Monday, 19 July 2010

You say it's your birthday, Summer 2027

Steve and Olivia Nihill have about six months to go until the arrival of Baby Nihill!

In preparation for the baby, Steve and Olivia have bought a lovely old brownstone in Exeter. The rooftop garden is already their favourite part.

Baby Nihill is due in Winter 2027.

Also expecting a baby this winter are Luc Lane and Asha Royce. Asha is a tiny bit more relaxed now that she's had some time to get used to the idea of a baby but even in her second trimester, she's still suffering from morning sickness.

Back in Sullivan, Olivia and Asha's friend Lia Nott is going into labour! Perhaps twins have melted Gordon's brain, because he doesn't look like he knows what to do.

Thankfully, they make it to the hospital where Gabriel Benjamin Nott is born!

Josie Benton has just begun her internship and Lia is one of her first patients.

Josie has completed three years of medical school where all she could do was observe and she's thrilled to finally be doing something practical.

This year, her every move will be watched and assessed by Dr. David Sitko. Next year, Josie will be able to practise independently.

There are two little girls turning one in Sullivan this summer!

The first is Alice Jacobson, daughter of Claudio and Virginia Jacobson and half-sister of Matilda. No toddler pics of her parents but she looks like she's the spitting image of Claudio, with Virginia's colouring.

The other one-year-old is Sylvia Draper!

She appears to bear absolutely no resemblance to her biological mother, Adrienne. She looks exactly like her dad.

Well, Sabastian has grey eyes and Sylvia has blue, which comes from Adrienne's side. Other than that, she's her dad all over!

Shortly before her birthday, Sylvia was officially adopted by Rose and Joanna and is now busy getting to know her new parents.

Rose and Joanna are having a ball with Sylvia so far. She's a very outgoing little girl - or at least, as outgoing as someone can be when they're not yet very verbal!

They're both so relieved the home study is over and that they've finally got their little girl living with them, where she belongs.

Brendan Lachance has just turned 4. No more babies left at home for Tatiana!

Caitlin Romilly will be joining Brendan in his pre-school class. Hopefully, they'll make friends a little easier now that they're older.

Corbin and Pamela Gray's daughter Lucy is now 12. Her lifetime goal is to be an expert in five different areas of study. Her dad is a bookworm and her mother is a teacher, so that seems somewhat appropriate!

Chris Draper is also about to start high school. When he grows up, he'd like to be a city planner.

Chris will be joined in Grade 7 by his best friend Edward Lachance. Edward eventually aims to get into a career in oceanography. Lucky that aquarium just recently opened up!

Tessa Novak is 18 and about to start her first year at Suffolk University. She wants to go into business when she graduates but hasn't yet chosen a major.

Rebecca Kirby hasn't chosen a major yet either. In fact, she still doesn't have a clue what she wants to do with her life after university and is hoping inspiration will strike sometime before graduation!

Speaking of graduation, Sarah Carmody's four years of university are finally over! Her parents Betsy and Kimberly and her younger sister Susannah were there to cheer her on.

Sarah worked very hard during her time at Suffolk and managed to graduate with a 4.0 GPA.

Now that she's back home in Sullivan, she'll be living with her parents while studying for her Master's in architecture, with the ultimate aim for a job as a city planner.


I want to go back to doing outtakes as they come up, rather than a big bunch at the end of the round. So in that spirit, I give you...

The expressions on their faces are just cracking me up! I love that Steve just happened to look over while Olivia's belly was popping.

  • Profiles are all updated, as is the Play Schedule for Round 28, the student index and the Playable NPCs post. The Playable NPCs post has new family pics for the Jacobsons and the Grays. Go and see for yourself how much Alice looks like her daddy!
  • If you guessed that Olivia and Steve love the rooftop garden because that's the only part of the house that's decorated properly, you'd be right, lol! They've got plenty of money to furnish but I was feeling lazy and the house came with the garden already done.
  • If only you could see below Lia's arm in the picture of her with Gordon and Gabriel! It's just a mass of fingers poking through arms and arms impaling stomachs. But the part of the picture you can see turned out exactly as I pictured it in my mind. Well...if I'm being nitpicky (and I almost always am), I'd like Gordon's head to be lowered a little more but that was as good as I could get it. I hate the one of Lia on the bed with Josie next to her but I think I've just this second figured out a way to do that better next time, so hopefully it will work out.
  • Joanna and Rose are really sweet with Sylvia - I was so excited to finalise this adoption. When the social worker dropped Sylvia off (she was still a baby then), Joanna immediately rolled up the want to study parenting and once she aged to toddler, Rose rolled the want to teach her to talk. That amused me, seeing they seem like appropriate wants for a Knowledge Sim and a Popularity Sim (especially seeing my Popularity Sims often don't roll many wants for their kids at all).
  • Man, Rebecca is so hard to find a hairstyle for! As an adult, she looks even more like Trent in drag and in the Change Appearance screen, she looks very harsh. When she's smiling and moving around, she's much better.


  1. I love this post, so much going on!

    Olivia and Steve-love their new place, looks great.

    Josie at the hospital, thanks for the update on the hospital and Josie. Also, the photos look great of the birth and the parents holding their new baby. I need to update my pose boxes, wonderful shots of the couples.

  2. Awww, Sylvia and Alice look adorable! Tessa looks so much like Jace, and for some reason, I don't know why, to me, Rebecca looks a lot like Claudia!

    Edward and Lucy look great, and so does Chris, and that makes me wonder, is it just me, or does Chris have a Nick-and-a-half hair? Lol, I have such a Nick obsession don't I?

    Caitlin is adorable, she's so cute! And Brendan looks adorable too, I love how all of the Lachance kids look different from each other, they all have different faces :)

    And finally, it looks like your twin attack is coming to an end! I love the name Gabriel, and I'm sure he's going to be a cutie too! Also, would you mind sharing where you found Josie's nursing scrubs? I've been looking all over for an outfit like that but I've been having no luck :( Lol, sorry to spam you with so many Where Can I Find's , I really hope it's not a bother to you! And I'll end my comment rant now :D

    Oh, whoops, I almost forgot, I think my little sister is going to be commenting sometime or another tonight, she's been stalking me reading your blog for a while, so I finally just told her to read it herself, lol :D

  3. Apple Valley, heh, I'm glad! I always love my summer birthdays. I get so excited to age everyone up!

    And thank you. I'm having a lot of fun staging hospital scenes and I was pleased that the one of Gordon and Lia holding the baby went exactly to plan. It seems to be so rare!

    Tessa, epic comment! LOL, I don't mind! Any sort of nice comment is always welcome. :)

    Tessa looks even more like Jace now than she did as a teen. To me, Rebecca and Claudia have the same nose and chin but I think that's about it.

    That's what I love about the Lachance kids too. Dominic and Audrey are quite alike but the boy/girl thing plays that down a lot. Lia, Maia and Tessa and also the Kirby girls are "different but the same", genetics wise as well. I love having such variation within the one family.

    LOL, yeah, I'm removing that benefit from everybody, so Lia and Gordon just had a singleton! Olivia, Steve, Luc and Asha never had that benefit. I wonder if Luc and Asha will end up with twins later on though. Luc is a twin, his mother is a twin and HER mother was a twin!

    Josie's scrubs are from here:

    and there are more colours here:

    David's are from the second set.

  4. Wow, so many birthdays. I don't even know where to start commenting :)

    I'm glad that the adoption finally went through and Rose and Joanna have their little girl with them.

    I love that rooftop garden that Steve and Olivia have! Do you remember where you downloaded the house?

    Do you have a master's degree for all careers that require a college degree? I think I'll add a few, I have four now but it's so unrealistic that freshly-out-of-college kids go straight to the top of their careers. The master's degree would slow them down a bit.

  5. I can't believe Rebecca and Tessa are old enough for college. Or that Chris is old enough for high school! Caitlin is still adorable, I hope she can break Brendan out of his shell and become friends with him. ;)

    And I'm so glad to see Sylvia with her new parents! They look so sweet together. And yay for Lia and Gordon and their new baby!

  6. From what I've seen form Olivia and Steve's house so far; the rooftop garden, I'm sure it's going to look great! Did you build it yourself?

    I can't wait for the 2 babies to be born!

    Yay for Lia and Gordon getting a son. And lol at Gordon's reaction when Lia goes into labour, he really looks like he how no idea what he's got to do!

    Sylvia really doesn't look like her mom at all! I think it's a shame really, because her mom really was beautifull as a toddler! I'm so happy she finally lives with Rose and Joanna, they are going to be great moms!

    Omg, Cailin even looks more beautifull as a toddler then she did when she was a child! I'm a huge fan of her already, and she's only 4!

    Congratulations to all of the others who celebrate their birthday, and to Sarah for graduating with such good grades!

    BTW, Rebecca's hair looks really good on her!

  7. Sari, Olivia and Steve's brownstone is from here: Only the roof, the kitchen and bathrooms are furnished but I'll probably rip everything out of those rooms anyway. It's not really their style.

    Not all degrees require a Master's. I'm using Laura's rules and so far, I'm just sticking with Education and Architecture. Even with those, you don't need a Master's to enter the career, just to progress to a certain level (University Guest Lecturer for Education and Draftsperson for Architecture). One day, I'll sit down with my careers and decide if there are any other careers I want my Sims to study more for. I'm really liking this post-grad thing! It slows them down and it gives them something else to throw their money away on. ;)

    Shana, me either! It really does feel like they've grown up fast, even though under my old aging system, they'd probably be elders by now!

    I can't imagine Caitlin giving up on Brendan. She's a tenacious little thing! I think she and Brendan will be friends, whether he likes it or not!

    Tanja, no, I didn't build it myself. I never build houses! Check my response to Sari for the link.

    I'm happy Lia and Gordon had a boy but I really hope he doesn't get Lia's mouth. I keep saying it but it looks so awful on a boy!

    I was hoping Sylvia would look a little more like her mother too but she really doesn't have any of her features at all.

    And thanks! Rebecca's a hard one to get right. :)

  8. Okay, I'll try to keep this short ;) Lol, thanks! Okay, off to clog up my downloads folder some more! Yay!

  9. You're welcome. Have fun!

  10. Wow... Sylvia really looks like her Dad, poor unfortunate child. lol. Hopefully he makes a pretty girl. ;)

    I'm surprised that Rebecca is off to college already!! She does look like Trent, but I see so much of her sisters in her too, I suppose they also bare resemblance to their Dad.

    I seriously didn't even recognize Tess! Edward is looking good!

    Caitlyn is uber adorable! I love those "Squinty" eyes all the sisters have from Trent.

  11. Maisie, I think Sylvia will probably turn out okay (although I wish she resembled Adrienne more). The nose looks a bit much on her right now but it seems to be the same nose Kendal has, so she'll grow into it, I guess.

    Even though I always call Rebecca Trent in drag, I've just realised that she actually has Megan's eyes (which are also a bit squinty). Caitlin, Victoria and Claudia have Trent's slightly squintier eyes though.

    Ha, good, I'm not the only one who thought Tessa looked quite different as an adult! She's still Jace all over but she looks a lot more mature to me.

  12. Yay I love the summer birthdays because I get to see how cute all your sims look when they grow up :). So many sims though!

    Olivia and Asha look so cute pregnant and I'm glad Luc is so happy about the new baby coming. The pic of Lia, Gordon and Gabriel looks great. I can only imagine all the arms everywhere from the chest down lol. But it's a great shot. I can't wait to see what this little guy looks like when he's older. And nice to see Josie making an appearance at the hospital.

    Sylvia is precious! And yea, it is too bad that nothing from her mom was passed down to her. Only a relative's eye color. I bet it would be hard for Adrienne to look at Sylvia seeing she's a splitting image of her dad. It'd be a constant reminder of the one off she had. It looks like Sylvia's adjusting well and that Rose and Joanna are doing well, too!

    Aww look at little Brenden and Caitlin! They're both little cuties, still. I really think Caitlin is adorable. Love her eyes.

    And before this comment gets any longer, I'll just say that the teens and new young adults look great. And congrats to Sarah for the perfect grades! LOL @ the Oliva and Steve outtake.

    Oh and yes, Tessa does look more mature but I knew it was her from the nose.

  13. Hello, I have lurked your blog for long enough and I figured I could start leaving some comments :)

    First of all, I want to tell you how great inspiration Sullivan has been and it encouraged me to build my own sim neighborhood (I have built ones in the past, but not as "Society-ish" as you'rs) which I am creating ATM (It's quite a large project).

    Second of all, Longest birthday post ever? :D

    Sylvia actually looks alot like Gordon's daughters and I find her beautiful.
    Also, she has Adrienne's chin, which fits her wonderfully.

    Caitlin is one of the most adorable sim children I have ever seen, and Brendan is very cute as well.

    It's odd seeing the kids become teens and the teens become adults. Especially Tessa, who's looks changed ALOT!


  14. Danielle, I'm so glad for Risky Woohoo (though I think they probably would have started trying on their own anyway) because Asha really is a cute pregnant Sim. LOL, I should have taken a pic of the mass of arms and fingers with the Gordon and Lia pose - a behind the scenes look at things!

    Looking at Sylvia is going to be hard for Adrienne anyway but even more so because she looks so much like her dad. I'm already thinking of how I'll write that, because I think it's unlikely that it wouldn't factor into Adrienne's feelings at all.

    If I'm remembering correctly, Caitlin gets prettier and prettier with each age stage. I really didn't think Victoria would make pretty babies but she really has so far!

    Heh, no one else has that nose except Jace and Tessa! It's almost unique in Sullivan.

    Flit, hello! Always nice to see someone delurking!

    I'm really glad you've been inspired by Sullivan. I was inspired by so many other people's hoods before I started, so its nice that I can do the same thing in turn for others. If you ever show your hood online anywhere when you finish, I'd love to see it, so please leave me a link when you're ready. :)

    I think my longest birthday post ever was the one where Finn and Victoria graduated but I'd have to check to see! I do love a birthday post, especially the summer ones!

    You know what, you're right! Sylvia does have Adrienne's chin. I'm pretty sure Sabastian has Gordon's face template, so if Sylvia looked exactly like him, she should look a lot more like Georgina than she does. The chin was what was throwing me off. That's a very distinctive feature that doesn't show up as much on toddlers. Thanks for pointing that out! I probably wouldn't have noticed it until she was a child.