Sunday, 23 May 2010

Round 27 ROS

I've rolled my ROS for Round 27 (which will cover the years 2025-2026), so here they are. As always, I will link each ROS item to the entry it happens in, as they occur. So uh, if you're reading this after the fact, you might not want to click the links unless you want spoilers!

Mini mid-life crisis. Change secondary aspiration or select one if one doesn’t exist. - This Sim doesn't have one yet, so I guess I could go any way I wanted with this.
You're feeling creative. Take up a new hobby or start a new business: painting, music, writing, crafting, pet breeding, whatever strikes your fancy.
Deadline to write an article within 24 hours (demoted if failure)
There has been a terrible house fire! Everything was lost, but at least the family is safe (move the family and bulldoze the home). - I was bummed to roll this one but then I remembered I've kind of started to hate this family's house anyway! So it's a good excuse to move them.
Weekly night in - I roll for what the activity will be with this ROS and the one that came up was pool.
You've been audited, and there was an error on your tax return. Pay 10% of your total personal and business net worth. - Lord, I don't even know how much money this Sim will have after this audit, especially seeing taxes are also due in Spring 2025!


  1. OMG, that's something I never thought about for new readers, lol! I've been linking them all along. I should probably put a warning too! Ha! Oops! :)

  2. Laura, heh, it only just occurred to me this round! I should probably go back and fix my other ROS posts too.