Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Taxman, 2029

This is a little long but it's mostly pic spam!

Once again, it's tax time in Sullivan and Rob and Patience, having moved in together last year, are filing jointly for the first time.

And they're quite pleased, because Governor Sitko has informed them that they'll be receiving a $300 refund. It's not much but they're not going to say no to money!

Finn and Victoria will receive a $1500 refund this year but are not quite as thrilled with their refund as Rob and Patience are with theirs. Finn and Victoria have just bought a house and now have a mortgage to pay off. $1500 will barely make a dent in it.

The poorest households are:
Ashton-Draper 1 (Rob and Patience) - $6,961 net worth
Jacobson-Novak 1 - $10,823
Clarke-Novak 1 - $11,267

And the richest are:
Benton 1 - $1,998,498
Draper 1 - $583,854
Royce-Nihill 1 - $570,545

In total, just over $560,000 in taxes was collected, leaving over $2,000,000 in the treasury.

Kirstin Sitko was elected on a promise to improve educational facilities in Sullivan and over the past two years, she has done just that. Suffolk University has already seen the construction of a new dorm and approximately $360,000 of this year's tax money will pay for more educational facilities.

The first is the refurbishment of Exeter Public Library.

There was some minor work done on the exterior.

But most of the necessary work was done on the inside.

Circulation desk.

The downstairs collection (much smaller than the collection upstairs).

Computers for catalog searching and accessing the internet.

A children's section with space for story time...

...and play time.

Upstairs is the information desk.

The majority of the books are also housed upstairs.

Additionally, there are some carrels for private study.

The second project is Novak Faculty of Arts, located on the campus of Suffolk University. It is named for local artist and business owner, Jace Novak.

Previously, dancers in Sullivan have never had a place to practise, except at home.

In the future, there will hopefully be a full dance studio in the neighbourhood, but for now, the practice room at the Faculty of Arts will now be available to them.

There is also a textiles room, for fashion students and enthusiasts.

For budding Picassos, an art studio/classroom is one of the facilities at the Faculty.

Exceptional artworks produced by students will be displayed in the student gallery.

Finally, we have a lecture hall, for the compulsory theory classes that all art majors must take.

I'm beginning to think that Kaiser is kind of an asshole.

  • Exeter Public Library is an extensive makeover of someone else's makeover of Belladonna Cove Public Library. I have no clue where I got the makeover but it's been changed almost completely on the inside, so there's not much point linking it anyway!
  • Novak Faculty of Arts is a makeover as well, but a much more minor one. The original lot is here. I've shown less pictures of the arts building - just the parts I changed and a couple of pics just for the hell of it. The areas that I changed a lot are the student gallery and the lecture theatre (which did not exist at in the original lot).


  1. I really like what you did with the Public Library. It looks really good.

    Kudos to the Mayor for keeping promises.

  2. ROFL if my dog peed on me I kick his arse! But that is a funny pic!

  3. HeredonCove, thanks!

    I wasn't sure if I'd bother with election promises (and I didn't the first time) but I decided to try it out and see if it would motivate me!

    Riverdale, LOL, I know, right? Maybe Kaiser doesn't like women? He was growling at Maia, now he's peeing on the governor!

  4. I love your library! I volunteered at my Public Library every summer as a teen, so it made me nostalgic.

    The picture with Kaiser and your caption made me laugh out loud. "I'm beginning to think that Kaiser is kind of an asshole." Too funny!

  5. The library really does look great......and wow, Kaiser has issues with the ladies huh? lol. My dog peed on one of my friends when he was a puppy.....I was mad at her at the time so I was silently saying "good dog" lol

  6. What the heck Kaiser!!! That's seriously crazy! What a naughty little dog! His master should scold him more, (I'm guessing he's not high on the nice points).

    The library is awesome, and I love the changes you did the art center. I didn't change a single thing on that lot, but I love the lecture hall you added to yours!

  7. snarkysims, thanks! I used the library very briefly in the update I'll be writing today, so it's already getting a workout.

    I couldn't believe it when I saw Kaiser peeing like that! LOL.

    Mizzgin03, thanks!

    I always want one of my dogs to pee on people when I'm mad at them, but it never seems to happen. They're all mercifully past the peeing inside stage!

    Maisie, LOL, I know, right? That just happens to be Kaiser's regular pee spot (wouldn't it be nice to wake up from a nap on the couch and put your feet in that?) because he's not housebroken yet. Kaiser is smack bang in the middle between aggressive and friendly. Kirstin was just in the wrong place at the wrong time!

    And thanks! I could have left the art centre as is but it had one of those internal rooms (where none of the walls touch the outside) and they always end up driving me nuts when I play. So I started changing that area and then went a little bit nuts.

  8. Poor Finn and Victoria. Hopefully you'll roll a lotto ROS for them or something so they can pay off that debt.

    I've already told you how awesome the library looks. The Faculty of Arts building looks great too! I remember seeing that building (did I link it for you or did you link it for me LOL). Doesn't matter. That's a nice dance studio. Audrey should enjoy it. And I like the look of the textiles room. I don't think I downloaded the lot but need to remember it's there whenever I need to find an arts building.

  9. Dani, oh, if anyone deserves a lotto win or a nice chance card, it's Finn and Victoria (or you know...any of my other poor Sims!) We'll see what happens this round.

    I came across the Faculty of Arts building while I was reading the creator's story, SimTopi. She builds some pretty awesome sets for the story and they're all quite playable too. She has a few apartment buildings that I'm planning to use.

    I just sent Audrey to uni last night but right now, she can't access that lot because she's in the base hood uni and I haven't moved all the lots over yet. I'm excited to get everything set up though!

  10. I love the tours of your public buildings! It looks great. Now that is a library!

    And the dog! LOL! Bad dog! BAD!

  11. Lunar, thanks! I've got to use the library at least once already and I'm hoping to be able to use the arts building this round too.

    Heh, Ethan's dog training efforts aren't having much effect, apparently!