It's not that I'm jealous of Lila. I like Josh but not in a boyfriend kind of way.

It's just that I don't ever seem to be able to hang out with him any more without Lila tagging along. And he's my best friend. Or was.

It doesn't feel like we're best friends right now. We still get along really well but i just hasn't felt the same lately.

  • Title is from Feel the Pain by Dinosaur Jr.
  • Kendal really loves Elspeth. I think Kendal called the house for Elspeth at least three times while I was playing and I only played them for three days. I didn't think she'd be so fond of Elspeth but then again, her daughter-in-law is Josie and she loves her too.
  • Elspeth seems quite underwhelmed by Chris. I don't know if this one will ever be able to stick with a boyfriend for longer than 5 minutes. She rolls zero wants for him, even when he's right in front of her. It's like Connor all over again. She doesn't seem romantically interested in Josh either though, so I don't know what her problem is!
  • I've only popped into the Sitko house a couple of times since the twins were born but I will say that Camilla seems to be a pretty good mum so far. I've never seen a Sim change a nappy autonomously, but she'll snuggle them, play with them and feed them on her own. Julian and Adelaide are also quite fond of the babies.
  • I will probably play Elspeth again before I send her to college, as I'm having to rearrange a few families next round. But she's already got 5 scholarships, so she'll definitely be heading off to college in 2032.


  1. Hmm, that's strange. Maybe she's asexual...I have a friend whom I thought was asexual and still think so. I think it would be interesting to have a sim like that especially with ACR running wild.

  2. Elspeth just likes the chase and the first bloom of love--but once they give away the kiss, she's done. ;)

    I'm interested to see if this aspect of her changes with time!

    I'm glad that Camilla is a good can't be easy.

  3. You know, I think Elspeth is still young, and the boyfriend gig doesn't seem to really interest her right now. She would probably be better just doing the dating thing. It'd be easier if her friends weren't all gaga for their boyfriends though. It's easier to just be a casual dater when you have girlfriends to kick it with.

    I've always thought Elspeth was pretty, but the photo of her in the car really shows what a delicate face she has, she looks like she's actually sweet. Though looks can be deceiving.

    I really like the shot of her parents fishing, the foilage is amazing in the background, I saw it at N99.

    I'm glad that Camila is doing well with the babies, and I can totally see Elspeth not being interested in babies, especially with her losing interest in boys so quickly. On a side note, I'm happy to see that Lila and Josh seem to be doing well. I do hope that Josh and Elspeth can pair up someday down the road, but I think those two would do better if they waited until they were like.. Amar's age. ;)

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  5. I think Elspeth is going to act like a lot of kids once the move to college, she's going to go crazy. LOL But I can't wait to see how she developes.

    Cameila just want to be home with the babies. I think that's sweet. Cameron is like that, but she has two wants to go out with Suni and to sneek out with Suni. I think she wants a break. LOL

  6. Poor Elspeth, having her parents at home all the time, but you can't asked them to be out more to have the house to yourself.
    I like Elspeth and Chris together, but seeing Elspeth's wants he might not be the one for her ... Maybe it all changes when she gets older.

    Aw Camilla, she seems to be handling the parenting pretty well.

    Araminta and Henry seem to be enjoying their days together and with their grandchildren.

  7. Thanks for all your comments, everyone!

    Apple Valley, I actually have a friend who I suspect is asexual as well. She's now married but I still have the same suspicions. A good portion of the fun of this game for me is relationships and breeding, so asexuality is not something I'd find all that interesting in my own hood. I'll leave that for another blogger to tackle!

    But anyway, I think Elspeth is just not into Chris, or not into the serious dating thing right now. She was the one who pursued Connor and kept pushing once they were together. We'll see what she gets up to.

    Rachel, maybe you're right! LOL, Elspeth is only 16, so I guess this is the time for that sort of thing! I think she might change once she meets someone she thinks is actually worth it.

    Poor Camilla, she has a lot on her hands but she's doing okay so far.

    Maisie, yes, I think that would make a difference with Elspeth. All of her friends are pretty serious with their boyfriends and she's just not there yet.

    I think Elspeth actually looks very much like Ione but the blonde hair makes her features seem a bit more delicate. She's definitely very pretty but yes...not as sweet as she looks!

    What I'm hoping for Josh and Elspeth is they can get back to being friends like they were. Then we'll see how this thing with Lila goes, or if one of them starts to lose interest. Whether that happens at Amar's age or sooner (or later, I guess!), we'll see.

    Riverdale, oh God, don't wish that on me! The last kid I had go crazy at college ended up pregnant to a stranger! But then again, Elspeth is allowed birth control, so things might work out better for her even if she does go a little crazy!

    Aw, another similarity between Cameron and Camilla! Cameron deserves a break but maybe not a sneaking out break! I didn't think to pay attention to Camilla's wants but I'm pretty sure she didn't have any actual wants for the babies. She was autonomously good with them though, which is nice.

    Tanja, no, that would probably be a little suspicious! I don't think Henry and Araminta would be the types to leave Elspeth with the house to herself!

    Anything could change at any time with Elspeth. She's fun to play.

    Camilla's making the best out of a not-so-great situation. She knows her responsibilities and she's sticking to them.

  8. I'm always struck by how beautiful Elspeth is! She's really a pretty sim.

    Interesting that she isn't rolling wants for Chris. It almost feels like she likes the idea of having a boyfriend more than actually having one. Wait-- have I said that about her before? lol!

    I think she's a fun sim to read about. Maybe because she totally reminds me of my niece. My niece is 15 now, and she'll have a boyfriend at school for a week before she looses interest and moves on.

  9. So funny that Elspeth would be kind of resentful about Josh and Lila! Resentful is too strong, but the phrase 'Lila tagging along' isn't exactly flattering!

    Poor Camilla. Maybe she does want to stay home with the twins but she should probably get out once in a while. She's awfully young.

    Strange about Elspeth and the limited span of interest for the boys. If the hunt is her main thing, she's got some trouble.

  10. Ditto to pretty much everything that was already said. I like reading about Elspeth and she does have such a pretty face. I agree with Lunar Fox, she seems to like the idea of having a boyfriend (or thinks she SHOULD have one since all of her friends do) but gets bored easily. I agree that she should just date but not get involved with anyone seriously until she finds someone she's crazy about.

    I feel her pain being stuck in the house with parents that never leave LOL. My parents were always there all week and all weekend, occasionally going out on a Saturday or Sunday all day to visit relatives. But then I had to go with them.

    Aww, I'm glad Camilla is doing well with the babies, even though they're probably stressing her out. She probably thinks that if she goes out, she'll be a bad mother or something. But everyone needs a break. She's only 17... with twins! I think she deserves a night out.

  11. Lunar, she is, isn't she? And she's left two broken hearts in her wake, already!

    I don't know if you've ever said that about Elspeth but it makes a lot of sense. Especially seeing her friends with their boyfriends and she might think "well, that looks cool". And then she actually has one and she's not so into it any more. Probably not the only teenage girl in the world who's felt like that (even your niece, maybe!), though I'm not sure it's something she'd recognise herself.

    S.B., LOL, "resentful" probably isn't too strong a word at all, actually! At least not if we're talking about Lila. She resents Lila but she's more sad about Josh. Elspeth's feeling like she's lost that close friendship she had with Josh as well.

    Right now, I don't know if Camilla wants to stay home with the twins - I think she just feels like she has to. She's very conscious about not palming them off onto her parents or grandfather all the time. But there's a lot of middle ground between "all the time" and "every once in a while".

    Danielle, some casual dating would probably be a good idea for Elspeth. I hardly ever do that with my Sims, actually!

    Ha, my parents were like that too! I was always thinking "aren't you guys ever going to go anywhere? No, they weren't. And when they did, they'd visit relatives, who I'd also have to visit!

    I think that is definitely part of Camilla's thinking right now. She's trying to prove she can do this but a break would be a good idea. A relaxed mama is a good mama!

  12. damn elspbeth's parents had her when they were old!

    anyway... aw she seems sort of unhappy with her life. Like she's not miserable, but definately not happy.

    it just seems blah with her boyfriend, and her best friend isnt showing her interst anymore.

    this girl needs something exciting!

  13. Maybe Elspeth just enjoys the chase and loses interest once she's had her "prey". I agree that casual dating would be a good idea for her.

    It's sad when friendships get broken but I kind of saw it coming. Josh wanted more and Elspeth didn't so he probably feels a bit awkward around her now and just wants to avoid the whole situation. Maybe in a few years they can act "normally" around each other and will be friends again.

    Camilla definitely needs a break. It can't be easy for her to take care of two babies but it would be a lot easier if she got to go out and relax sometimes.

  14. bbop, oh, yeah, Elspeth was a bit of an unexpected miracle baby! Araminta was 51 and Henry was 49 - definitely wasn't expecting them to have another baby!

    I don't think Elspeth is really unhappy, exactly. She likes Chris and she has fun with him, so the time they spend together isn't unpleasant. She just isn't in love with him but I'm not even sure she's ready for that right now anyway. As for she and Lila, when they talk, they're fairly likely to start arguing, even pre-Josh. So that's about the same!

    Still, it'll be interesting to see what happens to her in the future.

    Sari, a very good possibility! I hope it's a youth thing with her, and not a personality trait!

    I think the awkwardness between Josh and Elspeth is on both sides, although it's definitely more so for Josh. I hope they can move past it though, however that might happen.

    Poor Camilla, she's really working hard right now. She's finishing up high school as well as taking care of babies, so she's really not getting much downtime at all. :\

  15. Ha, well there's some teenage birth control for you! lol! Poor Camilla though, a very abrupt and firm end to her childhood, huh? :(

    And see, I knew Chris would be next, lol! Seems like she's starting to regret losing Josh a bit there. Normally I'd be all for the friends turned lovers thing, but I think Josh should stick with Lila for now. At least until Elspeth grows up a bit.

  16. Laura, well, I think it's worked on Elspeth! She's a little young to remember how much trouble Finn and Victoria went through when they had Declan but she'll remember this for sure! Camilla has a tough road ahead of her now.

    LOL, poor Chris! Or maybe not. Last time I checked, Elspeth's disinterest was spreading to him. I think there's a bit of jealousy there, despite what Elspeth claims, but she does miss their friendship. But for now, I think she and Josh are better off the way they are.