Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Science vs romance

Round 29: February 2030 (Summer)

James Novak is 55, Madelyn is 50 and Connor is 17.
(Aaron is 27, Ethan is 24, Charlie is 18, Josh and Elspeth is 16 and Chris is 15)

Narrated by Connor Novak

When Elspeth and I broke up, I really didn't care that much. I was bummed but I was generally okay with it after a little while. I just put my head down and focused on school instead.

So I didn't really expect to be so gutted when I saw her with Chris in the park one day. I had no idea they were dating.

I was pretty angry about it and I didn't really know why. We're not together any more and I know she's allowed to go out with other guys now.

It still sucked to see it though. Mum could tell something was bugging me, so of course, she had to know what it was.

I didn't really feel like talking about it but Mum is very persistent, so I told her.

Dad was walking into the room just as I opened my mouth, so of course, he had to butt in as well. They both reminded me how annoyed I used to get with Elspeth's constant pleas for attention. I knew they were right but I didn't really want to hear it then. I just felt like moping around a little longer.

I've been a little stressed about getting into uni too, so that was adding to it. Mum and Dad both had to encourage me to even check my application online.

I was so worried I wouldn't get in. If I can't go to uni, I can't join the SCIA and I don't know what I'll do for a living if I can't do that.

Thank God, I did get in! I felt more relaxed straight away!

I even earned a couple of scholarships that are going to knock off a decent amount of my tuition fees. Mum and Dad aren't rich, so that was very welcome.

My best friend Charlie is starting his classes at Suffolk in a few weeks. He's already moved in up there but he's been back home a lot too. His girlfriend is pregnant with twins, so he's busy going to doctor's appointments with her and all that kind of stuff.

So even though he's been back home a lot, I've hardly seen him. All through high school, we played basketball every weekend but the one time I've got to talk to Charlie lately for more than 10 minutes was when he happened to be taking a walk by my house one night.

Charlie seems like he's coping pretty well, considering. He's got a lot on his plate right now. I hope we'll get to hang out a little more often when we're both on campus but who knows how busy he'll be once the babies are here.

I've been hanging out with Josh a lot instead lately.

When I first met him at work, I got the impression he thought I was kind of a nerd. Which was fine by me, because I thought he was a goof-off anyway. I just figured he only got the job because of his mum.

But working together every day after school, I got used to him, he got used to me and we actually get along pretty well now.

It's good to have someone to watch basketball with. We even follow the same teams. My parents aren't interested and Aaron and Ethan never were either.

Not that I hold that against them. We're a little closer now that I'm older and apart from Mum and Dad, my brothers were the first ones I told about getting into Suffolk.

Right away, they started telling me how much they liked it there and what a great time I was going to have too.

I've got almost a whole year before I actually head off to campus but I already can't wait.


Just a little bit of the new Sullivan. The Novak house is the one with the lake hood deco right behind it.

It makes for a more interesting view from their backyard, compared to what they used to have. I think I'll add some trees around it though.

  • Title is from Science vs Romance by Rilo Kiley.
  • Connor earned 6 scholarships, so he'll be heading off to Suffolk in January 2031.There was never much doubt, as he's already maxed 3 of his skills.
  • I think a big part of Josh's problem with Connor was that he was dating Elspeth. That hurdle is gone now, so they get along. I'm glad, because Josh doesn't really have a lot of guy friends.
  • I was very, very surprised at Connor's reaction to seeing her with Chris! When I had Chris flirt with Elspeth in front of him, Connor's relationship with both of them dropped below zero and he was ready to go over and slap her! He still had the red heart but ACR says he really shouldn't get jealous unless he's engaged or going steady with someone. So that was weird! If you're wondering, I cancelled the slapping because that's silly. Elspeth and Connor aren't in a relationship any more and I don't think it would have much sense for him to go over and slap her, even if he was upset.


  1. OOO Connor is learning that its hard to adjust after a break up. Your mind tells you to act one way and the heart says to act another way.

  2. HeredonCove, he is! I can see Connor thinking he's almost above those kinds of feelings but none of us are. Maybe he'll meet someone new in college, if he can tear himself away from the books long enough.

  3. I'm happy Conner got into university, but was there ever really a doubt. I always thought of him as being into the books, so why was he so worried? The view from the backyard onto the lake is amazing, I love building my lots to take advantage of views. What pose box is Madelyn using in the scene with Conner and the laptop?

  4. I never had any doubt about Connor going to college. He has always seemed a bit of a bookworm for me. I'm glad he got in and I'm sure he'll have a great time there. Hopefully he'll meet someone new so that he can really get over Elspeth. She has obviously moved on.

    I like the new Sullivan a lot! And the view from the Novaks' house is amazing. I'm gonna do some major changes with HoodReplace for Wellington after I finish my current round (if I ever finish it).

  5. Question: how are u remodeling? Are you building a hood from scratch and then using Hoodreplace?

    I'm also curious how Suffolk looks as well. I'm in the midst of constructing my two uni's: the in-hood city campus and the suburban campus as an uni-hood and would like to compare notes.

  6. Poor Connor, break ups are hard for everyone! I can totally see him thinking he was immune to jealously and other "trivial" emotions! I can't wait to see him in uni, it should be very interesting! Sullivan is looking great!

  7. Congrats to Connor on getting into college and for earning so many scholarships! He should have known he was going to get in. And ooh, he does have feelings. Sometimes you can't help but feel shocked/hurt when you see someone you used to be with with someone else. I agree about canceling the slap interaction. It just wouldn't make sense.

    And the hood does look great and I like the view from their backyard. Some of my houses have really great views and others have the "cliff of death" view, as I like to call it lol.

  8. lol, oh Connor! He does seem the type to think he's above petty jealousy, so it's a good lesson to learn now that he's not!

    I can't wait to see him in college. Hopefully he ends up with someone more fitting for him than Elspeth.

  9. Oh good, now he and Josh and bond over how Elspeth broke both of their hearts, lol! Man, what a little heartbreaker she's turning out to be! Chris better watch out - he's bound to be next!

    I can't wait to see what he gets up to in college!

  10. Oh my gosh, as a senior in high school struggling with getting into college and paying for it, man I can relate to Connor!

    I'm sad to see him have his heart broken, but let's be real - who wants to go to COLLEGE in a relationship???

    Single and ready to mingle, I say!

  11. It's good to see Connor so happy, it seems like he couldn't stop smiling after he got the news he got into uni.
    I hope he gets to see more of his friend, Charlie, once the babies are born, but I don't think he will. It's understandable though, babies are a lot of work.
    I'm glad he's finally starting to bond with Josh, they might have more in commong than they think.

    I like the pictures of the new Sullivan, it looks good, I can't wait to see more of it!
    Nor can I wait to see more of your base hood uni! I read your tweet, but it was hours after you posted it, so I didn't comment, but I really like to know what you did for private housing in your base hood!

    I have a question about Connor's outfit, it's not a WCIF this time, althout I wouldn't mind knowing :) but I would like to know if it's one piece or seperates, because I have been looking for decent shorts of bermuda's for guys, but I don't find them, but that might be because I'm too picky...

  12. Apple Valley, I think everyone around Connor knew he'd get in but when you want something that badly, it's still nerve-wracking, even if your chances are good.

    I tend to do it the other way around - I place my lots and then put the deco around it!

    I'm almost positive Madelyn is using MayPink's Sexy Posebox. That pose would probably look really wrong in that scene if she was dressed differently and facing Connor instead of being right next to him! I don't think I used the pose in quite the way that was intended. ;)

    Sari, no, nor did I. Three skills maxed out, straight As, a pool table in the house, top of his career...that's 6 scholarships right there!

    I cannot imagine what girl might be just around the corner for Connor but I'm looking forward to finding out.

    Thanks! Their old view was pretty boring!

    LaurelCrossing, no, I've never built a hood from scratch. I just download a terrain I like and then do HoodReplace.

    It might be a while before you see the new Suffolk in its entirety. It's a trickier terrain to work with, so it's going to take me longer to decorate! I'm getting there though.

    Mizzgin03, I'm sure he wasn't expecting to feel like that, because he really wasn't ever really into Elspeth. The poor boy, this "trivial" stuff has taken him by surprise!


    Danielle, I think Connor had a good idea that he'd get in because he really did work hard but his only dream is to join the SCIA. So it was absolutely crucial that he got in or he really didn't know what else he'd do.

    I think that's all it really is for Connor. It's not about wanting to get back together with Elspeth. They were an awful match and he knows that as well as she does.

    LOL, cliff of death! Yeah, I think the Novaks were actually one of the houses that had that kind of view. Much nicer now! Thanks!

  13. LOL, hit the character limit!

    Lunar, yes and Connor has learnt that lesson young, which is always good. I think it was definitely something he needed to learn.

    I'm as curious as you guys all are to see Connor in college!

    Laura, ha, she is, isn't she? I think of all my teens, Elspeth is the one I'm most curious to see in college but I have a while to wait - she won't go until 2032.

    Poor Chris...they only have one bolt, so he just might be next!

    bbop, right, that was a scary amount of time ago for me (more than 10 years!) but I still remember that feeling well. "What am I going to do with my life if I don't get in?" I never did figure that out, so I'm glad I got in!

    Ah, very true! The singles probably have more fun!

    Tanja, now that Connor knows he's going to college, it's definitely a load off.

    I don't know if he'll see much more of Charlie either, unless he makes the effort to head out to the family housing units and visit. He and Camilla are not going to have a lot of free time!

    That's what I never realised about Josh and Connor - they actually make a lot of sense as friends, even though you might not think it to look at them.

    All will be revealed early next week! It's not that revolutionary or anything but I was worried about what I'd do for private housing in my base hood uni, seeing I have Charlie and Camilla to think about. They need private housing. This will work quite well. :D

    Connor's outfit is definitely a full outfit, not a top and bottom. Those aren't Bermuda shorts anyway, they're more like baggy cargos. But the shorts Connor was wearing in this round's high school update are Bermudas and they're separate bottoms.

    I think I have two recolours of the mesh - both of them are a dark, subtle plaid pattern. I'll check where I got them from today and get back to you. :D

    I don't think it's that you're picky by the way. There is just not a lot of stuff out there for males and even less for teen males. :\

  14. Carla, I don't tweet so I can't post it there but I just saw that you're loving the clone stamp to get rid of skill bars. I wanted to tell you that you can just grab them in game and delete them like you can delete anything with moveobjects on with no harm done. I've done it several times and my sims have still gained the skill points even though it's not visible. Will save you from having to go into photoshop later :).

  15. Tanja, Connor's shorts from the high school update are by Javiera.

    I couldn't find a way to link to the exact post but if you go to the "clothes" tag, they're currently right at the top. There are actually NINE colours, not two!

    Danielle, really? How cool, I'll have to try that! Thanks!

  16. Man! I keep opening this post up to comment, and then get sidetracked, or leave the house, or restart my computer... you get the drift! I feel like I've commented on it three times already. ;)

    I'm glad that Connor found a friend, and isn't *really* slapping Elspeth! (Oh man that woulda been a little crazy!). I hope he finds some nice, stable, studious girl at college, so he can fully move on.

    Josh and Connor as friends is totally something I never saw happening, they really do seem rather opposite. But I'm glad since Josh is lacking in the bro-hood.

    These three brothers are SOO different in personality. When I see them altogether, I'm always like, oh yah, Connor is their little brother.

    I was totally not concerned about him getting into college. Crazy kid to think he might not!

    Charlie seems like such a stand up young man, I sure wish I knew what he had.... Friday seems like eons away, this has been the slowest week already.

  17. Maisie, yes, I've done that so many times!

    Josh needed a guy friend. Connor did too, seeing Charlie is going to be busy for a good while but I think it was a bit dire for Josh! He's the kind of guy who I'd normally picture having a lot of friends but there were no other boys his exact age, so he fell in with Elspeth quite early on.

    Aaron and Ethan really are totally different to Connor. That would definitely tip you off that Connor is adopted, if the fact that he looks nothing like his brothers didn't give you a clue already!

    Patience, patience, lol! All twin details coming on Friday, for sure!

  18. Just a follow up. I tried deleting the skill bars last night and it works for everything except the buy bar in businesses :\. I wanted to take a pic of all the people in the Hu's store but there were so many buy bars that it was kind of ridiculous lol.

    And wow. I completely forgot that Connor was adopted. I know he looks like absolutely no one in the family but it just never clicked. I had to go back to that update to reread it lol. Those links to "last update" are pretty handy. I'll need to start doing that now before I get too far along.

  19. Danielle, oh, cool, I still haven't had a chance to test it, and probably won't until Sunday. Bummer about the buy bars though - I might have to use the clone stamp for those!

    I hope you managed to find the update where Connor arrived. James and Madelyn had the adoption talk in a regular update but he arrived in a birthday update, and I don't have those linked with the "last/next" thing. But yeah, Connor was an ROS adoption! I think I downloaded him as a toddler from somewhere.

  20. Thank you so much for the link, downloaded a lot more than I intended to, but I need it (at least that's what I keep telling myself anyway :))

    You're absolutely right, there isn't much out there for male sims, and it really is a shame, but since I can't create, I'm not one to complaint about it.

  21. Tanja, you're welcome! Javiera makes some great stuff. :)

    If I was more talented with Photoshop, I'd do clothing recolours. There are a few colours I really need more of for females and I just need more stuff in general for males, especially not ultra-trendy stuff. Guys like Connor and Finn wouldn't wear those kinds of clothes, so what I have for them is limited. And middle-aged guys have it even worse. :\

  22. lol...Connor is so cute. "Why do I feel bad about this?" He's so rational and practical that it's difficult for him to understand his feelings. I can't wait to see him in college--who knows what will happen to him there!

  23. Rachel, exactly. I think Elspeth was a good learning experience for Connor, even though they were such an awful match. These feelings might not be such a surprise to him this time, now that he's learnt even he is capable of them!

  24. Can I say, Connor is adorable? I love his voice. And he seems to be moving on from his heartbreak, can't wait to see what is ahead for him!

  25. Drew, thanks! Connor is a bit of a grumpy old man at 17 but I love him anyway. ;) I think he's definitely ready to let go of Elspeth though, so we'll see what's in store for him in college.