Saturday, 20 November 2010

You say it's your birthday, March 2030

For the last few weeks, I've been doing all my school work from home. My parents both wanted to make sure I was close to the hospital when the time came and preferably with family around.

When I felt the babies coming, Caterina was the only one home. It was late morning and everyone else was at work or school.

I was hoping Mum would be the one to take me to the hospital but Caterina was really great. She was very comforting and said she'd make sure to call Mum and Charlie so they'd be able to be there with me.

And they both were. Mum was really helpful in getting through all the pain.

Charlie was not so helpful. He was kind of panicking every time I screamed.

Aunt Cara had to talk to him and calm him down a little. He did, thank goodness. I didn't want him freaking out the twins once they arrived!

That felt like it took forever but they're finally here. Charlie and I now have a son and a daughter - Everett Benjamin and Grace Emilie Benton.

Charlie thinks it's pretty awesome that we have one of each.

It's a little overwhelming to think that we now have two babies to take care of but Charlie seems to sincerely want to be involved. Two completely clueless parents have to be better than one!

  • Cara is Camilla's aunt by marriage. She's married to Caleb, who is Camilla's father David's twin brother. Just in case anyone was confused.
  • Charlie rolled up the want to Study Parenting as soon as the twins were born. They'll need all the help they can get, so that might not be a bad idea!
  • Genetics-wise, Everett and Grace both have Camilla's skin tone. Everett has brown hair and brown eyes like Charlie and Grace shares Camilla's dark blue eyes. Grace, however, has black hair, which comes from her grandma Zelda.
  • Some minor weirdness: when Camilla gave birth, I realised that she really shouldn't have been able to conceive twins. Everett and Grace bump up the total number of Sims in the Sitko house to 9, plus they also have two dogs. So that was quite strange. I wonder if I have a hack that allows that.


  1. Yay! Its finally Friday! Aww one of each. Super sweet! Can't wait to see how they age up and who they take after the most. How it goes with Charlie away then next year when they're both in college.

    Man it's gonna be a tough couple years for these two. I'm looking forward to reading all about it.

    Love the baby names. Friend irl just named her son Everett. Other than you and her it's not a name I've heard recently. I think it fits these two perfectly.

  2. Aww, one of each, so cute. Now the real work begins.

  3. She finally got her twins. I really like the names.
    Good luck to these two with their adventures in parenthood! :)

  4. Maisie, LOL, the wait is over! I'm going to guess that both of the twins will look like Charlie, at least partly. Those genes seem to be really strong!

    I don't know anyone in real life called Everett but it just seemed like a name Charlie and Camilla might pick. That's generally how I pick most of my Sims' names - I try to think about what the parents would pick.

    Apple Valley, absolutely! Pregnancy will seem comparatively easy once they start actually parenting!

    Karolin, thanks! It seems like it'll be forever before I actually play the twins. I'm about to play my first uni session of 2030 today and I won't play the twins until uni comes around for 2031!

  5. Aww, a boy and a girl! How cute. I like their names a lot too.

  6. I really like the pic where Caterina takes the girl to the hospital, with her arm around her. So sweet. :-)

  7. Yay! A mixed-gender set is fun! But it is a lot for such young kids. I hope they're able to get it together. It's nice that Charlie wants to help out. I can't wait to see how they handle this and if they end up staying together...

  8. Sari, thanks! I'm betting I have two Charlie clones on my hands but I'm hoping they both might inherit a little from their mother too.

    Astrid, I wasn't sure about that one, because I couldn't get Camilla posed as I wanted. I'm glad it looks okay!

    Rachel, I seem to usually get single-sex sets, so I was glad to get a boy and a girl for a change.

    I hope Charlie and Camilla can get through this as well. But as you said, this is a huge undertaking for such young kids!

  9. I was looking forward to this update so much, and it didn't disappoint me at all!!
    Wow, a boy and a girl, and such nice names!
    I really hope they can both handle it, and combine it with all the rest in their lives.

  10. Yay! A boy and a girl! So glad that Charlie was there, even though he was freaking out. And he want's to study parenting which is a great sign. I'd be so tempted to play the twins for a little bit before moving on. That is a while until you visit that house again.

    I like the names you chose and the posed pics, too. Great job as usual!

  11. My head is killing me so real quick! Yay! boy and a girl. Good luck guys. You'll need it!

  12. 'Two completely clueless parents have to be better than one!'

    I LOVE that! And so true!
    Great shots, well staged! Twins. Yikes. Good luck indeed.

    Oh and thanks about telling me where to find the kitchen!!

  13. Tanja, I'm glad it didn't disappoint! It felt like this pregnancy dragged on forever, lol!

    Danielle, I think Charlie is nothing if not sincere. He does really want to be a good dad, which is sweet.

    Riverdale, thanks! Hope your headache is better now!

    Drew, thanks! I have fun doing these little birth updates. :)

    WCIFs are never a problem for me, provided I can remember or have a way to check where I got them from. So you're usually fresh out of luck if you ask me about a recolour! But I'm glad I could help you out in this case!

  14. "Two completely clueless parents have to be better than one!" OMG, best line EVER! lol!

    Awww, welcome babies! And lots of luck to their poor parents! :)

  15. Laura, heh, thanks! We'll get a glimpse of Camilla and Charlie as parents in the next college update. Only a tiny glimpse though, because Audrey's narrating. ;)

  16. I've been reading up to here, not going all the way back, but I found I didn't need to. Sort of worried I wouldn't catch on but your writing is so clear, and the relationships so wonderful, it was a complete pleasure!

    I adore the detail you use. Every little thing is perfect, from the hats on the newborns to the charts on the walls. The shots of your world, the interiors, stunningly PERFECT!

    You definitely have another fan and I'm sorry I was sort of intimidated for so long. Just loving loving this!

  17. Awwww... Charlie's going to be such a cute dad with his wanting to read parenting books now that the babies are born. It's almost like he's a little nervous, lol.

  18. S.B., thank you so much, that's such a lovely comment!

    I'm glad you didn't feel the need to go through all the old stuff. I always cringe a little at the thought of people reading the really old stuff but mostly, I'm happy to hear that it's possible to jump in anywhere and not feel lost.

    And no need to be intimidated by me! I really am just a massive dork, lol!

    Lunar, oh, I hope so! He's taking all the right steps so far. I'm sure both Charlie and Camilla are very nervous but the twins are here now, so they'll have to jump right in anyway.