Friday, 8 October 2010

You say it's your birthday, March 2029

Eliot and Cordy have moved into their new house with just a few months to go until the arrival of their fourth and final baby. Baby Lane is due in June 2029.

  • If one of my pregnant women has to have a girl, I'd rather it be Cordy. I just remembered the other day that I never got my girl who looks like Naomi, and seeing Eliot looks a lot like Naomi, this is my one chance. But I'll be happy if they have a boy too, seeing I still want my crazy all-boy family!
  • The house is finally done, as those of you who saw the lot tour at N99 would know. Looking forward to actually playing them in it. :) It's the Lake Oswego, Oregon house from MTS - that series is a good one for those of you who like large houses too, by the way.


  1. Aww, I hope they get a girl-or two-as well.

  2. She looks almost ready to pop! I love her outfit, do you mind me asking WCIF?

    I have some houses from that series as fillers in Exmoor, they're really great.

  3. Well now I want it to be a girl, cause Naomi is adorable... But all boys would be so fun! I guess ether way, youll be happy. Unless its a girl that looks like Luc.

  4. Apple Valley, oh, lord, NOT twins! So far so good on that front!

    Sari, I'm almost positive that outfit is from Liana Sims 2. If not, it's probably All About Style.

    Maisie, ha, yes! We already have a female Luc with Ruby. But those Lane genes are really dominant, so I don't like my chances! But we'll see.