Thursday, 4 November 2010


Round 29: November 2029 (Spring)
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Lake Draper is 72, Kendal is 53 and Chris is 14.
(Elspeth is 15 and Edward and Lucy are both 14).

Narrated by Chris Draper

Dad is semi-retired now. He doesn't do his writing job at all any more and he's got a manager for the store.

Her name is Zara and she's still learning the ropes, so Dad still tends to spend a lot of time there.

I don't know why he didn't hire someone before, because we can easily afford it. But I guess he's always liked doing sales himself.

He wants to fully retire soon though and let Rose take over the store.

I guess he'll spend even more time at home then.

A full time job and the store took up a lot of his time but now, Dad's never at work unless Mum is too.

Mum loves having him at home whenever she is now.

Seeing she's principal now, she's a lot busier and Dad ends up spending as much time on his own as she used to.

I'd get bored spending so much time at home. I don't even do my homework at home. The library is really close to school, so I often just head straight there when classes finish for the day.

It's a pretty good place to study, seeing there are no distractions there, like TV and video games. All the books I could ever need though.

On the weekends, Edward and I head down to the sports centre in Exeter to shoot some hoops.

Edward usually wipes the floor with me.

But I like to think I do okay, seeing he's about six inches taller than me.

These days, if we're not playing basketball, Edward often brings his girlfriend Lucy along. My house is often the chosen hang-out, because of the three of us, I'm the only one with a pool.

I don't mind too much. Lucy's okay, even if she's kind of a goody goody.

Sometimes though, three is definitely a crowd.

But that's okay, because I'm dating somebody myself now. Elspeth is kind of known for being a little bitchy but she hasn't been bitchy to me so far.

She's been just the opposite actually. We seem to really click.

She really takes advantage whenever I take her out and offer to pay though!

But that's a pretty minor thing. I can afford it anyway.

Elspeth has visited our place a few times, but never while Mum or Dad have been home.

This hasn't gone unnoticed by Mum. She wants me to invite Elspeth over for an official "meet-the-parents" kind of thing.

I'd rather die. I think Mum thinks the fact that I have a girlfriend now is adorable or something.

I don't think I'm going to get out of this dinner. Even though Mum has met Elspeth, Dad hasn't and he's decided he wants to.

Mum and Dad are already discussing the details, so I'm going to have to deal.

I'll just cross my fingers and hope it's not too embarrassing.


The next in my series of family portraits. I think this might be my most genetically diverse family. Chris needs to marry a black-haired girl, and then we'll have all hair colours and all skin colours (well, the main four, anyway) represented. God, I am such a nerd!

  • Title is from Radioactive by Kings of Leon.
  • I almost lost this house to the clock slowdown bug! For whatever reason though, exiting the lot and re-entering fixed it. It hasn't ever worked before but it did this time, for some reason. I really love this house, so I'm glad I could save it.
  • Chris only just started to roll romantic wants this round but they were non-specific ones. I wasn't sure who I'd pair him up with but then I noticed him checking out Elspeth in her bikini at the sports centre.

  • Chris and Elspeth's attraction score is 26. Low but still higher than Elspeth had with Connor (a whole 1 point!), so we'll see how they go, I guess.
  • Elspeth seems oddly genial when she talks to Chris, which is a rarity with her, even with people she really likes. I usually see at least some foot stomping or sneering from her, but not with Chris. Yet!


  1. I love the photo of Chris and Edward walking to the basketball court, with their different heights. Looks great!

    I totally didn't see Elspeth and Chris, and haha at her ordering the lobster!

    Poor Lake, he's getting all settled down, and now his wife is uber busy. I really like this couple, I sort of want one of these in my game now! But there isn't anyone eligible, I'd need the same situations you had basically.

    The big family portrait looks great! They really are a very diverse family, and you even have gay and lesbians represented! Ha! Just get that black hair in there, and they'll be their own melting pot.

  2. Maisie, thanks for reading and commenting!

    I like that pic too. It was a bit of an afterthought to set that up but I'm glad I did.

    I'm not surprised you didn't see Elspeth and Chris, because I didn't even see it until about a second before I gave them a shot! As for the lobster, it's doubtful Elspeth's family could ever afford lobster, so she's making the most of her date with a rich boy!

    Lake and Kendal are totally a favourite couple of mine. It'll probably be a long time before I ever have a couple like them again! I could never have planned them getting together.

    Ah, I didn't even notice the diversity of this family, sexuality-wise! Two gay guys, a lesbian and Rose is bisexual, so we've got that too. Actually, Josie is bi too but she's never shown an interest in any girls, even pre-Troy.

  3. I was going to say the same thing that Maisie said, if all you're missing is black hair than kudos to you. I was a bit sad looking at Lake's age though, I don't know many people who lived much longer than not-nevermind still working. I feel sad for Kendal already.

  4. Apple Valley, thanks. I had this family together again last night for Christmas. I really love them!

    And really? Most of my family tend to go into their 80s and 90s, so Lake doesn't seem so old to me. For a Sim, he kind of is but I've adjusted my age span so a Sim might live as long as 95 (and I have a couple of elders who will live until their 90s), so Lake's not that old for one of my Sims. But I'm kind of already sad for Kendal too. :( It's going to be hard for her when she loses Lake.

  5. I did some serious lol'ing at Chris' "I'd rather die" Such a typical teenage response.

    That is a low score but they're just kids anyway.

  6. I suppose it's the agedifference between Lake and Kendal. He's settling down while she's getting more busy.
    I like his shop btw!

    I didn't know you could do homework on a communitylot, or is a special hack?

    Wow, Elspeth and Chris, I would have never pictured them together, but I'm happy they both found someone, even if their chemisty isn't that high! At least it's more then Elpeth had with Connor :)

    I have a question about something completely different, but I didn't want to go all the way back to his/her update, or wait on their next one; Rob (Patience's boyfriend) payed his way through college, how did you do that? Was it just in your mind, or did you use some kind of hack to let him actually get a job?

  7. HeredonCove, Chris is at that age, isn't he? I remember being at an age where I wanted to pretend I didn't even have parents, lol!

    And yes, no need for a three bolt relationship at 15! ;)

    Tanja, exactly. Although Kendal is 53 now and I'm expecting her to roll a retirement want once Josie pops out a baby, even if she's not an elder by then. That's what usually happens with my Sims who become grandparents.

    That's actually not homework Chris is doing - it's a college assignment. No hack - allmenus on opens up the college menu for non-college Sims. I've used it before, when I had Josie at medical school.

    Heh, it wouldn't be hard for Elspeth to find someone she had higher chemistry with than Connor, lol!

    Ha, Rob is actually in today's update, very briefly! But anyway, no hack. I just made him playable (playable NPC) in Patience's senior year and moved him into an apartment. He delivered pizzas and when he got home, he did his coursework on the computer.

    But he had a little help with the money too. Law school is $16,000 which would take a long time to pay off while delivering pizzas, so he took out a loan as well. Once he was working in the law career after graduation, it was pretty easy to pay that off.

  8. I forgot that Chris was shorter like his mom. I liked seeing the 2 boys playing basketball. That reminds me that I have to finish adjusting everyone's heights in my hood. Edward and Lucy are adorable and I was a little surprised that Elspeth and Chris hooked up, too. For some reason I thought she was 16 or 17 aleady. It must be the hair that makes her look older. But good to see that she's not mean to him. That's funny that she ordered lobster. And too funny that he said HE can afford it... no YOUR PARENTS can afford it LOL.

    And I love the family photo. You have almost everything represented, like you said. Very cool!

  9. Kendal and Lake are just so sweet together. They were an odd couple at first but they really do belong together.

    Talking about odd couples, I didn't see Chris and Elspeth getting together either! But at least they have a higher chemistry than she had with Connor.

    I'm glad you were able to fix the bug. I've never had that happen in my game, not that I'm short of problems in my game anyway.

  10. Dani, yeah, Chris is a shortie. Elspeth is tall so she's an inch taller. Once they're adults, they'll even out (I decide adult heights at 12). But anyway, I think that, and the hair, make Elspeth look a little older than she is.

    Ha, that crossed my mind too, that Chris was really spending his parents' money! I figure he must have a very sizeable allowance, given that "fish chummer" doesn't really pay that well! That lobster was probably two days' pay for Chris!


  11. Pressed submit before I was done!

    Sari, I love Kendal and Lake too. They've been very happy together, for a couple I couldn't even see making sense when they started up. I just realised last night that Kendal has been married to Lake now longer than she was married to Samson!

    Elspeth and Chris's chemistry is actually the same as what Joanna and Rose have, so it's low but it's also workable long term in at least one case. So we'll see what happens.

    Every time I get that bug, I briefly panic and worry that it's a hood wide thing. So far, it's only been a lot specific thing! But dammit, I've had it twice this round. That's enough, lol!

  12. Chris looks so adorably young. He just really looks his age. There's like this innocent look to his face.

    And he's dating Elspeth, lol! She does look a bit older. Surprising that they click. I love his embarrassment at his parents and their wanting to meet her.

  13. Lunar, Chris really does look his age, doesn't he? It's his shortness, in part, but his face has a really youthful quality to it as well.

    Ha, what a pair Elspeth and Chris are. I'm really surprised they seem to get along so well! I might see if I can actually have this dinner at Kendal and Lake's place and maybe show a bit of it in Elspeth's update.