Friday, 10 September 2010

Sweetness follows

Round 28: Winter 2028
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Gordon Nott is 32, Lia is 31, Georgina and Annabel are both 4 and Gabriel is 1.
(Jace is 71, Magdalena is 64 and Ione is 32)

Narrated by Lia Nott

It's been about six weeks since Tessa's funeral and despite what Gordon thinks, I'm doing okay. As well as I could be expected to be doing, anyway.

He's just worried about me because I spend so much time on the phone checking up on everyone else. My parents, Maia, Dominic...I feel better if I know everyone is all right.

I'm a worrier, I can't help it. Even under normal circumstances. But when something so horrible happens, it's even more of a compulsion.

Mum wishes I'd let her worry about me for once but I think Tessa's death has been hardest for her and Dad. I don't know what I'd do if something happened to one of my children.

I wish she'd retire but financially, my parents aren't really in a position to do that. Maybe it's better that she keeps busy anyway, I don't know.

Dad has had to reopen the shop as well, just to make ends meet. He'd never sell it but I don't think his heart is in it any more.

When Gordon gets home from work, a couple of afternoons a week I take Georgina and Annabel down, just to brighten his day a bit. The kids are so lucky to have such great grandparents. Mine died when I was still quite young, so I hardly knew them.

Gordon keeps telling me I need to worry more about myself and not so much about other people. He wants to make sure I'm taking enough time to deal with my own grief.

But I think I am. I was all set to go back to work when Gabriel turned 1 but instead, I decided to extend my maternity leave for a little bit and stay home with him. He's so active now and he keeps me pretty busy.

Now that Gabriel's mobile, we have to watch him every second.

But I also get a lot of quiet time with Gabriel, which is nice. I've been able to have one on one time with him that I didn't get with the girls.

There are so many reminders of Tessa, almost everywhere I look. I got out one of my old toy robots for Gabriel to play with and I remembered making my first ones, which I gave to Maia and Tessa.

When I put Gabriel down for his nap, I take some time for just me and I usually think about Tessa. There's a picture of her, me and Maia from the wedding hanging in our living room. It's my favourite picture of the three of us, even though it's now just sad to think about us never being together like that again.

I wasn't sure how the girls would take Tessa's death. They're so young and I wasn't sure how to broach the subject with them.

Both of them have had a lot of questions though, so I've just been answering them as they come up and trying to focus on all the happy memories we have of Tessa.

Ione is just across the road from us and I see her all the time. It's so easy for her to just drop over and vice versa.

She's a good listener and when I feel like talking about Tessa, she's there.

Ione wants us to get our whole group together again, now that we all have kids but I don't feel quite ready for socialising in such a huge group. And it would be a huge group - six of us girls, plus 5 husbands and 10 kids between us all!

Even though Gordon doesn't quite understand why I'm so focused on everyone else, he has been really wonderful through all of this.

Tessa's death has been the worst thing I've ever experience and Gordon has been so supportive.

He was the one who took on the majority of the child care in the days right after Tessa died, when I felt like I couldn't handle anything.

And he took care of me too. I'm so grateful to have him.

Since Gordon got the idea of law school in his head, he hasn't talked about much else. He's so excited about it.

I think the twins are sick of hearing about it. They've got so little idea of what "law school" even is and I can see their little eyes glazing over every time it's mentioned.

I really want this for Gordon. He's never been happy at the newspaper and I think law is something he'd really enjoy. It's so expensive though and we're unfortunately going to have to put it off a while longer.

I know Gordon is disappointed. 32 is still young but he'll be at least mid-thirties by the time he gets to go back to school. I can tell he's worried that's too old.

Once he starts though, he's going to be working all day and then studying when he gets home. So Gordon is trying to look at the positive side of waiting, which is that he's able to spend lots more time with Gabriel while he's still little.

He'll get there. We just need to wait a little bit longer.

I'm really pleased that Annabel and Georgina are so close.

They do everything together, and I'm glad they've got each other. I just can't believe that twin girls raised by the same parents could be so different.

Georgina loves school. She loves to read and write and her teachers all rave about her.

She loves to paint as well and she can't wait until they start proper art classes at school next year, in the art room.

Annabel, on the other hand, is not as keen on school. At least a couple of times a week, we get notes from the teacher telling us that she's daydreaming in class or not listening to the teacher's instructions.

I asked her about school, and her teachers and she told me she hates it. Everything except lunch time and free time.

Annabel and I had a little talk about how important school is and how she might have a little fun there too, if she tried a bit harder. I mean, this is just her first year of 14! She's going to be miserable if she hates school all the way through.

She promised me she'd try to do better.

But the next afternoon, instead of doing her reading, she headed straight for the TV.

Usually, Annabel likes to go looking for bugs with Gordon if he's home when school lets out. The snow is so heavy right now though, even though winter is just starting, and it's not great weather for insect collecting. I hope she gets back into it when it gets warmer again. I'd really like this couch potato thing to be just a phase!




And more adorableness!

  • Title is from Sweetness Follows by R.E.M.
  • Lia had the want to become friends with Dominic, so I guess she wanted to watch out for him. She always wants to talk with her family, so she's kind of like a mother hen type.
  • I can see possible conflict down the road for Annabel and Lia. They have negative conversations a lot and I can see the grades thing being a sticking point for them too. Annabel got a D-! Georgina, on the other hand, worked her way up to an A- without much difficulty at all.
  • I'm looking at getting Gordon into law school next round. They've got enough money now for the first year. I guess they'll be paying for this on an installment plan!


  1. The twins are different and I can see why Gordon is worried about Lia. I know she's a mother hen, but I wonder if she's coping as well.

  2. Everyone deals with grief in their own way. Seems like Lia is going to be alright. Poor Annabel! Hope the sister rift doesn't get too deep!

  3. Thanks for your comments, guys!

    Apple Valley, Gordon's concern is understandable but I think Lia's handling this the best way she knows how. She feels better when she knows everyone else is okay.

    gallowaytownship, yes, very true. It's also been a little while now since Tessa died, so it's not as raw for Lia as it was for her parents in their update.

    As of yet, there's no rift between the sisters - they seem to get along pretty well despite their differences, though I can see there might be problems with them down the road as well. I can see Lia and Annabel clashing a little though. Education is very important to Lia and it doesn't seem to be all that important to Annabel! But she's only 4, so she might get a little more interested as she gets older.

  4. It's good that Lia has found her own way to cope with her grief. It is amazing how kids from the same family can be so diffrent indeed. Hopefully Annabel will get more intrested in education or otherwise her future life will be very diffrent to her sister and they might just grow apart. Good thing they are tight at the momejt though.

  5. It suits Lia that she cares about everyone her, I'm sure she's doing fine in her own way.
    And she has Gordon to look after her, so she definatly will be ok.
    I love those twins, they look great!
    Maybe the difference between them makes them really good friends!

  6. Marcus and Oliver are like that as well, where Marcus is book smart, Oliver isn't. He doesn't make D's but he can do better, well, that's what his parents thought. But for now Marcus is falling off in school since their parents died. So, like Lia, I think hes coping in his own way.

    And that little boy in the window is very creapy!

  7. Thanks for reading, all!

    Speechless, oooh, I hope so. Disinterest in school seems to run in the family. Maia was like that all the way through and Tessa started out that way, but she got better as she got older. Hopefully, Annabel takes more after Tessa. ;)

    Tanja, I think it makes sense for Lia to be this way too. Gordon will make sure she doesn't go overboard, so we don't need to worry about her too much.

    I love the twins too. And yeah, maybe they provide a nice balance for each other.

    Riverdale, I forgot about your Marcus and Oliver. Those poor kids...I could hardly blame either one of them for not being particularly interested in school right now. Maybe Annabel misses Tessa more than she's letting on.

    LOL, that's Austin in the window! He came home from school with the twins and then wouldn't come inside. He just stood there at the window!

  8. I think Lia just is the kind of person who worries about others more than about herself. I'm glad to see that this family is doing well after Tessa's death.

    The kids are so adorable, especially Annabel! Maybe she's just having a rough start at school and will get more interested in studying when she grows up.

  9. It looks like Lia is taking this a lot better than I thought she would. I'm glad she's trying to hold it together, but I think having her kids really helps. Hopefully she and Annabel can work things out, I would hate to see them driven apart over something like this.

  10. Oh my goodness! Annabell's expression about school, when she's on the sofa, is serious way too cute.

    I hope Gordon to get back in to school to get his Law Degree, I can understand him feeling like he's getting old in that regard, and wanting to already be making some good money for his family. Is Gordon a short sim? He just seems like it to me, but then maybe Lia is a tall sim.

    Gabriel is adorable, I was thinking they might have a surprise baby, but guess not... yet.

    I've always seen Lia as a mother-hen type too, I think once their parents are gone, she'd be the one to host holiday parties, and make sure everyone stays connected and close. Though it wouldn't be as difficult with Tessa gone now. :(

  11. Thanks for the comments, everyone!

    Sari, I seem to unconsciously write Lia to be a little like my mother. This sort of thing is typical of my mum! And Gordon's reaction is typical of my sister and me, telling her to look after herself.

    Annabel has good examples to follow, with her sister, as well as Lia who is very academic and Gordon who's going back to school when they can afford it. Hopefully, it'll rub off on her!

    Tessa, I think the kids help too. Unlike Jace and Magdalena, Lia has three little people who need her 24/7, so she has something else to throw herself into, when she needs to.

    Lia is the type of mother who would work actively at creating a good relationship with her kids but it's a two way street, so it depends on Annabel too.

    Maisie, LOL, yeah, that's why I think Lia and Annabel might have a bit of a shaky relationship at times, as Annabel gets older. It's really easy to catch her in expressions like that when she's talking to Lia!

    Gordon will definitely go to law school. Hopefully before he's 35! People make career changes at older ages than that but law school is four years!

    Gordon is a short Sim - he's 0.98. Lia is average (for a woman) at 0.96. Gordon and Jace are the only men in my hood who are shorter than average.

    Lia and Gordon have both rolled up the want for another baby but they're allowed to use BC, so they didn't try. Lia has reached her ACR Ideal - Gordon has not. I'm not sure whether they'd still try, in that case. Hmmm.

    Yeah, Lia is definitely like that. She and Gordon have the best house for holiday parties, that's for sure - with that big yard. She'll make sure everyone keeps in contact. But the holidays will always have a little bit of sadness now, without Tessa. :\

  12. I agree that Lia is dealing with her grief the best way she knows how. Hopefully it won't be a problem for her down the road. The twins remind me of my Imani and Imara, they're so different it may be trouble down the road. Who knows Annabel may come around and start to like school later :)

  13. This family is too sweet. It's amazing how much maturation Gordon has done since college.

    And Lia does seem like a mother hen type. I could see that definitely causing issues with her daughter down the road. It's cute though that she sat her daughter down to have a serious discussion with her about school when she's only 4. But that does seem so Lia, lol.

  14. Mizzgin03, yeah, Lia is doing okay, considering. Everyone's going to feel a little down (a lot down, really) for a while, but they're all slowly returning to some kind of routine.

    Ah, I didn't think of your Imani and Imara! Yeah, similar sort of situation, I guess. I can see Annabel ending up as somewhat of a black sheep, which I don't want to happen, but I guess we'll see!

    Lunar, I often think about that. Gordon's come a long way, fortunately for his wife and children.

    I can see Lia's mother hen personality manifesting itself in some serious worrying, especially once the girls start dating. That's probably going to come off as nagging to Annabel because I think she has kind of an independent streak. Oh gosh, they're only 4 and I'm already thinking about when they're 15!

    Lia wouldn't really understand not trying hard at school and not doing everything the teacher tells you to do. I imagine if Annabel keeps this up, she'll probably start panicking!

  15. one of my favorites! This family is too cute, especially Gordon and Lia.

    Are the twins academic differences storytelling or really ture in game? Does one love it so much more than the other? how realistic!

    Wow. The fact that Lia kepy thinking of Tessa broke my heart a little.

  16. bbop, thank you, the Notts are a favourite family of mine too.

    The twins' academic differences are all based on game play, actually!I use Harder Harder Grades, which really lives up to its name. On top of that, Georgina gets the want to do her homework a lot and Annabel rarely. I make them do their homework every day, because I don't want them taken by the social worker but it's not helping Annabel's grades. It's a great hack. When I think of it, I'll hunt it down and add it to my hacks post, because it's a must-have for me now, along with Community Lot Time.

    This whole Tessa storyline is breaking my heart. :( So sad.

  17. Gabriel's such a cutie. I'm glad Gordon got his act together after college so we can see these beautiful children. I really need to remember to have big dogs around when my sims have toddlers. And I would love to see all the girls, their husbands and 10 kids(eek!) all together but yea, it may be too soon for someone like Lia. And poor Annabel struggling with school already. Hopefully she'll get better at it cuz she does have a looong way to go!

    LOL @ Austin in the window. I hope he doesn't become a little peeping Tom ;). And I hope Gordon can go to law school next round!

    Now that you said you use Harder Harder Grades, I have to wonder what I'm using now. Hmmm. Harder Harder makes the skill they have to focus on random (or based on personality or something), right? While Harder focuses on logic?

  18. Dani, Gordon's done a lot of growing up but I guess, ideally, most people grow up at least a little between 20 and 30. But wow, Gordon really needed to!

    I'm planning on doing a big get-together with everybody and the kids near the end of the round - either at Olivia's house or at Rose and Joanna's. I just really want to see everyone together! I actually started to do it with this play session and got everyone on the lot but once I started making everyone selectable, I realised I had about as many people on a lot as I do at my weddings and I didn't have the energy for that at that moment!

    Yup, Harder Grades focuses on logic and Harder Harder Grades bases the skill they have to focus on on something. Mine only skill autonomously or when they have the want anyway, so I haven't really looked into what determines the skill.