Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Gut feeling

Round 28: Spring 2028
Narrated by Ethan Novak

After graduation, I moved back home to live with my parents and little brother. It's only temporary - once my cousin Adrienne graduates, I'm going to be rooming with her and Matilda.

I'm a bit worried about the potential awkwardness of living with my ex but I'm hoping that will work out okay, seeing we're still friends. I'll at least be contributing to the household. I joined the police force right after college and my job pays really well for an entry level position.

With my first pay cheque, I bought a Saint Bernard and named him Kaiser. I probably should have got a cat, or at least a smaller dog, seeing I'm most likely going to live in an apartment next year but I couldn't resist him. Kaiser is such a great dog!

Mum loves him too, so I know if Matilda or Adrienne have a problem with him, Mum will gladly take care of him for me.

Dad probably won't be so thrilled with that idea. Kaiser is still a big puppy, so he tears things up all the time and generally makes a big mess.

But we're working on that, and he's getting better.

Maia and I started dating a few months after our camping trip and we're still together.

Maia pulled away from me a little when Tessa died. I was a little hurt but what could I really say? I just tried to be there if she wanted to talk or anything.

Sometimes I felt like she didn't really want me around at all.

But she said she did. I was good friends with Tessa too and Maia appreciates that. I'm the only one she's close to who knew Tessa at college, which is a whole part of her life that her sisters weren't really a part of.

We still talk about Tessa a lot but it's different now. I don't Maia will ever not miss her, of course. Her family is really close.

I wasn't sure if Maia would want to take our relationship any further than it went on vacation. I thought she might be a little wary, because she's 4 years older than I am. She was a bit hesitant at the beginning but it was more due to Aaron than our age difference.

I was a little worried about Aaron myself. He and Maia have been best friends for so long - as long as I can remember - and I was a bit nervous about Aaron's reaction.

Aaron and Calvin picked up on what was going on between Maia and me before we started dating though, so he wasn't exactly shocked when I told him we were going to try and make a go of it.

Aaron seems totally fine with it. Happy for us, even. I'm relieved.

We still keep all the affectionate stuff for when we're alone though. Those kind of public displays tend to be embarrassing for all involved, if you ask me.

Things aren't going so well for Connor on the girl front.

He was dating a girl named Elspeth for a few months.

She used to hang out at the house sometimes and to me, it seemed like they had fun together, though it was pretty obvious they were quite different.

But Elspeth was constantly irritated by Connor "ignoring" her and she ended it.

From what Connor has said to me, he doesn't seem particularly bothered by it. Elspeth was more into him than he was into her and he sees his "ignoring" her as quite different.

The way Connor tells it, Elspeth really grated on him. She didn't care if he was studying or otherwise occupied. He tried to be nice about it but it got too much.

Connor likes quiet when he studies and Elspeth would think nothing of blasting music while he was in the middle of his homework.

He'd try to go on with his work and Elspeth would be just furious at him.

It's probably better that Elspeth ended it. Connor keeps himself busy enough with school, and now with his after-school job at Town Hall.

He usually runs a lot of errands for all the higher-ups but occasionally, he gets to sit in on a meeting with the mayor. She's very big on liaising with youth and bringing any appropriate ideas they might have to the governor.

Connor's not really interested in going into politics when he's older but he likes to keep his options open. It's all going to look really good for him when he applies to Suffolk too, even though it's not like he wouldn't get in based on his grades alone!

Ethan met Maia's cat Ulysses and studied him really closely!

When Maia met Kaiser, he was weirdly fascinated with her. He just sat there with that goofy look on his face forever. I started to wonder if he was frozen!

I played James's car lot (up to Level 5 now) and Audrey turned up as a customer. She bought her first car and a pretty awesome one for a 16 year-old! She'll probably end up selling it when she ends up penniless after college, like all my other Sims. ;)

I just really like this one of James and Madelyn but had no reason at all to include it in the update!

  • Title is from Gut Feeling by Devo.
  • Ethan hadn't rolled any wants for Maia at the beginning of the session but he ended up booty-calling her. After that, his panel was constantly filled. Maia is a little more hesitant, probably due to her Pleasure/Popularity aspirations. I don't find either of those aspirations are especially prone to rolling romantic wants but she's rolling a few. So we'll see, I guess? They have very high chemistry and they make a lot of sense to me as a couple, so I'd like to keep them together, if I can.
  • Elspeth and Connor in his bedroom was all autonomous. She stood around trying to talk to him while he was working and then gave up and turned on his iPod. Cue Connor's exasperated groan. So Connor and Elspeth are over. Connor never rolled wants for her - even on dates, they were very rare. Elspeth was much more into Connor but I don't think she's the type to sit around hoping a boy will pay more attention to her. Some girls would but Elspeth would just move on. So she has.
  • LOL, I just don't know what I'll do with Connor! He's not quite like Finn. Finn is as serious as Connor (more, actually) but he's very nice as well. Connor is a total grump. All my nice girls seem too sweet for him but all my mean girls seem too playful. So Connor's future should be interesting.


  1. Poor Connor! Some sims are just meant to be alone for a little while. Kaiser is adorable! Hope they get him to stop chewing on the furniture soon.

  2. Maybe Connor will end up being that weird old guy with a pet snake or something, lol! Just kidding ;) He and Elspeth always seemed like a bit of an odd couple so the break-up doesn't really surprise me.

    Ethan and Maia are such a cute couple. I think it's great that he stood by her even when she pulled away. If they survived this kind of thing so early in their relationship then I'm sure they'll survive anything.

  3. I really like Ethan and Maia together and I hope they make it! Connor and Elspeth really were an odd couple. I'm kinda into nerdy grumpy guys so I think Connor is adorable and I hope he finds his match soon :)I love Kaiser, he's such a cutie!

  4. I love Kaiser, he looks like such a cuddly dog!
    And I like Maia and Ethan together.
    I don't think Elpeth and Connor breaking up is a bad thing though. At time they just didn't seem to connect ... and who knows, maybe Josh might have a chance with Elspeth now :)

  5. Thanks for reading, guys. :)

    gallowaytownship, yeah, I don't know if Connor was ready for the girlfriend thing. Not Elspeth as a girlfriend anyway! She's a bit full on.

    Sim dogs are a lot easier to train than real life dogs in that capacity, thank goodness.

    Sari, like the male equivalent of a crazy old cat lady! LOL. I think Connor might just have to learn how to give and take, which will hopefully come when he meets someone he really likes.

    Hopefully you're right about Ethan and Maia. It's definitely a huge thing to go through so early in a relationship.

    Mizzgin03, I think Ethan and Maia are really sweet. I think of them as similar in a lot of ways, so they're a good match.

    LOL, I love a nerd too, so I do really like Connor. I just have no idea what will become of him. He's one I'll be watching very closely.

    Tanja, I think Connor and Elspeth breaking up was really for the best! They weren't a good match at all.

    Believe it or not, I'd forgotten about poor old Josh! Yeah...I don't think he's going to be sobbing about this latest development, although there's still the matter of whether Elspeth will want to move onto Josh or not. She's concerned about dating changing their friendship, especially if things don't work out.

  6. I'm always amazed how much storyline you can fit into one little round. There's so much happening to your sims!
    Elspeth and Connor breaking probably was for the best. They didn't really connect in the first place, anyway, I think. But wow, he's serious and grumpy? That's a handful :D
    Maia and Ethan are really sweet together. It seems like she might finally have found her place in life :)

  7. Ethan and Maia are sweet together, definitely not a hot-heavy kind of fling, but nervous/shy, and eventually I'd bet they will be quite stable.

    I didn't see Connor and Elspeth making it too long, goodness, I remember when she was a toddler and SO cute! And she's just such a handful! Hopefully Connor finds someone in college that suits his tastes.

  8. Karolin, it's been a busy round, hasn't it? I think Tessa's death really amped everything up because it affected so many people.

    And yeah, Connor is serious and grumpy. Handful is right!

    It took Maia longer than it takes most of my Sims to find her niche but I hope she's found it now.

    Maisie, that's a good point. Maia was somewhat hesitant at starting up with Ethan and he hasn't really taken it lightly either. He's been heart-farting over her since he was 12.

    Elspeth has always been a handful but she must be giving her poor parents a heart attack by now. I think I said that she and Connor had 1 point of attraction, so yeah...not a match made in heaven. I'm sure there's somebody out there for him though.

  9. Kaiser is so cute, will be interesting to see what happens in the apartment.

    Ethan and Maia make a good couple... and I agree with what everyone else has said, Connor and Elspeth were never going to work out!

  10. Blackcat, I've got three smaller dogs who I love but sometimes I miss having a big huge dog, so I live vicariously through my Sims. ;)

    Connor and Elspeth are better off apart but I think Maia and Ethan complement each other quite well.

  11. Kaiser is adorable. I like how it looks like there's a little smile on his face lol. That pic of Ethan staring at Maia's cat is funny. And what a cool car Audrey bought!

    I hope Ethan and Maia work out. They're cute together. I agree with Sari. They made it through a tradegy in Maia's family so hopefully they can make it through anything else. And I'm glad to see Connor wasn't too broken up about Elspeth dumping him. It's for the best. They have completely different personalities.

  12. Dani, I actually don't think I've had a Saint Bernard in the game before but Kaiser sure is adorable. And I kind of want Audrey's car for myself!

    Ethan sticking around through the aftermath of Tessa's death would have cemented Maia's feelings about him, so I'm hoping it will be smooth sailing from here for them. They're sweet together.

    I just could not imagine Elspeth and Connor lasting longer than a few months. Even physically I don't think Connor would be what Elspeth would go for. I think she just wanted a boyfriend!

  13. Elspeth and Connor were hilarious! She is such a character. She would be the sort of person to do that. Poor Connor! He looks confused and a little tired, lol.

  14. Lunar, I don't blame Connor. I imagine Elspeth must be extremely tiring. They must have been the oddest pair I've ever had in Sullivan.