Thursday, 15 July 2010

Everything is everything

Round 27: Spring 2026
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Luc Lane is 33 and Asha Royce is 29.
(Kit is 66, Zaria is 38 and Olivia and Lia are both 29)

Narrated by Asha Royce

Luc and I have had such a tumultuous year so far and it doesn't look like things are going to slow down any time soon.

First came my $11,000 tax bill! That was a fun little piece of mail to receive.

I sat on it for a few days before I even told Luc because I was so worried about it. I just totally freaked out about it for a while.

Predictably, Luc wasn't worried, because he never worries about that kind of thing. This time at least, he was right and we were able to pay it off without selling everything we own.

Then Luc's mother, Debbie, suffered a stroke and died. I could tell it affected Luc in some way, because he was much quieter than usual and he'd always stop to look at the pictures of himself and Debbie that we have in the living room.

But he wouldn't talk about it at all. If I tried to bring up Debbie at all, he'd change the subject or he'd say he was fine. Luc doesn't really like talking about his parents, so eventually, I just had to let it go.

So we've had a crappy time of it recently but it hasn't been all bad.

Eight years after he first asked me, Luc and I finally got engaged.

I definitely took my time deciding but I finally feel like marrying Luc is the right thing for me, so of course, I said yes.

I've kind of surprised myself with how excited I am about it. I'm still feeling a bit jittery about it sometimes but I'm mostly just happy.

Then I found out I was pregnant. I took a test to be sure but I just knew.

I talked with Zaria and I felt exactly the same way she did both times. Hungrier than usual, nauseous every morning, really tired.

I can't say I was quite as excited about being pregnant as I was about being engaged.

Neither of Zaria's pregnancies were planned but she always says how happy she is that they happened anyway. She says I'll feel differently when I'm holding my baby.

I hope she's right. I'm not sure how I feel yet. I think I'm still in shock. This was definitely not planned.

Luc has wanted a kid for a couple of years now, so he's thrilled. I don't know what he's looking forward to more - getting married or having a kid.

Our lives are about to completely change and I just really hope I'm ready for that. Right now, we can do whatever we want, whenever we want. When the baby comes, we're going to have to drop everything to go and do whatever the baby needs us to do.

We're not telling everybody about the baby yet, but our close friends and our families know. Mum is beside herself! She knows she's not going to get any more grandkids out of Zaria (if Zaria can help it!), so she's been waiting for me to "settle down".

Mum loves Jessica and Josh but I think she misses having babies around. She's such a wonderful grandmother. I'm glad she'll be around for this little one.

She also keeps offering us money. Money for a wedding dress, money for a venue, money for a honeymoon, money for the baby.

Luc and I have decided that we're going to have the wedding here, which is going to cut right down on costs. Our place isn't huge but we've had parties before and it wasn't too cramped.

It's kind of strange that it's worked out that Lia, Olivia and I are all pregnant at the same time. Olivia and I are even due around the same date!

Lia's been through it before, so she's kind of been telling us what's what. She completely freaks me out though. If anyone worries more than me, it's Lia. She's so paranoid. A lot of her advice consists of a long list of things I can no longer eat or do.

Even though Olivia is just as new to this as I am, I actually feel better talking to her than to Lia.

It's sort of comforting to know that she's nervous too, even though she and Steve planned this baby.

Of all my school friends, Olivia is probably the one I was the least close to but we've really bonded over our pregnancies.

Since I've been talking about it with Olivia, I'm feeling a lot better about the baby, much to Luc's surprise. I'm still a little apprehensive about becoming a mother but I'm slightly more confident that it's something I can handle.

I'm only just now letting myself get a tiny bit excited about the baby. I'm hoping that by the time the baby comes around, I can match Luc's levels of enthusiasm.


  • Title is from Everything is Everything by Phoenix.
  • Asha rolled the tax audit ROS for this round. $11,000 was their total tax bill - their property tax they would have paid anyway, plus what they had to pay because of the audit. It's about half of what they had, so they still have plenty of money but Asha's a worrier and likes to have more of a nest egg than they have now.
  • Baby Lane is due in Winter 2027, at the same time as Baby Nihill. Unlike Baby Nihill, Baby Lane will be the result of risky woohoo. Asha and Luc are slobs and they're not allowed to use birth control.
  • I've got Asha and Luc's wedding slotted in for Summer 2028. I kind of wanted another pregnant bride because I haven't had one since Aphrodite but I don't think Asha and Luc are the types to be at all concerned about their child being born in wedlock, nor is Asha the type to rush into things.
  • So far next round, there are three babies due! That's kind of crazy, right? I forget how many babies were born this round but I'm predicting another population climb!


  1. They're engaged! I remember when he first proposed, I didn't think he was the type to settle down, but wow, they've been together for ages now.

    Pregnant! Whoa, talk about a double whammy!

    Asha's top is, in the words of my students, banging. WCIF?

  2. Apple Valley, Luc surprised no one more than me when he rolled the want to marry Asha! I was waiting for them both to roll away the fear before I let them get engaged and that just happened to be this round!

    And yep, a baby too - big changes are afoot for Asha and Luc. :D

    Asha's top comes in (I think) 7 colours and it's from here.

  3. Yay, they're finally engaged! I've been thinking, when is she going to be ready LOL.

    And a baby! Their lives are going to change so much, but for better I think.

    Good thing they were able to pay that tax bill without any problems.

  4. Yay! They're getting married AND having a baby! I'm very excited, and I'm sure Asha's friends all are too. Now she won't be the odd one out that they can all tease. ;)

  5. Wow, a lot going on for these two. I'm excited for the wedding, I bet it will be killer, and the baby... aww. I don't see her rushing into marriage while pregnant ether.

    How great that all the girls are pregnant at the same time, that will be fun to play, and send them off to school, and future first kisses...

  6. Yay! A wedding and a baby! It surprise me a little bit to get this little accident, but it sure was for the best, seeing that Asha still isn't quite ready for it. I think it took her some time to adjust to idea of getting married.
    It's nice that those 3 friends are pregnant at the same time, their children can become best friends too!

  7. Sari, I think Luc was wondering that too! He's been quite patient, lol. Their lives are definitely going to change but I think once Asha gets used to the idea, she'll appreciate it.

    Shana, LOL, yes, I bet they are! Especially Lia. She's been hanging out for these two to get married!

    Maisie, crazily for me, I haven't yet started thinking much about this wedding. I've got vague ideas for what I'm going to do in their backyard but no idea for clothing or anything else! I might go shopping today, if I don't see anything suitable in my downloads.

    You're like me - already thinking ahead! I did mention how I was already thinking about how cute it would be if Ione's twins married Lia's twins, right?

    Tanja, yeah, Asha was still a bit nervous about getting married but that seems like nothing now, compared to a baby! Asha and Luc have been living like they're married for several years now anyway. A baby will be much more life-changing!

  8. Yay! I can't believe she finally said yes! I've been waiting a lot of rounds for this one! And a baby too! Yay! It's so cute that all of her friends are pregnant at the same time :P I can't wait to see baby Lane :)

  9. Tessa, LOL, I just checked when Luc first asked Asha to marry him and it was in Round 23, all the way back in 2018! So yes, we've all been waiting a long time.

    I'm excited to see this baby too. With such good looking parents, it's gotta be a beautiful child, right?

  10. Wow, I'm amazed that these two settled down at all, and in such a big way. A surprise pregnancy! Yikes!

    I can understand Asha's trepidation. She had no time to prepare at all, just one day discovers she's pregnant!

  11. Lunar, definitely! I don't think anyone could blame Asha for being nervous. She's had plenty of time to prepare for marriage but this baby thing has really blindsided her!

  12. Ah I remember when these 2 were sneaking around because of the age different and now the age gap is nothing. And I can't believe she's 29 already! I'm still thinking she's like 23 lol.

    I'm so happy she finally accepted his proposal. But I think it was good that she waited, though. They seem to be getting their life in order and are in a much better place now. Especially now that they're expecting a baby too! I can feel her on the change the baby will bring. Can't do what you want, sleep until whenever you want. I have that stuff running through my mind. And so cool that the 3 friends are pregnant at the same time. They can all have morning sickness together LOL. Awesome that their kids could be best of friends like they are. I'm excited to see all the babies and for the wedding.

    And I love that picture on the wall in the dining room. So pretty!

  13. Danielle, yeah, a slightly scandalous start that really doesn't mean much now. Four years difference is not huge. And I think Asha still feels like she's 23 as well (so with her on that!)

    I think a baby is going to change Asha and Luc's lives more than it might another couple because these guys really love sleeping in because they don't work until the afternoon. Luc slept until 12 one day this round. I'm letting him enjoy it while he can!

    I had to buy them that painting to celebrate them having money to buy things for their walls now! They've been very bare up until now. :) The mesh is Holy Simoly, but I'm not sure where I got that recolour.