Monday, 17 May 2010


Round 26: Spring 2024
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Augustin and Hanna Novak are both 69, Naomi is 49, Owen is 47, Adrienne is 17 and Malcolm is 14.
(Matilda is 18, Susannah is 14)

Narrated by Adrienne Novak

As well as babysitting, I've been working with Mum at her boutique. She was running it by herself for a while but she says she can't run the store and man the cash register at the same time.

I think her main problem is she can't work the cash register at all!

It's better for everyone if she's off the register though. She gets frustrated, gets in a foul mood and then she ends up bitching out the customers. This time it was just Uncle James, but next time, it could be someone really important!

I run the register now and I've had to admit that it's more complicated than it looks! I'm getting the hang of it but it is hard, especially with impatient customers waiting behind the counter.

When she's in a good mood, it's really great to watch Mum while she works. I still don't really know what I want to do when I finish college but I could see myself running this place one day. It's mine if I want it; it's not really Malcolm's thing.

If I did follow Mum into fashion, there might be awesome money in it for me! Mum recently got a bonus of $32,000 when she managed to get a spot at Fashion Week. Dad took her away to their vacation house to celebrate.

They asked me and Malcolm if we wanted to join them but I get the feeling they were hoping we'd say no, so they could have some alone time. I feel like I'm a little too old for family vacations now anyway.

So while Mum and Dad are away, it's just me, Malcolm and our grandparents in the house. Even without our parents around, Grandpa is very insistent that we eat dinner together every night. He and Grandma like to know exactly what we're getting up to.

Not that we really need a family meal for that. I talk to my grandparents all the time, especially Grandma. Just the other day, I was complaining to her about the lack of cute boys around this place and how I hoped the situation would improve once I got to college. That was her cue to launch into a lecture about being "safe".

I could have died, I swear. Gross. I get where she's coming from, because she got pregnant with my mum and Uncle James in college but that's the last thing I want to hear about from my grandma.

It is kind of scary to think about ending up pregnant at my age though. My grandparents are doing pretty well for themselves now, but they had a lot of help from Grandpa's parents.

I still want a boyfriend though. I'm in severe danger of becoming bitter and twisted here, at the tender age of 17.

I haven't even kissed anybody yet and my 14 year-old brother actually has a girlfriend!

The giggling is one thing but when they start with the nuzzling and the making out, I could throw up. Who would want to make out with Malcolm?

Thank God Lost Generation is right around the corner from our house. Malcolm goes there a lot with Susannah.

There's not much for underagers to do around Sullivan, so unless you can drive or your parents are cool with you using public transport at night to go out to Exeter, your choices are Lost Generation or the skating rinks. I got over those places a long time ago!

Since Matilda left for college, I usually don't have anyone to go out with but she's been home visiting her dad, so it's been like old times!

Matilda took me to this bar that a lot of students hang out at, just to see if we could find any guys for me. The DJ was cute but he didn't seem to notice me anyway, which was pretty much the story that night.

So it ended up being more of a girls' night out, with just karaoke and dancing.

Which was fun. Matilda and I are both excellent performers when it comes to karaoke.

Karaoke was actually the only time all night that I got checked out and it was by a girl.

Lack of boys aside, the night was going so well that I decided to go to the bar and see if I could get a drink. I shouldn't have pressed my luck though.

The bartender asked me for ID and as soon as I couldn't show her any, she was pushing me out of my seat and ordering me out of the club.

So we headed over to The Greasy Spoon instead, where we came across Matilda's boyfriend, Ethan. As soon as we pulled up outside, Matilda spotted her boyfriend Ethan and asked me if it was okay if he joined us.

She was practically begging and he was standing right there, so what was I supposed to say? I've got nothing against Ethan but I just didn't feel like being the third wheel.

I was a bit worried Matilda would ignore me for Ethan but it didn't turn out to be too bad.

They kept the lovey dovey stuff to a minimum. I think Ethan's too shy to go too crazy with that sort of thing.

It was so great to see Matilda again! I've really missed her this year and I can't wait to get to university so we can hang out more often.

College is only a few months away but it feels like forever right now! At least I know I'm definitely going. Mum and Dad have already paid my first semester's tuition and I'll be living at Novak Hall (named after Grandma, by the way!) I'm so excited to finally get started!

  • Title is from Disarm by Smashing Pumpkins. 1994 - rock!
  • Naomi's shop is now at Level 3 but she seems to be making a pretty nice profit anyway. And I've learned that a Sim can get more than 10 of those business benefits if they open a second business. I don't think I've ever had a Sim own more than one business before (to refresh your memory, Naomi used to own the salon than Kimberly Carmody owns now).
  • Another thing I learned this session: I can ban teens from my lots (which is how this club is set up) but still take playable teens there. I wasn't sure what was going to happen when I took Adrienne down there. So, yay!
  • Adrienne is off to college next year. Her grade was A- and she earned 5 scholarships, so it'll be the standard $2000 per semester tuition fees for Owen and Naomi. They can well afford it - they have about half a million dollars!
  • All through high school, I couldn't find a single guy Adrienne had anything more than one bolt with. But as is usually the way with me and my Sims, I've got someone in mind for her who she actually has amazing chemistry with. So hopefully, their paths will cross sometime in the next few years.


  1. Gosh I love stories like this. I cannot wait for you to reveal who you will set her up with. I also hope she keeps her grades up (the mother in me) LOL.

    Good update, again!

  2. Aww, poor Adrienne. I like her :P I'm sure the guy you picked out for her will be perfect for her. Lol, poor her, even her brother has a girlfriend and she doesn't... although, if she wanted a girlfriend that girl at the club was checking her out... jk :)

  3. I have no worried that she will end up breaking a few hearts in college. Sometimes you have to kiss a few toads before you find your prince. I just hope she doesn't turn into Nora. ROFL

  4. I love this song. But Smashing pumpkins is awesome anyway, not just because they remind me of when I was 14.

    Poor Adrienne. How frustrating. I remember those days, and it was so much worse when everyone around you really did have someone.

    Can't wait for her to get to college though. She's going to bloom then.

  5. Oh, I love that song! Love the Smashing Pumpkins in general! :)

    The boutique looks really great! That CC is amazing, I especially love the clothing racks!

    LOL @ the "severe danger of becoming bitter and twisted"!!! Poor girl has no luck! That must seem like the end of the world, to watch everybody paired up and even her little brother making out, lol! I can't wait to see who you've got in mind for her now.

  6. Adrienne, don't worry, your time will come and do as your grandmother said-be safe :P Talk about awkward.

  7. Thanks for your comments, everyone!

    DeMonde, well, don't hold your breath! It might not even be next round. I'm going to see if I can have them meet naturally and resist the urge to teleport him in! LOL.

    Adrienne's secondary is Fortune and they're usually pretty good at spinning college wants, so fingers crossed Adrienne will be okay.

    Tessa, LOL, yeah, if she wanted a girlfriend, Adrienne would be all set. Straight as an arrow though, unfortunately for that girl!

    Riverdale, I think Adrienne might go a little crazy in college, so I'll have to watch out for any Nora-style shenanigans! The last virginal girl I sent to college was Claudia and we all remember how her first two years went!

    Lunar, one of my favourite songs, even 16 years later! Wow, has it really been that long?!

    Adrienne's always wanted a boyfriend but Matilda was in the same boat last year and now she's kind of moved way ahead of Adrienne and is with Ethan. Plus she's got Malcolm and Susannah slobbering all over each other in front of her. Sucks to be single when it's like that!

    Laura, I still listen to SP all the time. Awesome band.

    What is awesome about the CC in Naomi's store is that it matches perfectly with the H&M stuff. Those are H&M counters and clothing booths, but they blend seamlessly with the walls from TSR and the clothing racks from Sims Connection. I was so excited to find them.

    I'm getting more and more excited to pair Adrienne up with this guy. I think I'm going to have a lot of fun with them together.

    Apple Valley, awkward but it's probably a reminder that Adrienne needed! She's got big plans for college on the romance front, I'm sure!

  8. Poor Adrienne! I feel her pain, that was me in high school (and in undergrad!) and unfortunately I'm still kissing frogs lol.....hope she has better luck!

  9. I have to agree with you on the dating part. I sometimes feel if it were not me telling them to date, get engaged or married they would stay single all their life. I am going to try to let my simmies choose but I can already tell that it wont last long.

  10. Cameos by my two favs: Matilda and Susannah. Yay me!

    I cracked up when I saw her get kicked out. Hilarious!

  11. I was wondering why she got kicked out! That explains it.

    I think Adrienne's not going to have any trouble finding guys in college. The girl is beautiful.

    It was hilarious watching her sit through her younger brother's make out session.

  12. It's amazing how observant teens can be sometimes, and just say it as it is: "I think her main problem is she can't work the cash register at all"

    It can be so painfull when your yonger brother has a girlfriend before you have your first boyfriend, especially when they are in your face all the time, I feel for Adrienne. By the way Adrienne, I think it's completely normal you don't feel anything for kissing your brother! :p

  13. Mizzgin03, I think most girls have been in Adrienne's position at some point in their lives, so we can all sympathise!

    Bernz, hmm, my Sims aren't so much like that. They roll date wants and marriage and engagement wants pretty frequently. They don't always meet who I want them to meet though, and that's what I meant by talking about letting it happen naturally.

    Laurel, Susannah and Matilda are fun, aren't they?

    Glad you liked the entry!

    Simmington, yes, I'm sure Adrienne will find plenty of guys in college. I think she'll probably zoom ahead of Matilda and her brother, if she's the competitive type (she is). She looks just like Owen though!

    Tanja, heh, it doesn't take a genius to notice that Naomi is extremely crap at using the cash register. Adrienne seemed to pick it up much faster than she did!

    I really felt for Adrienne too. She should probably tell Malcolm to get a room but I don't think their grandparents would be too pleased about that. ;)

  14. I commented last night, but lost my internet connection while trying to post it, so here it goes again. There just aren’t enough Simming hours in the day these days!
    Ok, I guess I need to rethink my level of sympathy for Sims working the cash register, hmm? If Adrienne says it’s harder than it looks, then I believe her!
    Extended families in the house are so much fun in The Sims. The shot of Adrienne with her hand to her head while her grandmother launches into “the talk” was great.
    Oh, Adrienne, I hope you don’t become old and bitter! It will get better in uni, I’m sure! But how aggravating to have her little brother and Susannah making out on the couch in front of her. I’m glad she got to go out with Matilda and that Ethan and her behaved pretty well.

  15. You sure know how to keep us hooked, don't you?! Now we'll all be waiting for you to reveal who Adrienne's sweetheart will be :)

    I've never even thought of using the visitor controller to ban teens from night clubs. I'm definitely going to use that in my game. I loved how she got kicked out!

  16. Francesca, yeah, I don't do extended families so much any more but they can be fun. Lately, I've had all my returning graduates strike out on their own but in the back of my mind, I have the idea to move their parents back in with them when they get much older, as sometimes happens in real life. I think Zaria will want to move Kit in with her and Max eventually and Calvin will want to have his mother living with him and Aaron when Lake eventually dies (Kendal hasn't aged up yet but it's almost a given Lake will die before her).

    Adrienne is just a bit of a grump and a drama queen. I don't think she's becoming bitter and twisted just yet! I'll make sure she meets up with her intended before then and I'll let her have some boys in between now and then to tide her over. ;)

    Sari, heh, I'm glad I have you all waiting! I'm dying to tell you and once upon a time, I might have but I've found it's more fun to build things up for a while.

    All of my clubs and bars are set up to ban teens and have been for a while now. I've been thinking of setting up some of them to ban elders too. ;) The Old Brick, the club in this update, doesn't seem like the type of place elders would hang around too much!

  17. "I'm in severe danger of becoming bitter and twisted here, at the tender age of 17."

    I literally laughed out loud!

    I'll make out with you, Adrienne! (I'm 17 fyi, so you don't think I'm a creepy perv or anything, lol!)

    the boutique is SO COOL! The cc is just... so beautiful! Can you please tell me where you got Naomi's outfit?

    Another laugh out loud moment was from Hanna talking to Adrienne about sex. OMG, I couldn't even imagine talking to my grandma about that!

  18. Billy, ha, you cracked me up saying you'd make out with Adrienne! LOL. She'll be too old for you within months, which is weird to think about - my Sims age pretty fast!

    Naomi's outfit is one of the newer ones at All About Style. I thought the skirt might be a little short for a 49 year-old but I thought given Naomi's line of work, she'd wear stuff like that a little longer than other women her age might.

    I don't believe I know anyone who'd feeling like gabbing about sex with their grandmother! I'm 29 and I still can't imagine discussing that with mine! Yeah, that was pretty embarrassing for poor Adrienne.