Thursday, 23 September 2010

Where you'll find me now

Round 28: Spring 2028
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Eliot Lane is 42, Cordy is 35, Timothy is 8 and Simon and Matthew are both 3.

Narrated by Cordy Lane

I was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame and a little ceremony was held for me at Town Hall. I received a plaque and everything!

I feel so accomplished now. I'd been working towards being the best of the best in the swimming world since I was a little girl and it's amazing to have finally reached that goal.

I should really find a more impressive place for it than above the old TV.

But still, I'm feeling very proud, as is Eliot.

I think that's partly because it gave him a great excuse to have the whole family over to our place. Like he's ever needed an excuse before. Anyway, we've got a pool which is wonderful for the kids (and some of the adults)!

Simon and Matthew stayed inside and played with Gabriel and Ruby.

I was a bit worried about my boys and the younger kids, because they're so much bigger and very bold, especially Simon.

Luc assures me that Ruby can take care of herself though. He wasn't worried.

Ruby ended up making quite good friends with Matthew, which was adorable.

Timothy adores his little cousin too.

She's such a little charmer, my niece! Kind of like her dad.

She's not shy about demanding what she wants either, which usually seems to be attention. Also just like Luc.

I wonder how Ruby will take to a little brother or sister. She's used to having both of her parents doting on her, with no other kids to steal her spotlight.

Come May, we'll all find out. Asha's happy about it but Luc's really happy.

Luc's been wanting kids since Timothy was born but it took Asha a lot longer to come around to the idea.

He's been such a good uncle to my kids and I was keen to see him as a dad myself!

It's very nice only swimming for pleasure now. It's completely different from getting up at the crack of dawn to train, or to train others, like I was doing when I was coaching.

Timothy gets out there with me too - he's still a water baby. I would love it if Matthew and Simon were the same way but they're too young right now.

I'm not the type to just rest on my laurels though. I need to challenge myself. My plan was always to swim for as long as I could and then finally dust off that law degree and use it.

I knew it would mean a pay cut though, as well as longer hours until I established myself, so I had to discuss it with Eliot.

Eliot didn't seem to think either of those problems were insurmountable. We're not exactly destitute. He's right about that and I'm very thankful for it.

And Eliot has never been reluctant to pick up my slack, child care wise, whenever it's been necessary.

I go a bit stir-crazy if I have to take care of all three boys on my own but Eliot thrives on it.

I sometimes get a little jealous of how great he is with them.

But I'm happier working full time so I was still excited to be hired at a law firm. It's reception work, which is a little soul-crushing seeing I have a degree I want to use but I can work my way up. I'm already dreaming about making my way all the way to the top!

I get home in time to put Matthew and Simon to bed, which Eliot leaves for me to do. I just wanted to have that little bit of bonding time with them. If I didn't, I'd probably never see them!

Timothy got used to me coming home at the same time as him, or earlier, and he's been asking Eliot why I have to work so long now.

I don't think I have much longer before Timothy is no longer so attached to me, so I'm making the most of it.

He spends most of his time with his friend Mitchell.

Mitchell is a year older than Timothy, so I hope they stay friends when Mitchell goes off to high school in a few years. I worry about Timothy making friends, because he can be so shy.

Mitchell's dad Jesse used to be Eliot's roommate though, so maybe the boys will stay friends just through sheer proximity. Jesse is over all the time and he usually brings Mitch with him.

One day, not long after starting my new job, I started feeling unwell. Just really queasy and generally horrible.

We were using birth control religiously, so it shouldn't have happened but it did - I'm pregnant again. Eliot is thrilled; I'm having a minor freak-out.

I really never pictured myself having more than two kids, so even three was a surprise. Four though? That takes us from a kind of big family to a really enormous family, at least in my mind.

And I only just started at this new job. I'm sure they'll love me going on maternity leave not even a year after I was hired.

Eliot's idea is for him to take leave instead. I'd take whatever I needed to recover physically and then go straight back to work. I guess it's not for every woman but I actually really love that plan. I'm anxious to advance and taking a year off after this baby arrives is not really something I want to do.

I'm still nervous about having such a huge family but I'm more relaxed knowing it won't affect my career as much. Now I can just focus on bugging Eliot with my usual pregnancy habits, like eating right out of the fridge because I just can't wait for him to finish cooking!

We've told Timothy about it. We'll have to move this time, which means it will be an even bigger change for him.

But Timothy seems okay with everything. He was very excited about the twins and he's excited again.

We love this house and it seemed huge when we moved in but with three kids, it's just not the case any more. We've been holding off on buying things we could well afford, because we just have no space for them. I'm really looking forward to getting a larger place!

Simon convinced just about every Sim at the party to pick him up at once stage. He's very outgoing.

Matthew's very shy, so he just chilled in the corner most of the time.

And hey, do I have a hack that allows this or something? I'm positive that pets and kids couldn't sleep on the same bed at the same time before!

And just some Simon-and-Matthew randomness (with bonus Napoleon) because they'll turn 4 very soon! I can't wait to see what they'll look like.

  • Title is from Where You'll Find Me Now by Neutral Milk Hotel.
  • Eliot rolled the Family Reunion ROS this round. This family ends up having pseudo family reunions a lot, because Eliot's aspiration means he rolls lots of wants to see various family members. But you don't have to twist my arm.
  • So if anyone was wondering if ACR birth control works on the Maxis woohoo interaction, I can definitely tell you that it doesn't! I had Cordy and Eliot talking on the bed and then wanted them to go to sleep but was too lazy to cancel the "relax" interaction, wait for them to get off the bed and then have them get back in. So I just had them woohoo and now, oops! Cordy and Eliot are having a baby. Or maybe babies. :\ Eliot's still got that benefit! I didn't remove it from him because I was so sure they were done!
  • I'm looking forward to moving this family too. They have $135,000 in cash so I don't think it will be too difficult to find a suitable place for them. I'm going to wait until Cordy's second trimester, just to make sure it's not twins again. That will require two additional bedrooms.
  • I am hoping for a boy, because of the boy shortage, but also because I would really love a family of four boys. I've never had one (or one of all girls either, actually). I'm sure I'll get a girl now, because I'm so keen on Cordy having a boy.
  • Assuming Cordy gets to the top of the Law career, she'll be my first Sullivan Sim to get to the top of two careers! Become Attorney-General is her LTW (default LTW is Become the Law) but she rolled the want to Reach the Top of the Law Career after her first day. And she's on Level 2. I've never seen a Sim roll that unless they're already at Level 8 or 9. So she's very motivated!
  • I can't find Jesse's tattoo box. :( Which means I don't have Owen's either. That box isn't fixed so I have to reapply them each session and I know I put them on Owen when I played that family just a few days ago.


  1. Yep, you do have a hack, it's MogHughson's Pets and Children share Bed mod from MTS.

    I loved the ceremony and wow about the new baby. That's a lot of changes for one family-new career, new house, and new baby(ies). I can't wait to see what house you download or build or get built for them. I bet it will be amazing.

  2. What a sweet family! Yeah, that baby(ies) is a big *oops*, but I'm sure they'll be great. It's a treat to see all of the toddlers together.

  3. Thanks for reading, guys. :)

    Apple Valley, ah, I have a vague recollection of downloading that! What a cute hack. MogHughson always has such awesome ideas.

    And yes, definitely a lot of changes in store for the Lanes. I really was not expecting another baby and am kind of freaking out myself about the possibility of twins! Five kids, argh!

    I'll definitely download a house for them, rather than build. I suck so much at building houses!

    gallowaytownship, a big oops is right! Poor Cordy. She never thought she'd have such a big family!

  4. I loved the ceremony and plaque! Great idea. :)

    Wow! This pregnancy was definitely a big surprise, lol! I can't wait to see what they'll have, and whether it's twins again. Their kids are just so cute, it would be hard to be too upset about a surprise pregnancy. ;)

  5. I love when sims have family reunions! And Matt, Simon, and Tim are so cute, I just know the new baby is going to be gorgeous! It is alot of changes for them, but I think they're all good changes. I can't wait to see what they end up having :)

  6. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for a boy for this family, but I can't help but wonder how a girl from these two would look!

    Aw, that familyreunion with all those toddlers! So sweet!

    Congratulations to Cordy, for reaching the top of her career, I hope she will succeed in what she's doing now.

  7. Shana, figured I'd give Kirstin something else to do. ;) LOL, I don't have a lot for the sports career but I wanted to do something for Cordy's work.

    Yes, I can't be too bummed about Cordy being pregnant again. I do love babies and she and Eliot do make cute ones!

    Mizzgin03, well, I'm hoping for a boy, as always. Actually, I really should check if I'm still unbalanced in this age group! Maybe I'm not - I wish for boys so often, just assuming I'm in a shortage, like I always seem to be, lol.

    I love doing family reunions. I always take so many pics!

    Tanja, I admit, I'm curious about what a daughter of Cordy and Eliot would look like too!

    I think Cordy will do well in her new career. I will actually have to take skill points away from her unless I want her to get a promotion every single day!

  8. I'm surprised as Cordy that she's having more! I totally saw them done. The kids are really adorable. It's too bad they'll be moving again, I like their house.

    Cordy has such an expressive face, I like her expression on the sofa, and the photo of her snacking while Eliot cooks.

    I've never had a family with four boys or girls ether. I've never had a family of 2 or more with all boys, and I really, really want it! I was hoping beyond hopes that Morgan's twins would be boys, just so I could accomplish that. But nope.

    Here's hoping you get your all boy family.

  9. Maisie, I definitely thought they were done as well! They're a cute little family though, so I'm not too sad about it. ;)

    I've always loved Cordy's face. No one else in the hood looks much like her - everyone else with her features is male, so she's sort of unique.

    Off the top of my head, James and Madelyn had 3 boys and Jace and Magdalena had 3 girls. 4 boys or 4 girls still hasn't happened for me though. I hope we both reach that one day. I remembered that it was something you were wanting for Morgan as well.

  10. Congratulations to Cordy for being inducted to the Hall of Fame!

    What a surprise pregnant. I was sure that they were done with babies already.

    I have one family with four boys. Elissa and Cal Cooper have Ben, Sam, Danny and Josh. Hopefully the Lanes will become your first family with four of the same gender.

  11. Sari, they would have been done, if it was up to me! Now I just have to hope it's not twins (actually, I already know but I won't reveal it here until the birthdays).

    Ah, forgot about your Coopers! It just seems like a lot of fun to me to have four of the same gender. Poor Cordy though - a house full of boys!

  12. Great idea to have a ceremony for Cordy. And wow, I know you are just as surprised as Cordy is on the new addition(s) lol. Sometimes our RL laziness has unexpected consequences ;). I can't wait to see the baby! I hope you get a family of all boys but I, too, would like to see Cordy have a little mini-me. Especially since you say she's the only female with her face, it'd be nice to have a little girl that looks similar to her.

    Fingers crossed that Cordy can make it to the top of the law career. She's still very young, doesn't have to go to law school like Gordon and is super motivated. I can see her doing it, no problem.

  13. Dani, well, if Cordy doesn't have a girl, I'll just have to hope one of her kids does, I guess! Only Simon really looks a lot like Eliot. I have bumped her into the second trimester though, so I know if it's twins or not. I'm going to write the birthdays today, so you guys will find out tomorrow!

    Yeah, poor Gordon! When I started this whole post-grad thing, I actually said that no one would need to do it except anyone who graduated after Finn's year. But I'm making Gordon do it anyway, seeing he's having a career change. But I've been talking about Cordy going into law after swimming from the beginning, so I figure she already had that figured out. ;)

  14. Oh, all the little babies are too adorable together! I love little playdates! :) I'm still getting used to the sight of Luc and Asha with a kid (soon to be two!!!) Shocking, lol!

    And wow @ four kids! But yes, I can see Eliot as a stay-at-home dad! I'm glad they both agree on the plan!

    And LOL, I totally do that too, with the have them do it just because I'm too lazy to get them out of bed just to put them back in bed!

  15. Laura, I love playdates too! I still want to get all of this group's kids together - Rose/Joanna, Asha, Cordy, Ione, Lia and Olivia. I think all together, they have like 13 kids! Glutton for punishment!

    I'm still getting used to Luc and Asha with a kid myself and they surprised by trying for a second so soon! But they seem to be doing okay with her, lol!

    Eliot is going to love this stay-at-home dad thing. I checked last night and he has 7 vacation days saved up and only works 3 or 4 days a week as it is, so they should be able to swing it for at least this round.

    I will probably try to be less lazy in the future, at least when the Sims in question already have this many damn kids, lol!