Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Anything goes

Round 29: March 2030
Rebecca Kirby is 21.
(Trent is 60, Megan is 58 and Susannah is 20)

Narrated by Rebecca Kirby

So this year, I moved yet again. I left my tiny rental house behind and moved into a much bigger one. I'm all settled now but I feel like I never want to move again! This place is on campus though, so I know I'm going to have to at the end of this year.

I guess I don't really need this big a house, seeing it's a three bedroom and there's only one of me. But it's been nice to have all this extra space and have visitors over without bumping into them every time I turn around.

I had Mum and Dad over not long after I moved in. Mum wasn't nearly as critical as she was last time. She tried to find fault with my last place and couldn't, so perhaps she's given up on that.

But she's still my mother, so she always finds something to nag about. This time, it was about me moving home after graduation.

After I graduate, I'll be studying for another two years to get my Master's in psychology. When I decided on that, my parents offered to pay. Mum somehow got it in her head that that meant I'd be moving back onto the farm with them. No way is that happening.

I know she's going to pout about it for a while but I don't think she'll even notice I'm not there. Claudia's getting married soon and she and Jacob will probably have a baby pretty soon afterwards. There will be plenty going on in that house!

So I think Mum will get over it. I'm used to being independent now and I couldn't go back to living at home.

I don't really want to live alone any more though. The privacy is nice and I like having everything my way but it gets lonely and a little boring at times too.

So once I graduate, I'll get an apartment by myself and then once Susannah finishes, she's going to move in with me.

We'll save money and I think we'll make pretty decent roommates too. I never thought we'd become so close but we ended up bonding a lot after Tessa died.

Susannah hasn't dated since her freshman year and I've taken it on as my mission to get her a date.

She's got dozens of excuses why she's "not ready" but she's really just nervous to get back out there. It's been a long time and her last date didn't go so well.

So I just ignore her and keep my eye out for cute guys anyway.

I'm used to her turning down my every suggestion but she finally agreed that one of my picks was actually pretty damn cute.

It still took her a while to work up the courage to actually go and talk to him though.

His name is Sam and he seems like a nice enough guy. He's a student too, a junior like Susannah.

Susannah's always worried she won't know what to say to guys but I was spying on them and neither of them seemed to have much trouble keeping the conversation going.

We had a little gossip session about Sam the next day and Susannah seems to like him. They're going to go out sometime soon and see how things go.

Apart from Susannah, Lucian has been the person I've been spending the most time with of late. He's over here more nights than not.

I like Lucian a lot. He can be very serious a lot of the time but that just makes it more fun when he loosens up a bit.

And he can keep his cool under pressure in a way that I can't and I really admire that.

Just lately, I've realised that he feels a little more strongly about me than I do about him.

Or maybe a lot more strongly. He's trying to convince me to move in with him after we graduate and I am just not ready for that yet.

He's even mentioned marriage! I just sat there silently, trying not to completely freak out. Marriage has never even crossed my mind.

We've talked about it since then and he doesn't seem to agree that we're too young to start thinking about moving in together, let alone marriage.

It's not that I'm against getting married. I just don't see myself marrying Lucian. Definitely not soon, anyway.

I don't have the time to think about that stuff at the moment. I'm so close to graduation and it's my goal to finish summa cum laude. I want to stay completely focused on that.

  • Title is from Anything Goes by End of Fashion.
  • The house Rebecca is living in is kind of an experiment for me. When I had my uni in a uni hood, I didn't often use the private housing but I do still like having it as an option. And seeing my teens and YAs can't seem to stop getting themselves knocked up, I need to have my family housing units. Now that I'm using a base hood uni, I don't have that rental house option any more. So Rebecca's house is zoned as a dorm and I had her pay a "lease" on it and send it to Kirstin's bank account, so the money would go back to the hood. I haven't really worked out the finer points yet but how much I charge for the lease will depend on the value of the house.
  • I didn't check Susannah and Sam's attraction score but they're 2 bolters.
  • Lucian is very keen on Rebecca but she doesn't seem to feel the same way. He's rolling engagement wants and she hasn't rolled a single one. Any non-date romantic wants that she rolls are generic, rather than specific to Lucian. I don't think Rebecca is quite ready to settle down yet.


  1. Wow Lucian is trying to move a bit too fast. Maybe he should take it one step at a time with Rebecca instead of trying to gain the whole enchilada.

  2. Yeah, Rebecca, don't worry too much about marriage and all that. You're still young, focus on your studies and career first. Though, nothing wrong with marriage. ;) But just have fun for now!

  3. I hope Rebecca waits a bit before settling down, but it is a bit scary that she doesn't want to be married to Lucian at all...maybe it's time to move on?

  4. As an avid reader, I can firmly say that *I* don't know Lucian well enough! And if I don't then I know Rebecca doesn't. Haha. Im glad she's taking it slow with him, she seems like she would be rather logical.

    I like the idea of the girls getting a place together. That'll be fun. Much More fun than her moving back home. That place will be a mad house once her sister has a baby.

  5. Thanks for your comments, everybody. :)

    HeredonCove, no kidding, right? Lucian's moving much too fast for Rebecca's liking. Slowing down might be a good course of action - he wouldn't want to scare her off!

    Riverdale, definitely nothing wrong with marriage, though Rebecca isn't the type to have thought about it much one way or the other just yet. She has plenty of other things to think about until that time comes for her.

    Apple Valley, well, Rebecca's only 21 and I don't think she really wants to be married to anyone right now. Lucian is really way too keen. I'll graduate Lucian along with her next January and see what happens.

    Maisie, lol, I agree! Rebecca and Lucian have only really been dating a year, which isn't all that long in Sim terms! She's not the kind of romantic who'd fall head over heels so quickly and get all caught up before she even had a chance to think. Rebecca likes to think!

    I can't imagine that the Kirby farmhouse would be all that conducive to studying with four other adults (one of them being Megan!) and a baby around. Susannah will be a much quieter and considerate housemate for Rebecca. And I think they'll be fun to play together as well. :)

  6. My initial thought about Lucian wanting to get married was: "RUN, girl, run!" LOL. I'm glad she's taking it slow. Lucian should really not pressure her, that's a sure way to make her break up with him.

    It'll be so much fun to have Rebecca and Susannah as room mates, I'm sure.

    Your hood project sounds so interesting, I hope you post pics once you're done. Although I always enjoy watching the "in-progress" pics as well.

  7. Wow, Lucian! He kind of reminds me of how my Micah was in college, and we know what a mess that turned out to be! Sometimes they just don't get that slow means back-the-crap-off!!! lol!

    I'm glad Rebecca is holding firm with him though. And I'm excited that she and Susannah will have their own place after graduation! I agree, much better for studying, lol!

  8. Sari, ha, yes, I'm sure that's what she was thinking in her head when Lucian first floated the idea as well!

    I love playing roommates but a couple of my households broke up recently, so I'll be happy to have another. Susannah and Rebecca will be a good pair.

    I will definitely post more pics as I go but as with the rest of Sullivan, it will probably always be a work in progress. I still need to build/download a house to use for the family units and then my current uni will be up to par with the old one. Then I'll probably post some more pics.

    Laura, oh, I didn't think of your Micah. But I can see it now - both very earnest, which is not always a good thing. Although I can't really fault either of them for it at the same time. There are good intentions there but it's just too much, too soon.

    Susannah and Rebecca may end up with Audrey as a third roommate, I think. I'm in the middle of my second uni session and Audrey and Susannah are quite chummy. LOL but I'm getting ahead of myself again. Who knows what will happen between now and then?

  9. Okat this line: "And he can keep his cool under pressure in a way that I can't and I really admire that." with that picture totally made me laugh. Nice way to understate Rebecca, lol!

    And wow, yikes! It's a good idea to slow things down and take your time and not be pressured. Besides, Susannah and Rebecca living in a house together again as adults? Fun times ahead.

  10. Oooh, you made the house into a dorm! I was wondering how you were going to handle that! I never thought of doing it like that. I hope you don't mind that I'm (yet again) stealing this idea from you??

    It's good that Rebecca wants to take things slow, and doesn't jump in to marriage straight away! I would love to see those 2 end up together, they look good together!
    And Yay for Susannah finally finding someone who she's a little bit interested in! She deserves it!
    I'm glad those 2 girls will be living together when they graduate, they will be having a lot of fun, I'm sure of that!
    And I'm sure Megan will get over the fact that her youngest one isn't moving back home!

  11. Lunar, LOL, that fire just happened to occur and wasn't really planned but I couldn't exclude that picture. It was too funny, so I had to write it in.

    I would hate for Rebecca to miss out on roommate time. I think she'd regret that. For her, the best choice is to go and be young for a while and then think about settling down.

    Tanja, yeah, steal away! I was wondering how others dealt with this and then thought maybe they just gave up on the idea of private housing, Uni-style? I really need that in my hood though.

    Rebecca and Lucian may end up together one day but today is not the right time! Marriage can wait.

    Heh, more on Susannah in today's update. She's been busy.

    Megan will have to get over the fact that Rebecca's not moving home, because Rebecca is the most headstrong of the Kirby girls. Megan would have no hope of Rebecca bending to her will just because she complains.

  12. I pretty much ditto what everyone else has already said. Lucian better take it easy if he doesn't want her to go running for the hills. Rebecca has a good head on her shoulders though and seems to know what she wants. Playing her and Susannah together should be fun. Speaking of which, I'm glad Susannah is finally getting out there and meeting people. That guy is pretty cute.

  13. Danielle, definitely! Lucian needs to slow down. This kind of thing is sure to turn Rebecca off!

    Sam is cute, though he needed a bit of surgery to get that way! I'm hoping he turns up again, somewhere along the line.

  14. Lucian is definately moving too fast. No wonder it freaked Rebecca out! What a fool, lol!

    The house looks great! (and so does she, hehehe)

    I'm really happy she finally took Susannah on a date. I really enjoyed that part.

    and the whole updatE!

  15. bbop, Lucian is just very eager, I think. I'm not sure he realises how very full on he seems at the moment.

    Thanks! I built and decorated this house myself. Decorating I do all the time but I don't often build. It's a little spartan but I like it.

    More on Susannah in the next update.


  16. I need to start checking your blog more frequently. I keep expecting your updates to show up on VSS, but I think you don't update there until you do a few!

    I love the picture of Rebecca urging Susannah to go talk to Sam, and Susannah looks like she's fidgeting nervously! Perfect!

    Yeesh! Marriage is on Lucian's brain, huh? Interesting that it hasn't crossed Rebecca's mind yet. I think taking it slowly isn't a bad idea in that case!

  17. Rachel, ah, I update the thread at VSS once a week, usually on Saturdays, and put all the updates for the week in the same post. It seemed a bit attention-whorey to keep updating that thread, as frequently as I blog! But anyway, you won't miss any if you rely on VSS but you won't know about each update the second it's released either. It's really whatever works better for you.

    Rebecca was a little more cartoony than what I was going for in that picture but I went with it anyway. Glad it worked!

    Rebecca's definitely not got marriage on the mind, though Lucian has met her parents now. So there's that. I haven't written that update yet though, as I only played it yesterday. It was...interesting, lol.

  18. I'm a long-time lurker, but I finally had to emerge from under my rock to ask a question about your game play. I just love your blog and I'm setting up my own so I've been re-reading to for inspiration. I was wondering why you switched from a uni hood university to a base hood university? I have the hack that allows young adults outside of a uni hood. Is your uni now a part of your base hood? Or is it a separate, non-uni-hood neighborhood? All right, I'll stop rambling now. Any insight you could give would be great! Thanks in advance!!

    1. Hi! Always nice to see someone delurking! I'm really glad you've been enjoying Sullivan.

      I had a few reasons for switching to a base hood uni, I guess. One was curiosity; so many other simmers had switched and every single one of them said they'd never go back to having a uni hood uni. I figured there must be something awesome about this base hood uni thing!

      I think the thing that really attracted me to it though was being able to have my regular sims visit uni community lots. I think, at the time, I'd just built my science faculty and it occurred to me that it would make a really good workplace for science career sims as well, if only they could visit! It's nice to be able to have students living in the regular hood too but the vast majority of mine still live on campus. The community lots were probably what really won me over, I think!

      My current uni is in a shopping district hood. The main advantage of that, over a downtown, was that it didn't add any more townies.

      Thanks for reading!