Friday, 3 September 2010

Download: Brownstone-style residential

Back at the beginning of this round, I moved Steve and Olivia into this awesome brownstone I downloaded. I started to decorate it but when I directed Olivia to put Ramona in the just-placed crib, she couldn't. There was a whole staircase missing and I couldn't find a place to fit one in.

So, they moved out and instead, they bought another house. They'll stay there now, as I've decorated it and they seem happy there. It's a good house. But I really loved how the brownstones looked in my hood, all lined up in my new terrain. So I decided to have a go at my own.

The exterior is definitely inspired by the original lot but my layout is much simpler and much more spacious.

This is a 3x1 lot, with four bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and even a little backyard in the back. Plus a roof top garden, which is what I loved so much about the original house.

First floor layout.

Second floor layout (which just happens to be identical to the third floor layout).

And a few exterior pics:

If I've packaged this up correctly, the exterior should look exactly the same as it does in the pictures (minus the pot plants and lights on the roof). The interior is all Maxis and contains everything a Sim would need to survive but the living room and bedrooms are very sparse. So you'll want to redecorate. ;)

Download it here!

The original lot, which I forgot to link to, is here.


  1. Yay! Thank-you Carla! Downloaded and will be placed in game as soon as I get back in game

  2. Woohoow, Brownstone for download! I wish I would find a place for it, I'm going to download anyway, it simply has to fit somewhere!

  3. Ooo, thanks! This looks lovely, I can't wait to try it out! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Looks great! I always try and do the whole 'curved fence as railing' thing but it never turns out well for me.

  5. You're welcome, everyone!

    Tanja, your comment reminded me to add in the fact that the lot is 3x1. So it should be quite easy to fit it into most hoods, at least space-wise.

    Flit, oh, I wrestled with that fencing for a long time but I think it was worth it! Someone linked me to a tutorial that finally made it make sense to me. It's here:

    I think tutorials are free to download at TSR, although you do need to be logged in.

  6. Thank you Carla! The moment you posted this on N99 I knew I wanted it :)

  7. Lovely replica. I had the orginal i think you are talking about: however never had problem with the stairs, though i did change all stairs and floorplan a bit. I had 8 of them - 4 each side of the street, so they look lovely.
    I really like your version also :)

  8. Thank you! This is perfect timing, when I'm in the middle of recreating/making over my Downtown! Expect to see someone in my blog living in it at some stage soon... :)

  9. Thank you Carla!
    I loved this house when I saw it at N99 and it will fit perfectly in my DT.

  10. You're welcome, everyone! I don't normally build houses, so I'm glad this one turned out well.

  11. Thank you!! I'm going to need to find a new template for my downtown with all the houses from Starr and now your brownstone. I know I'll put a few duplicates down to complete the look.

  12. Have fun with it! I've got some duplicates in Exeter, though I'm going to go in and change the wallpaper and a few other details, just so they don't look so samey. :)