Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Round 29 ROS

I'm putting these up a little bit early again. I'm all excited about starting to track my rounds by months though, so I wanted to get my play schedule mapped out!

Yard sale - let's get rid of some of this crap! - this is a new one that I added this round. I stole it from someone at N99. ;)
Errands - visit 6 community lots before the end of the day - I am currently formulating ideas and it might actually be more interesting that it sounds to me right now. Hopefully!
You're feeling creative. Take up a new hobby or start a new business: painting, music, writing, crafting, pet breeding, whatever strikes your fancy.
Death by car accident (satellite death), so sad :( - again! I'd say more but it'd probably be a spoiler, so you'll have to wait and see.
Woohoo scavenger hunt (every available object - closet, bed, hot tub, elevator, change/photo booth, car) - I say this every time but the first time I rolled this, it was for Abigail and Nick was the result. I've only rolled it for elders since then. Not this time though. ;)


  1. No! Not another death! I would have re-rolled, you have a strong will!

    Hmmm... that woohoo scavenger hunt could definitely yield some interesting results, and I can't wait to see about the relationship pursuit one too! This round is shaping up to be pretty interesting!

  2. Whoops, that anonymous was me, sorry!

  3. OMG not another death! :( I don't know if I could go through with it if I rolled another one. Once you have a ROS death, you get a free pass for the next round... isn't that the rule? ;)

    The other ones sound pretty interesting, though. Let's see if we have any other teenaged pregnancies. You haven't had one of those in 25+ sim years. Well, I know Finn and Victoria were young but they weren't "teens" in the eyes of the game.

  4. OMG no!!! :(

    Dani, for real! It's my rule at least, lol! Since I already drew a death ROS last round (which will be carried out next round) I vetoed all death ROSs when I drew mine for my next round.


    But the others look interesting! The "most attractive Sim" usually stirs up some trouble. And the new hobby one is fun too.

  5. Thanks for reading, guys. :)

    Tessa, if you knew how many ROS deaths I'd already re-rolled! I definitely do not have that strong a will!

    Dani, you know I never thought of giving myself a free pass after I'd carried out one death ROS. I think several rounds back, I had three in a row and it still never occurred to me.

    There was also Adrienne, who was even younger than Victoria when she got pregnant (by a year, but still). But yes, according to the game, they weren't teens and Victoria was 20 by the time she gave birth anyway.

    Laura, LOL, maybe I should make that my rule from this round on? Seems fair. I did that for my flu epidemic ROS - three rounds in a row, I rerolled that. Next time, I'll play it through. I have my hospital and can make it more interesting.

    I can't say too much about the most attractive Sim one but it's going to require some creativity on my part. Today, I don't have it in me but hopefully by the time I get to that Sim, I'll have nutted something out!

  6. Aww not another death. :(

    I'm curious how you're going to make the errands one fun, I bet you will!

    And the woohoo could lead to an itty bitty bundle in nine months time!

    I'm two updates away from finishing this round, and am so nervous to roll my ROS after all your death rolls lately.

  7. Oh no, another death! I probably would've re-rolled but I admire you for sticking with it especially since the last one was so sad.

  8. Maisie, I am always nervous to roll my ROS! I could almost bite my nails down to the quick.

    Sari, thanks. I might take Laura and Dani's suggestion next round though - death ROS one round means I can reroll if I get one the next round!

  9. Oh, no! I'm so nervous about who got the death ROS. :(

    And good luck with the woohoo scavenger hunt one. Emma and Seth have their second set of twins to remember their scavenger hunt by, lol. ;)

  10. Oh, no, another death!! :(

    The relationship with the sim you're most attracted to one can do a lot of damage, too - that's the one that trashed Cory's first marriage in my hood. The Woohoo scavenger hunt sounds like it could be interesting, too :)

  11. Shana, oh, I forgot that Emma and Seth's twins were the result of a woohoo scavenger hunt! LOL...what a reminder!

    Blackcat, oh, I know that's true! I believe that was the ROS that Betsy rolled when she had the affair with Linnea. She and Kimberly separated but they got back together. But you know...could have gone the other way!