Sunday, 17 October 2010

You say it's your birthday, May 2029

Linnea Lane got a very early morning call from her son Luc and rushed over to babysit Ruby. Luc and Asha need to rush to the hospital.

Baby Lane is about to enter the world!

Asha isn't sure what's currently more bothering her more: the pain she's in, or the fact that Luc doesn't seem at all concerned about the pain she's in.

Despite all that, Marcus Leo Lane makes a very drama-free arrival at approximately 8am.

Sometime today, Asha might even get to hold him!

I think someone's getting clucky!
Josie just would not put that baby down! It took forever for her to stop playing with him and actually hand him over to Luc. Who would have picked Josie for a softie with babies?

  • A BOY!!! I was so happy! Marcus is named after Asha's dad, who was Leo Marcus. I've been waiting to use that name since Ruby was born!
  • I'm so excited about Marcus's genes too. He has Luc's skin tone, with blonde hair and grey eyes. The blonde hair obviously comes from Asha but the grey eyes come from Grandma Kit. I love recessive genes.
  • I posed like crazy for this! I was inspired by Maisie, who actually shows labour/birth scenes for her hospital birth posts, as opposed to skipping over it like I've done previously. I believe her hospital is a residential lot but mine's community, so I decided to play around with pose boxes to see if I could come up with anything. I don't think I've ever overlaid so many facial expressions, or had so many pose boxes on the lot at once, to pose just two Sims! But I'm really happy with how the posed pics turned out, so it was worth the trouble.


  1. YAY! A boy! Welcome to the hood. And of course, he's going to be a cutie when he gets older.

    And Josie, is she starting to think about babies? lol

  2. Welcome to the world, little Marcus! I love the name and the story behind it.

    I like the posed pictures and that goofy grin on Luc's face is just priceless! No wonder Asha was getting annoyed with him ;)

  3. Awesome scene, I loved them walking through the doors.

    Question: How do you get your sims to interact with the baby on a community lot? Mine can only try to "greet" the baby and not interact with the baby.

  4. Yay! Congrats on the boy! Very awesome pics. You ladies do great job posing those birthing scenes.

    I'm excited to see what Marcus looks like. And I love the name, too.

  5. Yay! Congrats to Asha and Luc on their baby boy! :)

    Hmm, looks like Josie may be getting bit by the baby bug! ;)

    Loved the birth photos. The picture of Luc grinning while Asha is in pain is hilarious. He's lucky she didn't reach over and smack him in the mouth for that, lol!

  6. Thanks for your comments, guys. :)

    Riverdale, ha, hope so! I wouldn't mind yet another little Luc running around!

    I think with Josie's wedding approaching, she must be starting to think about starting a family. Troy is Family/Pleasure, so he might want to get going with that fairly soon, so it'll be good if they're on the right page.

    Sari, thank you, I was so happy I was able to use the name finally!

    I can't imagine I would be too impressed with my husband if he was grinning like that while I was in pain, lol!

    Apple Valley, thanks, that's my favourite pic. It took me the longest to do.

    I've never had to do anything special to get my Sims to interact with babies on community lots. I use InSim to teleport the babies in and then I just have the Sims pick them up. To get Josie to pick the baby up, I had to use allmenus but Asha and Luc were able to pick Marcus up without any cheats.

    Danielle, thank you! It's fun doing these pics. I'm going to be doing some for Cordy either tonight or tomorrow and I'm quite excited.

    I'm going to take a guess right here and predict that Marcus will look like a blonde Luc. Marcus's dominant features (via the SimDNA cheat) are the same as Luc's, so it seems probable.

    Shana, LOL, she totally is! I would have thought Josie would want to wait a couple of years before she popped out a baby but maybe she's trying to tell me something.

    Ha, I had a different facial expression on Luc for the birth, but he kept popping out of it and smiling. So I just thought, well, clearly, he's trying to annoy Asha and I went with it. ;)

  7. Awww! Adorable! I loved the pictures very much. And a boy! Haha, this is really turning into a sweet little family. It's a little bit of a surprise how well they mesh as a family unit.

  8. Congrats to the parents!
    All your time and effort paid off. Their great pictures! Though I wanted to wipe that smile off of Luc's face. lol Don't be so happy till AFTER the pain is done!

  9. Lunar, Asha and Luc are like a little nuclear family now - Mum, Dad, son, daughter. All they need is a white picket fence, and maybe a dog!

    gallowaytownship, LOL, Luc was very excited to become a dad again! I'm sure Asha wanted to wipe that smile off his face as well. ;)

  10. Awwww! Congrats, you finally got a boy! He has been greatly anticipated! ;) I'm sure that Marcus will be a great addition to the Lane family!

  11. Ohhh yay! I'm so glad they had a boy! First you kind of need some, and second, cause it's perfect for Luc. Though I could have seen him with lots of little girls too. Great birth scenes, and you're right, my hospital is residential. I move in sick sims and such there when I need to. (Or ROS forces it).

    LOVE the name Marcus and Leo, so I pretty much adore his name to pieces. Just that alone makes Ramona, Ruby, and now him my favorite little tykes atm.

    Mind if I ask a WCIF, I love those curtains in the hospital room, happen to recall? I'm always scrounging for more variety of curtains/colors.

  12. Tessa, anticipated is right! I have a real boy shortage going on!

    Maisie, oh, do I ever! I was so excited they had a boy. I'm glad you like Marcus's name too. I just had Cordy give birth in game last night and I'm totally in love with her baby's name as well.

    Those curtains are awesome, I use them everywhere! They're by simtomatic at TSR and you can get them here:

  13. Oh thanks for the curtains. I've been meaning to ask you where you found them but always forget by the time I get to the comments LOL.

  14. Yay a boy!! I know you've wanted one for a long time now!
    I like the name and how it goes back to her father.
    And those genetics! Amazing, I can't wait to see little Marcus growing up!
    Congrats to the parents!

  15. I'm glad they had a boy and you got to use your name :)......I really want to try using my hospital for births but I'm really lazy lol....I have two births coming up so maybe I'll be inspired :)

  16. Dani, you're welcome!

    Tanja, I don't have too many names with family connections in Sullivan but Asha's dad died quite young, so it makes sense she might want to use his name for her son. If Jessica had been a boy, I might have had Zaria use it.

    Mizzgin03, oh, you should give it a try! It can be a lot of effort but I think it's so worth it.

  17. Thank you for the link! :D Just downloaded them.

  18. Geez, I guess since I'm so close to caught up, I feel I can comment on every entry, lol.
    I never would have picked Josie as being such a baby lover! Maybe we can expect the first of Kendal's grandchildren sooner than I would have expected?
    I totally did not make the connection that Leo was Asha's dad until you mentioned it. I did note that Leo was after Leo Royce, but making the connection that he would be Marcus's grandfather went totally about the window. I blame this on the nap I recently woke up from, lol.

  19. Fini, you are close to catching up! You're moving fast, especially considering the later entries are much longer than the early ones!

    I never would have picked it for Josie either but I'm staying mum (heh, see what I did there?) on whether Kendal will get a grandbaby soon.

    Heh, you could also probably blame it on the insane amount of Sims I have! But yes, Asha is Leo and Kit's youngest daughter. :)

    Thanks for reading!