Sunday, 11 July 2010

You say it's your birthday, Spring 2026

Lia and Gordon are now all settled into their new house and have just completed the nursery for baby #3.

Lia is quite content to know this will be her last pregnancy but in the back of his mind, Gordon is still hoping he can talk her into at least one more!

  • This is Lia's last pregnancy, assuming there are no Victoria and Finn/Max and Zaria-style BC failures! Lia's allowed to use it, because she's so neat, so in all likelihood, this is the last Baby Nott!


  1. How do you work it, with the birth control? Do you only allow neat sims to use it?

    I just put all my sims on bc until they roll baby wants... which means that there aren't many 'surprise' babies... but that kind of makes sense, the messy ones would be more likely to be careless.

  2. I hope he can talk her into another baby as well. I don't know why, but lately I've been wanting all my simmies to reproduce like rabbits.

  3. Aww Lia is soo cute as a pregnant sim, but 3 is enough Gordon.

    Do you ever give your sims permanent measures? you know.. snip snip. I do after I'm sick of them breeding (No Nicole, you don't get to fulfill that ever rolling baby want!), and if I think they'd be responsible enough to get it taken care of, Bekah Grimsley for instance. Or in the case of Leah Millett, she is permanently fixed, because medically, I felt that it would have been done, quite traumatic in all. Just curious how you handle that or if you don't use that option for your game.

  4. Blackcat, my Sims need 5 neat points to be allowed to use BC. It's based on Laura's idea but I think her Sims need 7 neat points.

    My Sims usually don't roll baby wants very often, unless they're Family Sims, or they have Family secondary, so I'd be waiting a long time for them to breed if I played it that way. So I set their ACR ideal family number (I use between 1-4) and let them take care of their family planning!

    Apple Valley, oh, they're hard to resist, aren't they? If I didn't have to think about population, Lia and Gordon would be having those six kids, let me tell you!

    Maisie, LOL, I know, right? Lia's had two awful pregnancies so I think she's had enough!

    I've not yet used a permanent solution for any of my Sims but I'd consider it. I'm considering it for Evan, seeing he and Ione have four kids already. Similarly, if I had Sims who'd already had children and were constantly rolling the fear of a baby, I might consider it then too. As of yet though, I haven't used the option. :)

  5. congrats on using bc. I don't use it at all. I guess this is why some of my sims have big families. I just started allowing to have babies only when they roll the want. I am surprised at how many do not want kids at all.

  6. Oh, I can't wait to see this baby :) The Nott twins are so adorable and I'm sure this baby is going to be adorable too.

    I want my sims to have loads of kids but like you, I've put the limit to 4. My sims are allowed to use BC if they have 6 or more neat points.

  7. Oh I like the idea of the ever-rolling "fear" of a baby, that would be a good candidate. I've only used it three times so far, but I'm going to keep my eyes open for that permanent fixture fear.

  8. I like the idea of putting only neat sims on BC, but I don't really like suprise pregnancies...
    In SimsVille there is only one family with 6 children only because Bianca Penninkmeijer has the LTW to marry off six children. Olaf Verbon also has that LTW, but I'm still even doubting if he will have another one, and he only has 2 right now.

    Lia is really looking good pregnant! I can't wait to see this new baby.
    Oh and the babyroom looks so nice!

  9. Lia does look so cute when she's pregnant and I can't wait to see what she has and who he/she will look like. Too bad this is most likely her last time being pregnant but I can't wait to see her in the wedding update next.

    I can only imagine how you feel about your sims breeding with the size of your hood. Right now, I don't know how I'm going to let my sims breed. I could let them go crazy since my hood is so small right now or just try to keep it under control for as long as I can. I'll have to play around with that ideal family number with ACR when the time comes around.

  10. Lia is so adorable pregnant. But if Gordon really wants those six kids, maybe he should figure out a way he can give birth to them instead, lol. ;)

    I love the idea of giving them a permanent fix if they roll the fear of having a baby. I usually keep them on birth control if they do, but it would make sense that they might opt for a permanent solution if they've decided they really don't want anymore kids. I haven't ever given anyone a permanent fix, but Seth and Emma probably will after this current pregnancy is over just because they've reached the limit I'll allow them, lol!

  11. Bernz, oh gosh, I could never let my Sims go completely without birth control! My population would explode. Arguably, it already has!

    I get bored when Sims don't have kids so I'm glad that with ACR, they all eventually try (unless you set ideal family to 0, I guess).

    Sari, it'll be adorable as long as it's not a boy with Lia's mouth! I know I keep saying this but I really can't describe to you all how ugly Lia's mouth is on a boy!

    4 is definitely enough kids for my Sims! Tatiana and Jonas have both rolled the want for another and they'll be able to try because Dominic will be moving out next round. But I'm Even for them. They're both neat enough to use birth control, thank goodness! Tatiana is getting up there in years, so she might be too old to get pregnant anyway.

    Maisie, I just remembered that Ione had the fear of a baby too, the round before this one. Evan always has it, so I think they both might be thinking it's time for a snip-snip!

    Tanja, heh, I love surprise pregnancies! They inject a nice bit of drama into the proceedings.

    Lia is one of the cutest pregnant Sims ever. The baby room is nice but it's a little bare right now. I'll add some toys when I go in next. There's really just a crib, change table and a potty in there right now!

    Danielle, I know, it's a shame this will Lia's last but it has to be! She's a super-cute pregnant Sim.

    Yeah, I let my Sims go crazy at the beginning of the hood! Maria had 5 kids, Sacha Lachance had 5. This is the reason the Lachance and Moretti names are in no danger of dying out! I have a few surnames which are endangered though!

  12. Oops, forgot to reply to the final comment!

    Shana, I imagine Lia might tell Gordon that herself if he starts bugging her for another baby!

    Oh, my gosh, yes, poor Seth and Emma! Evan and Ione are in the same situation. Four kids is insane enough without adding another into the mix!

  13. Awww, so this is the end of the line for them? I saw them having more than three, I think, but you know, it's their decision, lol! ;)

    You're getting on there in the population size, so you probably have to keep these babies in check now. I usually only allow one family from each generation to really go at it with the babies. Hayden is my Sim for the current generation, lol! He could very well end up with five by the time Piper is done with him ;)

    Funny thing though about the snip-snip is that I don't know if it actually works for male Sims. I think it's supposed to be that a male Sim with a fertility set to 0 could still get a female pregnant, though I've never actually tested that out. The only way I know works would be the female getting it done. But you have to remember which way it was done for the story - like for story, my Max is supposed to have it done - but I think he could still get someone pregnant, and I know he's not careful, lol! Maybe I'll use him to test it out... and then exit without saving ;)

    I do have a couple of Sims in my hood who are supposed to be taken care of, lol! And a couple more who could probably go for it.

  14. Laura, I saw them having more too but the population is out of control, so they'll really have to stop! Although I have no will power, so...

    Ha, five kids sounds crazy but it'd only be three for Piper. Look at me rationalising nutty Sim-breeding!

    I went and looked up the snip-snip for male Sims and you're right! It only means they can't get pregnant (which they can't anyway, in my hood), not that they can't get anyone else pregnant. I guess Ione's going to have to get fixed instead and I'll pretend it was Evan.