Saturday, 15 May 2010


Round 26: Winter 2024
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Luc Lane is 31 and Asha Royce is 27.
(Kit Royce and Linnea Lane are both 64, Cordy Lane is 31 and Timothy Lane is 4)

Narrated by Luc Lane

When Asha and I bought this place, the house next door was empty, so we had a ton of privacy. We were happy, seeing that was the main reason we got our own place to begin with.

Unfortunately, that empty house was soon occupied by my mother and now we can't get rid of her.

That whole privacy thing we used to have is out the window now. Mum has never had any concept of that.

Asha's mother is a bit more courteous. She's over a lot but she calls first, at least. A few years ago, Kit didn't even want me dating Asha but we're totally fine now. I'm very charming when I want to be, so I won her over.

She's been trying to get me on her side to start nagging Asha about starting a family. Kit wants more grandchildren and she's putting the pressure on us.

I'm totally on board but Asha's going to take some more convincing. She's not ready for kids yet.

Cordy is pregnant with her second and third right now and it was seeing Cordy start a family that made me start thinking about having kids.

Timothy's just such a cool little kid. I love he's so opinionated about everything already, at four years old!

Being idolised by someone isn't bad either.

His dancing leaves a lot to be desired but we can work on that.

Asha getting pregnant would just be a disaster right now though, because financially, we're not really in a good place. We have literally negative funds. We really didn't make out well after taxes last year.

Asha's kind of freaking out about the money thing. I keep telling her, we're not going to get kicked out of the house. We own it outright, we're working, our debt isn't that huge. But she's still worrying.

Her mum is doing okay now but Asha's family never had much money when she was growing up, and she hates that we're in this situation now. But we'll be okay.

It's just kind of boring for us right now because we hardly ever get to go out. All our money has to go towards groceries and bills and mundane things like that.

We got a coupon in the mail that was good for any restaurant in town though, so we chose the most expensive one.

We ordered the Stuffed Golden Trout, because it cost the most. I don't even really like fish that much. I just like knowing I can't afford it but I get to eat it anyway.

The staff probably hate us for it but I don't care. They should put a price limit on the coupon if they don't want people to take advantage. Until then, I'm going to continue to take advantage!

Asha's got a little crush on another guy. His name's Aaron. I don't even know where she met him. Probably at one of the 600 weddings we've had to go to over the past few years.

It is a little annoying, to be honest. It's really the first time I've noticed her looking at other guys and I'm not used to it. I don't like it.

I think Asha is almost pleased to see me get jealous. She says I check out other girls all the time while she's talking to me and it's time I had a taste of my own medicine.

Yeah, well, I don't really have a response for that. Of all the guys she could have a crush on, Aaron's probably the most harmless. The guy's gay anyway.

Even if he wasn't, Asha was so vocal about wanting us to be exclusive, even from the beginning, so I don't see her changing her mind on that now.

I still want to marry her and I think she'd say yes if I asked her again. I'm trying to be fiscally responsible now though, so we need to save up some more money and then I can propose to her properly, with a ring this time.

  • Title is from Sugarcube by Yo La Tengo. Youtube link, because I love the video for this song.
  • Luc and Asha started this round with negative funds. They had roughly $4000 in their household funds and were $5000 in debt from their taxes. So they were really struggling. Luc got two promotions though and somehow, by the end of the session, they ended up with over $19,000! So now they have a car, finally, and some money to play with. Next round, I can hang some damn pictures on their boring walls!
  • Speaking of promotions, is anyone else annoyed by having those two classical music job levels in the middle of a music career which is mostly rock-oriented. Dammit, Asha is not a concert pianist and Luc is not a symphony conductor.
  • Asha's been rolling up the want to be friends with Aaron for the past couple of rounds (and vice versa), so I totally cracked up laughing when he walked past in the restaurant and Asha was checking him out! Too funny.


  1. The intro pic, I thought Luc and Asha had nose rings, then I thought that they didn't because of Asha's custom skintone. I was halfway right ^_^

    Wow, talk about cramping your style-his mother is too much. That's a fear of mine...yikes.

    LOL! When I checked their careers, I was taken aback by things. Umm, symphony conductor...maybe it's one of those new rock style ones. As for Asha, maybe she plays piano at rock concerts :P

  2. Apple Valley, LOL, Luc's had the nose ring since he was 18 or 19, I think. But I sometimes think it's disappeared because it seems to blend with his skin sometimes. I should give him the silver one instead.

    Linnea has always had boundary issues, which is why Luc didn't live at home for very long once he graduated! He really needed his own space.

    I try to completely ignore Luc and Asha's career levels but it's very difficult. Asha's never played piano in her life (except maybe school music lessons); she's always been a drummer. I really want to get them both up to Rock God level but Asha has no motivation to get the gazillion mechanical points she needs. I think Luc will probably get there next round though. :D

  3. I was kind of waiting for Luc to pop the question on their date. But Asha doesn't seem ready for that so his decision to wait is a very wise one.

    Some of the career levels really don't make sense. Besides the music career there's also the artist career with the position of Art Forger! What is up with that?!

  4. Agh! You had me going! I thought for sure he was going to propose at the dinner! Why do you torture me so! Lol, I've never played that career all the way through... sounds funny though :P

  5. I too was waiting for Luc to pop the question whene they were in that fancy restaurant!
    I hope Asha is ready for that soon, I really want another wedding :D

    You're absolutely right about the career levels, it bugs me too sometimes! When one of your sims has played violin all his life, he suddenly is concert pianist in his career, without ever toughing a piano!

    Oh, by the way, where can I find Asha's hair? I have been looking for it ever since I saw it on Sarah when she was a teen, but I can't find it!

  6. That was so funny how Luc went to such extent to explain how they used the coupon to go to the most expensive restaurant, and then ordered the most expensive dish :-)

    I'm glad their finances are better now. I sympathize with Asha for being worried but Luc looked so sweet comforting her.

    And I really like his sound room and his admiration of Timothy. Timothy, by the way, is so cute, and his mom is EVEN cuter, pregnant.

  7. Sari, no, Luc and Asha seriously had no money until close to the end of the round. I always make sure my Sims have at least enough for a marriage license before they propose. Asha's not quite there yet anyway.

    Oh, yeah, I forgot about Art Forger. I'm sure so many people get a leg up in the art world by forging other people's work! That job should be in the criminal career!

    Tessa, LOL, I'm kind of dragging this out, aren't I? Money issues aside, Luc was too busy whining about Aaron at the dinner anyway. It wouldn't have been quite the right mood for a proposal!

    Tanja, you guys are funny! You're already getting TWO weddings next round!

    I really wish we were able to customise the existing careers so that they'd be different depending on which Sim was in them. Yeah, I don't ask for much, I know! LOL.

    Asha's hair is a Nouk style. It's not one of the ones she has up on MTS though, so I'm assuming I downloaded it from her old site, which is now closed. :\ I don't know where to get her other stuff from any more.

    Francesca, it just seemed like something Luc would do. Hopefully soon, he'll be able to afford the Stuffed Golden Trout for real but then he won't want it any more. He actually wanted to order the Comfort Soup, but I'm not sure Adam has that on the menu anyway!

    Luc's sweet when he wants to be but it's reserved for the people he really likes. He's kind of an anti-social asshole a lot of the time!

    The whole Lane family is very adorable, I love them. Even when Linnea was over annoying them, I was thinking what a pretty elder she is, LOL.

  8. I think it's Sim Cave that Nouk put all her stuff up at when she retired... I almost feel like I've seen a recolor of it at GOS as well, but don't hold me on that.

    I love that Luc ordered the most expensive meal, that's totally what I see him doing! Soo funny on Linnea, oh woman and her lack of social awareness. And how stinking sweet that Luc is getting all paternal wanting his own offspring, and his reasons for that, are also, soo Luc. <3

    I lol'd on the whole Aaron scenario. No need to worry Luc, that's a pretty harmless scoping there.

  9. Yep, it was Sim Cave, I decided to look.

    I happened to remember it was called Rockability (I don't know why I retain strange knowledge but forget perfectly important things), so it was fast to find.

  10. Maisie, luckily, Luc knows that Asha checking out Aaron is pretty harmless. He just doesn't like the attention being taken away from himself. ;)

    I can't wait to see Luc with his kids. He's really adorable with Timothy, though I think there's some ego involved with that (always is, with Luc!)

    And you're clever to find those Nouk styles! Later on, I'll have to add those links to my Hair CC post, in case anyone ever wants them again. :)

  11. OMG, his mom, lol!

    I loved him ordering the most expensive thing, even though he doesn't like fish! That just seems like him! I just love these two together!

    You know, I hate most of the in-game career titles, and I try my very best to ignore them when I'm writing the stories, lol! I've really only ever had a couple successful musicians in my hood, and I always interpreted that one towards the classical side. Or like working jazz musicians. I've never had an actual rock star in my story yet. Maybe Summer might be my first? ;)

  12. Laura, Luc would like to live in luxury but he's without the cash to do it. The hot tub is their one indulgence right now! I love him and Asha together too.

    I have major issues with a lot of the in-game career titles too. Don't get me started on how moving from elementary school teaching to high school is not a "promotion".

    I had Charlton in the music career and I always pictured him doing more classical type music but most of the time, I imagine that they're in rock/pop. I'll just have to keep ignoring the jobs that don't make sense - Captain Hero and Mad Scientist, I'm looking at you!

    I think I told you I could picture Summer in a rock band, didn't I? If not, I'm telling you now, lol!