Saturday, 31 July 2010

Teenage riot, Autumn 2027

Round 28: Autumn 2027

Principal Betsy Carmody is 56, Kendal Draper is 51 and Joanna Draper is 32
Students: Susannah Carmody, Dominic Lachance, Nathan Collins and Malcolm Novak are all 17, Hope Collins and Julia Gray are both 16, Audrey Lachance and Jack and Charlie Benton are all 15, Sophie Gottlieb, Connor Novak and Camilla and Lila Sitko are all 14, Elspeth Romilly and Josh Royce-Nihill are both 13 and Chris Draper, Edward Lachance and Lucy Gray are all 12.

Sophie Gottlieb is fed up. For two years, she's tried to make Jack Benton notice her, only to be ignored in favour of Audrey, Julia and who knows who else.

So she decided to take matters into her own hands. Jack is still dating Julia and he still likes Audrey but he's been trying to get over her of late. And he has to admit, he does think Sophie is pretty cute.

Unfortunately for both Jack and Sophie, they have an audience.

Julia is not happy!

Sophie figures out that she's probably next in the firing line, so she makes a quick exit.

She's not exactly proud of the drama she's caused but she can't help but feel a little giddy about finally kissing Jack.

Even when they first started dating, Jack never really liked Julia that much but over the past few months, he's come to dislike her even more. All that considered, he's finding it still sucks to be dumped!

Julia isn't done with her rampage and just as she guessed, Sophie is Julia's next target.

If Julia and Sophie were ever friends, they're definitely not now.

Julia's little sister Lucy isn't having much luck in the romance department either. She's been seeing her friend Chris in a new light lately.

She was brutally rebuffed when she offered him a backrub. Perhaps that's a bit advanced for these two anyway!

So far, Lucy is having a pretty crappy time in high school. Lucy is still inexperienced in the world of love and dating though and she doesn't really know what she's supposed to do when she likes a guy.

So she tried a different tactic on Charlie Benton, who she's had a little crush on for a while.

Charlie isn't interested in 12 year-olds though. Right now, he's not even sure if he feels like dating at all.

The reason Charlie is so soured on love at the moment is his girlfriend, Audrey.

Or ex-girlfriend. During their study period this morning in the library, Audrey told Charlie that she thought it was best if they went back to being just friends.

Charlie understands why. Lately, it's become obvious to the both of them that despite Jack's attempts to hide it, he still likes Audrey. Hanging out together was becoming more and more awkward.

Charlie thinks this is going to make it more awkward, not less but what can he do? Audrey's made her decision and he has to respect it.

While Lila is chatting to Chris, she spots his very shy friend Edward checking her out behind him. She's a tad amused by this; as if she'd ever go out with a boy in Grade 7.

Over lunch though, Lila tells the other girls she's thinking of having a little fun with this nugget of information.

Elspeth, who has never been too empathetic, thinks it sounds hilarious. Lila's sister Camilla thinks leading a boy on is cruel, especially one who's really still a kid.

Sophie tries to talk her out of it too, but Lila does what she wants.

So now poor Edward is under the impression that Lila likes him back, when actually she couldn't care less.

Every subsequent attempt to talk to Lila has been ignored though, so Edward is a little confused.

Maybe he just needs to practise.

Later on, Camilla sees Edward sitting on his own, looking a little bummed, and decides to smooth things over.

Camilla loves her sister but she can be nasty - really nasty - and Edward has unfortunately been on the receiving end of it this time.

Edward is still confused - he doesn't really understand why Lila would kiss him if she's not interested.

Camilla doesn't really get it either. But she does know that it'd be better for Edward if he just forgot about Lila.

Over the past few weeks, Connor's been getting anonymous love letters in the mail.

He has no idea who they could be from but they're usually sprayed with enough perfume to give him a headache.

Still, Connor is intrigued.

He's even started getting notes in his locker at school.

Unbeknownst to Connor, all the notes are from Elspeth. She's not shy at all. She's just seen movies and TV shows with secret love letters and things like that and thought it seemed sort of fun.

Elspeth's best friend Josh has an enormous crush on her and worked up all of his courage and finally kissed her.

To Josh's way of thinking, they get along better with each other than with anyone else, so why shouldn't they go on a date?

Even post-kiss, however, all Elspeth is talking about is Connor.

Josh is extremely unimpressed with this development.

Why Connor ? The guy is the very definition of a teacher's pet!

He even hangs out with them at lunch time sometimes!

Connor is such a nerd. Josh doesn't see what Elspeth sees in him.

Elspeth has discovered she's a little too impatient to be a secret admirer, so she starts dropping hints to Connor, asking him if he's received any interesting letters, lately.

Even after Elspeth has basically bopped him over the head with it, Connor still hasn't put two and two together.

Elspeth is incredulous, to say the least.

Connor apparently requires a much bigger clue.

There's still the matter of Elspeth's parents, who haven't exactly given her permission to date anyone yet. But Elspeth is confident in her powers of persuasion!

Ever since being dumped by Dominic, Hope has been spending most of her time with Malcolm.

Malcolm was the main reason Dominic broke up with her, so the fact that they're hanging out so much is probably confirming Dominic's suspicions.

But they never actually did anything at all until this year.

Malcolm has really stepped it up lately, in the hope of getting Hope into bed before he leaves for college at the end of the year.

Hope is Malcolm's ex-girlfriend Susannah's cousin. Susannah isn't especially close to Hope but she did tell Hope that Malcolm was kind of a jerk. Whatever happens after this, Hope can't say Susannah didn't warn her.

Susannah is happily single for the meantime. After Malcolm, she was quite happy to take a long break from dating.

Susannah has other things to focus on anyway. This is her last year of high school, so there's plenty of work to be done before hopefully heading off to college next year.

This was right after Sophie kissed Jack autonomously. I had to re-stage it because the angles were so terrible and other idiot Sims kept walking into the frame. But I think this picture of Julia is too funny!

Glad you're so proud of yourself, Charlie!

Lucy really was upset too! Look at that aspiration - bottomed out. Poor girl!

Oh, so many shades of wrong here! Joanna is "bragging" by the way. Bragging about sex to a 13 year-old.


  • I think this was definitely my craziest school session but it was also the most fun! I didn't even get a chance to really send them to class for real! I was going to at one stage, then I looked in my pictures folder and realised I was going to have enough to comb through! Most of them earned a couple of skill points anyway, from autonomously playing chess or the musical instruments.
  • Sophie kissed Jack autonomously as I mentioned. I would have expected him to reject her, because he was still going steady with Julia but he had other ideas. It's for the best, I think. He has zero chemistry with Julia and never, ever rolls wants for her.
  • It's a similar story with Charlie and Audrey. They have decent chemistry and they roll wants for each other, but only platonic ones, even on dates. They stayed together longer than they should have, especially seeing Audrey's rolling wants for Jack now.
  • Connor rolled the Secret Admirer ROS this round. Elspeth kissed him autonomously, so I sort of had to rework my plans on that one a bit. It was going to start in the high school update and continue in Connor's update (Elspeth was always going to be the secret admirer though).
  • Also, for anyone who uses allmenus on, if you click the mailbox and choose "Deliver Mail", the Sim will put a bill and a love letter in the mailbox. They will actually have to pay the bill then but it's very handy to set up pictures!
  • Lila kissed Edward autonomously but I could not think of a reason why she would. Very low chemistry and they weren't even friends. I almost ignored it. But Lila is a nasty little thing, so I had to put poor Edward through the ringer (wringer?). He doesn't seem too hung up on her right now but I guess I'll see when I play his house.
  • We didn't see much Dominic or Nathan this update but we saw Dominic in the uni update and Nathan should have plenty to do in the next uni update. They were being kind of nerdy at school this round. Lots of study wants!


  1. Wow, your high school was pretty crazy. All that kissing everywhere! I forgot that Hope and Susannah were cousins, when I saw Hope I wondered when she dyed her hair darker, but then reaalized that I had the two confused.

  2. Way too many kisses! I would have never thought of Elspeth and Connor ending up together, though they really make sense.

    Jack seems to be kind of a jerk lately. Ever since Charlie asked Audrey to start dating him, Jack became so full of self pity, and did some pretty strange things.

    Emil and An- Sorry, I mean Hope and Malcolm :) Do they have such crazy chemistry as Hope's parents? If not, give them time. I could totally imagine a family dinner when Hope would bring Malcolm home!

  3. This update was insane. How do you keep track of all of them?

  4. Lots of drama at your high school this round! I felt so bad for Edward though, being subjected to Lila's schemes! I hope he's not too torn up over it. The whole secret admirer thing with Connor and Elsbeth is really adorable though. Of all the teen/young adults, Connor has to be my favorite, and it's great to see him find someone, especially someone as confident as Elsbeth.

  5. Holy cow that's a lot of kids!! I don't know how you keep up with all of them!

    I love all the details in your pictures. Outside the window of one of the cafeteria shots there's the soccer field. I just thought that was so cool.

  6. I'm not having much luck making comments tonight, my other one went through, but this one didn't.

    There was definitely a lot of drama this round of high school, I was a little surprised with Lila! I like you played that though with her personality. Love the shots of Sophie just taking Jack and kissing him herself. And Elspeth being the secret admirer, that's such a couple that I don't see. I can see her getting him into trouble.

    It makes sense that they didn't have time for classes, they were too busy sitting in the tree.

  7. Thanks for the comments, everyone!

    Apple Valley, this round it really was!

    Susannah is adopted but she almost looks like she could be biologically related to Hope, doesn't she?

    Flit Loue, yeah, I'm not sure where Elspeth and Connor are going! I can't see them lasting too long but I'll see how they go.

    And yeah, Jack's making some bad decisions over the past couple of years. Maybe Sophie will be able to turn him round a bit.

    Ha, I can definitely see the parallels between Emil and Anna and Hope and Malcolm! But no, their chemistry isn't nearly as high as Hope's parents. Even with turn ons matched, their chemistry is 116, vs. Emil and Anna's 213.

    HeredonCove, I don't know! Copious notes? I'm kind of nerdy about my Sims.

    Christina, my last couple of high school rounds have been quite sedate, so this really was a turn around!

    Edward has had his first lesson about mean girls and he can hopefully use it to be a good judge of character in the future!

    I like Connor too and I'm curious to see how this thing with Elspeth will pan out. Their chemistry is very low but I guess Elspeth must have seen something in him that she liked, given she chose him for her first kiss over Josh (swapped it around for the update, because it made more sense to me that way).

    Denise, LOL, I'm dreading when this current crop of kids ages to teen. I think my high school will be insane!

    And thanks - that's one of Criquette's neighbourhood decorations working for me. :)

    Maisie, with Blogger lately, I sometimes have to write my comment, copy it, close the comment window, refresh the page and then try again. It's a huge pain but I'm losing a lot less comments now that I remember to copy them first!

    I was sort of surprised by Lila too. She's trouble, that girl! David will need to stay on his toes.

    And gosh, yes, Elspeth. Poor Connor doesn't know what he's in for!

  8. Aaah, all the drama!!!

    I may sound a little bit mean, but I'm glad Sophie did what she did, I think they are a much cuter couple then Jack and Julia ever were, and I hope they end up as a couple!

    Poor Lucy, but she's only 12, I'm sure her time will come, when she's ready!

    I'm a little bit glad about the break-up from Charlie and Audrey, although I find it sad for Charlie too, he looks so sad.
    Audrey is such a beautifull sim!

    Poor Edward, being used but Lila, I hope he doesn't get his heart broken!

    Connor and Elspeth! So sweet! Sad for Josh though, but he got the first kiss, but I don't think that's enough for him.

    Susanneh did her job as a cousin, now it's up to Hope to desided what to do with Malcolm.

    Hectic high school play session, I assume!

  9. Tanja, yes, it was a very hectic session but lots of fun too!

    Sophie is much better suited to Jack than Julia, there's no question. We'll see what happens with them.

    I think Audrey and Charlie stayed together longer than they should have but this is probably going to make things awkward between her and the Benton boys, at least for a little while.

    And yes, Josh definitely wants more from Elspeth than just his first kiss. He rolled up the want to go steady with her but I don't think she's ever rolled a romantic want for him. Poor Josh.

  10. I don't even know where to begin! I wish I had more kids in my high school so that it would get a bit more interesting.

    I was kinda surprised that Audrey and Charlie broke up but I guess it makes sense if she's not really into him.

    Oh, the slap fest! How wise of Sophie to make a quick exit. I would've run LOL.

  11. Sari, heh, yeah, this was almost too insane! But as I said, it was a lot of fun too. :)

    Charlie's not really into Audrey either. Audrey was just the one brave enough to finally admit it.

    As for Sophie, she probably should've run further! It's lucky for her that Julia's 16 and whatever happens, that was her last play session at school!

  12. Ha, I love all the drama! Hormones have gone wild around the high school. ;)

    Audrey is really pretty, I just realized in this update how much she looks like her mom and Tatiana is a beautiful woman, so Audrey is likely to just get prettier as she grows up, which may not help her boy problems any, lol. ;) Poor Edward. I hope he doesn't get hung up on Lila after this. And aw, poor Lucy. But she's only 12, so she still has plenty of time to get her first kiss.

  13. Teens and their hormones! You really have an insane amount of kids which means there's bound to be a little insanity from time to time :).......I bet it was a blast to play! Audrey has a brass set doesn't she? lol

  14. Shana, yes, Audrey is the spitting image of Tatiana, though Tatiana never got herself in so much boy trouble!

    Hopefully Edward will take Camilla at her word and forget about Lila! She's no good for him!

    Poor Lucy...I really did feel sorry for the poor kid. :(

    Mizzgin03, it was a heap of fun, definitely!

    Do you mean Audrey? I never would have described her as having a brass set! She's quite meek. Most of the other girls could probably be described that way though, except for Camilla.

  15. I totally meant Sophie lol......taking the initiative with Jack and all :)

  16. LOL, I thought so! Audrey's definitely one of my meeker girls.

  17. LOL, Sophie's quite spunky, isn't she? Go for it, girl! Wow, these kids really kept you on your toes here!

    Oh Charlie! :( It's for the best though, it has to be. They're too young to be so committed right now. They need to be free and having fun. But awww, I just want to give him a hug.

    And Audrey too, because that couldn't have been easy. I really don't like it when my own teens hook up that early - like Summer and Tyler did - it almost always causes trouble of some kind or another.

    OMG, Elspeth's crush on Connor is seriously too funny! They couldn't be more different! I was wondering if that was part of the ROS or not.

    Oh Malcolm, such fine intentions there, lol!

  18. Laura, Sophie is awesome. She's a very sweet girl but she's not lacking in confidence, that's for sure.

    Things are going to be a little awkward between Charlie and Audrey now (and most likely Jack too) but like you said, it had to be. :( I'll let them date around a little, and see what happens.

    I know, I do not know what Elspeth is thinking with Connor but she's set her sights on him. I think he might just have to go along for the ride, because I'm not sure Elspeth is the type to take no for an answer.

    Malcolm's a gentleman, for sure. ;)

  19. Oh man! Haha, hormones raging like crazy here.

    The whole Jack, Charlie, Audrey thing... oh my. Poor Jack can't catch a break. And I hope things can go back to normal, but Charlie's probably right and this'll only make things more awkward. If she's rolling wants for Jack, things can get ugly!

    Elspeth is evil! But she's so fun to read about, lol. And it's funny she gossips about Finn, yet the boy she goes after is very Finn like. Or is that just me who sees that?

  20. Lunar, well, Jack has Sophie who's quite keen on him. That's more than poor Charlie can say - he's only got who he would view as a little girl chasing after him. But there is indeed going to be some awkwardness here. It's inevitable.

    And no, you're not the only one who sees parallels between Connor and Finn! Connor isn't as nice as Finn, but he is just as "nerdy", as Elspeth would describe him.