Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Lullaby lucky

Round 26: Winter 2024
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Victoria Kirby and Finn Romilly are both 23, Declan is 3 and Caitlin is 1.
(Megan Kirby is 52 and Claudia is 23)

Narrated by Victoria Kirby

Finn and I have been living in an apartment in Exeter for a good while now. We really like our little place but it's getting a bit squishy.

Declan and Caitlin are sharing a bedroom right now but with Declan starting pre-school next year, I don't know how long they're going to be happy with that arrangement.

They're best buddies and we've never caught them fighting, so we don't need to worry about that side of it.

But at only 18 months, Caitlin is already kind of a wild one. I don't know how she manages to climb out of her crib but she figured it out.

So of course, once she's free, she heads straight for her (usually noisy) toys, which disturbs Declan's sleep.

She goes back down without any fuss but sometimes she'll sneak out again an hour or so later. I'm already terrified of what she'll be like when she's a teenager!

The nanny really has to keep her eye on Caitlin, because she gets into everything once you turn your back on her. Declan was never this much trouble!

Caitlin has also decided she wants nothing to do with her cousin Justin. I didn't think a girl as little as Caitlin could give someone a dirty look but she totally does!

I think it started when Caitlin tried to hug him and Justin wasn't having it. So she gets a bit stroppy around Justin now.

Overly rambunctious daughters aside, our little family is a very happy one. One day, we'd like another child but that's probably in the very distant future.

Finn is really keen for me to mend fences with Mum. It's sweet that he's so concerned about us, especially seeing Mum never makes much of an effort with Finn.

I know it has to bother him, because I don't think Finn is used to people being so standoffish with him. People usually warm to him pretty quickly. He really tries with her though.

But anyway, I've been trying with Mum too. She totally dotes on Declan and Caitlin now, which is a far cry from what she was like when Declan was first born. I don't think she even held him until he was 3 or 4 months old.

She's incredibly exhausting at times. Her latest thing is how our apartment isn't big enough for us and we should move. God, we know! We're working on it. We just need some time to save. We can't create money out of thin air!

As much as I feel like screaming when she starts up, I know it won't get me anywhere so I just change the subject. It's not really her business where we live and I'd rather stick to subjects we can agree on.

I just don't know what her problem is with Finn. We've been together for 10 years, which is a long time for anyone but really long for a couple as young as we are. He's not going anywhere!

Dad already loves him, so we just have to work on Mum. Finn could have easily run off when I got pregnant but he didn't. He stuck around and he's an amazing dad.

He's a pretty awesome boyfriend too. He wanted to take me out to dinner, so I called Claudia and asked if she could babysit.

She loves babysitting Declan and Caitlin and I think she must have raced over! Finn and I really appreciate that our family are all so willing to watch the kids when we ask them to.

Claudia was a little disappointed that we'd already put the kids to bed and all she really had to do was sit there. Maybe she'd get lucky and Caitlin would try going on one of her adventures outside her crib.

The restaurant we went to isn't too expensive but it looks fancy, so we got all dressed up anyway!

It's nice to have a grown-up night out but it's not something we do all that often. We've got plenty of willing babysitters but we like hanging out with the kids at home anyway.

So maybe I should have been expecting a proposal, with Finn's urging me to get dressed up, and the fact that we've always talked about marriage as a "when", rather than an "if", even when we were still in high school.

But I really had no idea! He didn't seem the slightest bit nervous over dinner, so when he pulled out the ring, it was a total surprise.

So we're engaged! I always pictured myself being married to Finn one day and I almost can't believe it's finally happening!

We're going to invite both sets of parents out to dinner and announce it officially to them then.

We were going to try to keep it a secret from everyone until then but Claudia put a stop to that! As soon as we walked in, she saw the ring on my finger and shrieked, "Oh my God, did you guys get engaged?!?"

So we had to tell her. So much for keeping it a secret!

Claudia's really thrilled for us but she promised Finn and me that she would keep her lips sealed until we told everybody.

We can't wait to tell everyone and then start planning!

Extra pic:
Some of you may have already seen this at N99 but I'm sharing it here too, for those of you who aren't members/didn't see it. I honestly think this is one of the best toddler pics I've ever had in my game.

  • Title is from Lullaby Lucky by Kay Hanley. Exceedingly crappy live version - I'm totally spoiled by Grooveshark now but they didn't have this one!
  • So excited that I caught Caitlin climbing out of her crib! How are her PJs with the little bum flap?!
  • Finn and Victoria rolled the want to get married as soon as they graduated, so I've been waiting to get them engaged since then! I couldn't wait to play them this round. I actually moved them up in the rotation twice because I was so looking forward to them! Next update will be Finn's parents and sister, so Finn and Victoria will announce their engagement (along with the wedding date and other details) in that post.
  • They each rolled a baby want at some other point during this round, while I was controlling them on other lots - Finn first, then Victoria. I'll let them have another but not until they're married, with both kids in school and in a bigger place. I might wait until Finn has his Master's too, but we'll see how long it all takes.
  • Victoria and Megan, as mentioned, still argue. But they roll up a lot of wants for each other when they're together, so I think they're both trying to work on their relationship. Megan's not hostile towards Finn but she sort of looks around blankly whenever he talks to her. Well, he's going to be her son-in-law now, so she'll have to get over that, stat!


  1. Eeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have made me sooo unbelievably happy! Awesomely adorable toddler pics, and then they get engaged! And I must say, I looove Victoria's new hairdo :)

  2. Tessa, heh, I'm glad you're happy! It feels like it was a really long time coming even though they're so young - they've been together for so long.

    Declan and Caitlin are really cute. I did think Caitlin looked a little odd when I aged her up but after watching her in action, she's actually very sweet-looking. I took so many pictures of the pair of them - it was hard to pare them down!

  3. Caitlin is adorable! I love strong-willed kids. That picture where she's glaring at Justin is great. The one of Declan looking up is also great.

    Ok, it is time for Megan to GET OVER it already! Finn is a very solid guy, he's providing for his family and been very faithful. In fact, it seems like they'd actually have some things in common if she could put the past and her own reactions behind her.

  4. Declan and Caitlin are just SO adorable! And I love Caitlin's little rambunctious attitude, lol!

    Yay!!! I'm so happy Victoria and Finn are engaged. I agree with Francesca Dean, Megan needs to get over it! Finn has proven himself to be a great guy and it's time for her to recognize that.

  5. YAY! I'm so happy they will be getting married soon! I wasn't expecting him to ask her so soon. So that dinner was a surprise for me as well! LOL

    I just love it when they climb out of their cribs. But I'm using Sim Logical's crib hack, that lets them get out when they wake up. The majority o fmy parents are still sleep at 6 am, unless they have to be up for work, or getting the other kids ready for school. So instead of having my toddler scream their heads off they can just hop right on out.

    Megan is going to have to start liking Finn ready or not. I mean he's practically family, and after the wedding he will be family. Get over it. At least he didn't leave Victoria high and dry when she got pregnant both times. He loves her and is in it for the long haul.

  6. I have no idea why, but their engagement surprised me! Of course I expected it at some point, but I didn't expect it in this update. No reason I can pinpoint, I mean she has two of his kids, they live together, and have been together a decade... so really, what's the surprise.

    I'm glad that Megan and Victoria are getting their relationship mended, and hope Megan can find some common conversations to have with Finn. He's going to be family soon!

    Goodness, Caitlyn is soo adorable! Her little tush climbing out of the bed, and her grumpy face, ahh.. I adore her. These two make darling babies!

  7. Francesca, Caitlin's a cutie, isn't she? She looks like she might be a feisty one too, so that'll be fun!

    I'm totally with you on Megan! Finn seems like the kind of guy most mothers would love their daughters to bring home but Megan seems to always have her bitch face on with him. :\

    Shana, I'm so excited about doing a wedding for Finn and Victoria!

    I am hoping that what happened with Megan and Finn in the update I just put up is a good sign. Poor Finn...I never see him putting his fingers in his ears or rolling his eyes when Megan talks to him. It's all one-sided!

    Riverdale, well, hey, they've already got the family, so why not make it official? Normally, I'd make my couples hold off a little but Finn and Victoria are already so settled and I see them as the types who might have married young even if she hadn't got pregnant.

    Most of my Sims get up at 5am. They don't really need to but it's a holdover from TS1 when they took longer to do everything. My Sims are jealous of your Sims who get to sleep in until 6, lol!

    As soon as Victoria got pregnant, Finn became family. He didn't have to but he did. Fingers crossed that Megan comes to realise that too.

  8. Maisie, you caught me in the middle of replying!

    Heh, I'm not really surprised you're surprised but I can't pinpoint why either. I considered not getting them engaged this round but I started trying to think of why they'd wait and I couldn't think of a single reason. So they're getting hitched!

    Megan is difficult. I don't remember her being difficult when Victoria was a teen. It seems to be something that's happened since she got pregnant, which is odd for a Sim but worked out pretty well for me! But I'm hoping we've seen the last of her stubbornness, with Finn and with Victoria.

    I love Caitlin's grumpy face too. She kind of looks grumpy a lot, just because of features. To me, she looks a lot like Finn did as a toddler (except for the eyes) and he always looked kind of grumpy too.

  9. Aww, the picture of Declan with his little xylophone is so adorable! He's such a cute kid and so is Caitlin. She seems like the kind of girl who won't take any crap from men, even at an early age!

    Honestly, Megan irritates me so much! If she was a real person I would track her down and slap her LOL!

    I love this family. They're so down-to-earth and obviously happy.

  10. Sari, heh, Megan bugs me too. Sim-wise, I think she just doesn't have enough interests in common with Finn but character-wise, I still want to shake her and say "GET OVER IT!" LOL.

    I can't wait to see Caitlin as a teen. She's quite nice, like both her parents are, but she is just not going to be walked over! She's so hilarious already!

    I love this family too. I was so excited to play them!

  11. Somehow I forgot they aren't actually married! They already seem like a well oiled couple.

    Also, LOL, Caitlin is too cute! What a little trouble maker. I wondered if you set up that shot. It's so hard to get a shot of them climbing out.

    And that last pic really is too darn adorable.

  12. Lunar, well, Finn and Victoria are so settled, aren't they? And with two kids, they might as well be married, I guess!

    And nope, didn't set up that shot with Caitlin! I was just in the right place at the right time. I wonder if I could set it up with allmenus though. Hmmm.