Thursday, 14 October 2010

Sea of love

Round 29: April 2029 (Autumn)
Amar Hamilton and Jacob Weaver are both 28 and Dominic Lachance is 19.
(Arianna is 74, Liam is 66, Claudia is 28, Nathan is 19 and Julia is 18)

Narrated by Jacob Weaver

Amar keeps insisting that it's time for Dominic to "get back out there". Amar's always out there, so it's unthinkable to him that someone else might not want to be.

I've told Amar to lay off a bit - Dominic's girlfriend died and he's going to want to take his time finding someone new.

Besides, Dominic is doing fine. He still misses Tessa. He thinks about her a lot, probably more often than he lets on.

But he's not locking himself in his bedroom sobbing. A year on, he's living a pretty normal life.

He goes out. He's just not dating. He saw his friend Nathan just the other night.

Nathan's got a new girlfriend, Julia, and he was keen for Dominic to get to know her. They went to high school together but had never been close.

I thought maybe it'd be Dominic who'd feel like a third wheel but he said he was more worried that Julia felt that way. Dominic has known Nathan longer than Julia has, so there are a lot of in-jokes she's not really in on. Dominic had a great time.

Amar honestly thinks he's helping though. He's not a bad guy, he just would deal with something like this very differently to Dominic.

So the invitations to go barhopping keep coming and Dominic keeps knocking them back. Even under normal circumstances, it's not really Dominic's thing.

It's probably easier for Amar to pick up without Dominic tagging along anyway.

I have to wonder if Amar gets bored just finding different girls to sleep with all the time, and if he'll ever settle down.

I guess that's because I'm starting to think about settling down with Claudia. It'd be nice to come home to her every night.

I'm a hazmat technician now and I work during the day, which means my shifts line up a little better with Claudia's work hours and we've been able to see each other more often. I want to make us more permanent.

I took Claudia to Orchard, which isn't too far from our unit. It's surrounded by greenery, inside and out, so I knew Claudia would love it.

And she really did. I was planning on proposing before we ate and it was a wonder I could get her to stop oohing and aahing over everything for long enough to actually ask!

It was a huge surprise to Claudia. I thought she might have picked up on something but she had no clue.

She said yes, which was such a huge relief. Claudia was hinting pretty heavily for a while a couple of years ago but she'd stopped lately, so I wasn't too confident.

Neither us could stop grinning while we were waited to be seated.

We set a date over dinner. We're going to get married at Claudia's family farm, so there's no need to worry about venues being booked or anything. The wedding will be next May.

We talked about the honeymoon too. Claudia's always wanted to raise her family on the farm, and I just assumed she'd want to go to her parents' cabin as well. But no, she wants to go to Cape Elizabeth. I've always wanted to go there. It's going to be awesome.

I still can't quite believe that we're actually getting married!

My parents were both really happy when I shared the news - they loved Claudia from the minute I brought her home to meet them. She did the dishes, so that won her some major points!

They're offering to pay for the wedding but I don't think that'll be necessary. Claudia's parents are quite well-off but I guess Mum and Dad can work that out with Trent and Megan, if they really want to help.

Ever since Claudia and I announced our engagement, Amar has been intent on reminding me about everything I'll be missing by tying myself down.

So we've heard endless stories about all these random girls he meets in bars...

... and one memorable story about a woman he met while he was doing some freelance photography work for the newspaper.

Memorable because Dominic asked some follow-up questions and figured out that this woman Amar was talking about was his ex-girlfriend's mother!

Amar says every guy should have at least one encounter with a more experienced woman. Dominic was not quite as impressed as Amar thought he should be!

Another family photo, this time of Jacob, Dominic and the rest of their family. This one was a favourite, out of the 15 I did.

  • Title is from Sea of Love by many, many people but I like the version by Cat Power the best.
  • LOL, another wedding! We now have Troy and Josie in February 2030, Claudia and Jacob in May and Nick and Sarah some time after that. I think that'll be it for Round 29 weddings! After Claudia and Jacob get married, I'll move them to the Kirby farm (Claudia is already there, actually). Neither have a baby want just yet, but we'll see what happens once they tie the knot.
  • Something I have never noticed before: neither Claudia or Jacob had the want to get engaged (they both have the marriage want though) but right after she accepted his proposal, the date score shot up to "Great" and it was accompanied by a little musical sound effect! I'm not surprised I never noticed the date score jumping before but I was surprised I'd never heard the music!
  • I already was planning to move Anna up in the schedule but I pretty much have to now! Amar and Anna started flirting autonomously so I took them to the hotel lot and let Amar try for his 20 woohoos. More on that in the Collins update, which will be next.


  1. Wow, Amar and Anna-isn't Anna married? Hmmm...

    Congrats to Jacob and Claudia! I'm happy for them, but now I worry about Dominic being left alone with Amar, hopefully they can find another roommate to temper Amar's influence on Dominic.

    Your title was interesting as I also had this article up at the same time:

    it's about an underwater sculpture artist

  2. Oh no, Anna! That is not a way to deal with your grief, hon!

  3. YAY! Wedings galor!

    But ANNA! Holy cow. And I though what Viggo did was bad. At least he's not married. I CANNOT wait for this update!

  4. Yay! Congrats to Jacob and Claudia!
    Talk about an odd couple! Amar and Dominic are about as opposite as you could get. lol Glad to see Dominic is doing okay.

  5. Thanks for reading, everyone!

    Apple Valley, Anna is indeed married, to Emil and has been for 22 years now.

    I'm sure Tatiana would share your concerns. Dominic is a good boy though, and I don't think he'd let Amar lead him astray. But I'll have to see about another roommate. It's pretty likely Nathan will move in when he graduates.

    Funny about that article - a perfect accompaniment, lol!

    LaurelCrossing, Anna's having a tough time with her sister's death but I'll touch on that much more in the Collins update, which should be up in a couple of days or so.

    Riverdale, I'm way too excited about doing all these weddings, lol!

    Before you judge Anna too harshly, just remember that she and Emil have a longstanding arrangement that sleeping with other people is okay. But neither of them have acted on it since Nathan and Hope were still quite small, so it's probably a bigger deal for Emil and Anna than it might seem.

    gallowaytownship, Amar and Anna an odd couple, you mean? Although, Amar and Dominic make quite the odd couple too! But yes, I don't think Amar and Anna could go further than this encounter if they tried but more on that next time. ;)

    Dominic is coping. I think he'll probably start dating again next time I play him and he'll likely find himself struggling again there. Hopefully, he can move on.

  6. Wow, another wedding! You have them piled up now which is great for us readers because you always throw the best weddings :)

    I'm glad Dominic is doing better. It can't be easy getting over something like that but at least he's getting out and about now.

    Sullivan has its first cougar, lol! I can't wait for the Collins update, it's going to be very interesting to read.

  7. I love the way Jacob and Dominic look at each other when Amar is telling them the story lol.....Amar continues to spread his love around huh? He'll reach those 20 woohoos in no time! Can't wait for Anna's update

  8. Yay! Another couple that I've been hoping would get married soon. :)

    I'm glad Dominic is doing okay. I'm sure he still misses Tessa, but I'm glad that he's going out with friends.

    Anna and Amar, wow! I never saw that coming, lol.

  9. Sari, glad you're excited! I get just as excited about weddings as you do. They're a bit of a pain to do but I'm always really happy with the end product.

    Dominic has had a lot of support from his family and friends, so he's been allowed to take steps to move on when he's ready. Except with Amar, but he's trying to help too.

    Ha, a cougar! Would it surprise you to learn that Amar did all the pursuing in this case? The boy isn't short on confidence, despite some crushing rejections! I hope the Collins update lives up to all your anticipation. I'm a bit nervous about writing it, actually!

    Mizzgin03, thank you! Because that photo took forever to set up and I still wasn't really sure it looked like they were looking at each other! I imagine they, especially Jacob, have heard many similar stories from Amar, some which they may doubt the veracity of!

    Amar's up to about 14 woohoos, last time I checked. I'm letting him cheat (regular woohoo and public woohoo with the same Sim count twice for the want, due to Maxis silliness) so I guess he only needs 3 more women?

    Shana, it seemed like this was a good time for Jacob and Claudia. Her marriage want rolled away for a while but it came back, so I guess she was telling me she's ready.

    Dominic wanted to marry Tessa, which he probably still hasn't told anybody, so he's really wondering what to do with himself in that arena right now.

    I can't say I saw the Anna and Amar thing either! They have 3 bolts though, so game-wise, it's not completely unexpected.

  10. Hi Carla,

    I came by to see your Nick Moretti and I found myself caught up in the update!
    I will admit I am a legacy/challenge virgin, have never really read them or done one before!
    But I am completely fascinated!
    I will be back~

    Oh, your Nick is hot!

  11. Drew, hi, thanks for stopping by!

    I have to say though, that Sullivan is not really a challenge hood. I'm not scoring anything, or following anyone's rules except my own. I guess it's kind of Prosperity-style, in that I play in rotation, so Sullivan has that in common with the Prosperity Challenge, at least!

    And thank you. :D I guess I can't really take much credit for Nick though, seeing he was born in game, lol!

  12. Yay! Congrats to Claudia and Jacob! And yay another wedding! lol. 2029 is going to be a busy year.

    LOL at Amar trying to get Dominic to "move on". He just doesn't get it. It's not like they broke up. She died. I did like that pic you did with the boys looking at each other while Amar was going on and on about his conquests lol.

    And on that note... omg wtf?! LOL Him and Anna?! Wow, she really IS grieving. Can't wait to read her update to see what's up.

  13. Dani, 2029 is shaping up to be pretty busy but 2030 will likely be busier, seeing that's when all the weddings are taking place. I'm expecting at least two of the three couples to be expecting a baby by the end of the round too, but we'll see about that!

    No, Amar and Dominic are very different people. Amar's never been in love with anybody, so the depth of feeling that Dominic felt for Tessa (and still feels for Tessa) is foreign to him.

    LOL, yeah, Anna and Amar was...interesting!

  14. Love this song! And YAY on a wedding!!! Super excited, and I love that the place was "green" so Claudia would love it. Beautiful backdrop for it though, and the wedding will be amazing too I'm sure.

    I wonder what will happen with Amar. Will he be like this forever, will someone finally get him to tie the knot? Ahhh questions! I'm intrigued with Amar.

    Cat Power is my favorite version of this song too, it's the only version I have on my phone.

  15. Maisie, oh yeah, I've never even bothered buying any other versions! Cat Power all the way.

    I'm in the process of planning out the details of Claudia's wedding, now that everything about Josie's is decided. It'll be at the same place as Victoria and Finn's but I want to make it different at the same time. Then I'll start on Nick and Sarah's. It's a big year for weddings in 2030!

    As for Amar, I don't know! He's at the age where all of his friends are starting to settle down and he doesn't even have a girl who he's remotely serious about. Eventually, I hope he finds someone but we'll see.

  16. Are you keeping track somewhere of all Amar's conquests? There should be a reward for which sims gets the most action. It almost feels like he's worse (or better depending on your outlook, lol) than Luc was in his own heyday. And I certainly hope he never settles down. It just wouldn't be Amar, lol.

    It's always nice to see Dominic. Ah he's such a cutie. It's so sad to see him still in pain even if it's been a year. At least he is going out though.

  17. Lunar, well, nowhere except here and his memory panel! Amar's up to about 14 woohoos, though it's probably more like 7. The game counts public woohoo and private woohoo with the same person as two different people. Which is silly, but I'm not above taking advantage of glitches. ;)

    Amar has definitely got Luc beat. When Luc rolls up a multiple woohoo want these days, it's for 10, so he never reached that milestone. As for Amar settling down, there was a time when I didn't think Luc would either, so I guess anything's possible. I caught Luc spurning another woman's advances the other day. I don't have him set to no cheating either!

    As for Dominic, I guess it can only get better from here. Last year was a pretty awful year for the poor guy. :(

  18. I'm sorry I'm a little bit late, but you know I always try to comment everything I missed, so here I am :)

    Ow Anna and Amar, isn't she like 'a little bit' older then he is?
    That's just no good, Anna, isn't there another way to handle you grief??

    I'm so happy for Jacob and Claudia!! I know it's a little bit soon, but I' can't wait to see their children, I hope they are as cure as Declan and Caitlin!

  19. Tanja, no need at all to apologise. :)

    "A little bit", lol, yes! Amar is 28 and Anna is 51, so she's quite literally old enough to be his mother. Anna's acting a little bit strangely since Betsy's death.

    Actually, I hadn't thought that far ahead to wonder what Jacob and Claudia's kids would look like but now I'm quite curious myself. I don't really have any other Sims who look like Jacob or Claudia, so it should be interesting. Hopefully in a good way!

  20. Awww, that was so sweet and romantic a place for getting engaged! I love these two together! They've really grown since their beginnings.

    OMG Amar! Really?! lol! I think I did remember about Anna and Emil and their agreement (and I've already read ahead, lol), so no judgment here. But yes, that boy has some balls, doesn't he?

  21. Laura, yes, I was never really sure what would happen with Claudia and Jacob, because they were both so confused when they got together. They've settled in really nicely though - it's very sweet.

    And yeah, Amar has quite the pair on him. ;) Most of the girls in Sullivan seem to like it though - he really does get a lot of women!