Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Round 27: Summer 2025
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Julian Sitko is 75, David is 43, Kirstin is 41, Camilla and Lila are both 12 and Adelaide is 7.
(Caterina is 70, Sophie is 12)

Narrated by Camilla Sitko

Lila and I just started high school. The building looked so huge on the first day (I guess it still kind of does!) and I think we both felt lucky to have the other one there by our side.

I think we've had it easier than other Grade 7s in the past. We had each other and we also had our cousin Sophie. With the three of us sitting together at lunch, we've never had to worry about looking like losers with no friends!

I love being old enough to go out without Mum or Dad now. Dad still won't let us out at night on our own but it's better than nothing!

So on Saturdays, we usually go to Lost Generation with Sophie and just hang out. We just learned how to play pool so we've been practising lately.

I'm really good at it. Sophie and I were playing against Lila and Susannah. I don't think Susannah was too impressed at losing to a 12 year-old!

But then, Lila wasn't too thrilled with losing either.

I think that's part of the reason why she still likes playing soccer with Adelaide, even though they're not exactly evenly matched.

Adelaide has only just started playing soccer, while Lila's been playing as long as she can remember. I don't know why it's so thrilling to win against a 7-year-old but Lila seems to be happy with it.

I really envy how close Lila is with Adelaide though. Adelaide and I get along okay but we don't have as much in common, so the bond doesn't seem as strong.

I guess I'm just more into painting, which Lila and Adelaide couldn't really care less about. I'm saving up all my paintings, though I don't know what I'm going to do with them all. Maybe I could open a gallery or something when I'm older? I could sell them, or just charge people money to view them. That's a long way away though, obviously.

Lila and I aren't old enough to have real jobs yet. There are no laws against helping out at family businesses, so Lila has done some waitressing for Grandpa at the diner.

He was reluctant at first but his regular waitress said she'd watch out for her, so he finally relented.

She fits right in, so says she.

God, she thinks she's so awesome now! Even more than she already did, that is!

After her first day, she showed me how many tips she got. WOW! Maybe I need to come and help out the diner too. One guy gave her $17 and all he ordered was a cup of coffee and a sandwich!

Lila says her services are worth $17 tips though. She's absolutely exhausted by the time closing time rolls around.

Grandpa doesn't spend as much time at the diner on the weekends now, because he's been seeing a lot of Caterina Nihill.

They've been friends for a long time - since before Lila and I were even born, Grandpa says.

I guess they've grown closer over the past few months because now they're dating.

Mum is really not happy about it. She hasn't actually said anything to Grandpa about it but she's all abrupt with him at dinner now.

Whenever Caterina is over, Mum holes herself up in the study, saying she has work to do.

But I mean, really...she could take five seconds and say hello, if it's just that she's busy working. So Dad has to make excuses as to why she's not coming out and Dad hates lying.

She's really annoyed about Grandpa dating again. I've heard her complaining to Dad about it more times than I can count.

Dad thinks Mum should just leave them be, if they're happy together. Mum thinks Dad wouldn't be thinking that way if it was his dad that had started dating again.

I don't know though. It's been over a year since Grandma died. Dad thinks he's probably lonely, so I guess I don't really mind him dating so much, even though it's weird to see him with someone else.

It's not like he's forgotten all about Grandma since he's taken up with Caterina. He still talks about her all the time and you can tell he still misses her.

He even still wears his wedding ring.

And I like Caterina. She's always really nice about my paintings if she's over when I'm at the easel.

Although Lila said she saw them grabbing each other's butts or something when they didn't realise she was there and she said it was the grossest thing she'd ever seen. As long as they keep that kind of thing out of my sight, then I think I can be cool with them being together.


EWWWW!!! And I know what you guys just did in there because Camilla hadn't even slept in that bed yet! Lucky Sims don't care about that kind of thing!

  • Title is from Countdown by Pulp.
  • So before I talk about this update, here's a question for you all: those of you who run playable schools in your hoods, what do you do when Sims roll up private school wants? I've been trying to figure out a way to fulfill that want for some of my Sims while still maintaining the illusion that they all go to the same school. Do you ignore that want? Do you fulfill it and then carry on as normal? Do you have something else you do that works out better than the other two options? I'd love to hear it!
  • Back on topic! I've been planning to let Caterina and Julian get together since last round. I don't normally bother letting my elders date but Julian had the persistent want to go on a date, he had 3 bolts with Caterina and she's Romance, so I figured she'd be into it anyway. They've been BFFs for a long time so it didn't take them long to fall in love. But Caterina rolled the want to marry him BEFORE they were even in love or even had a crush on each other. Has anyone seen that before? Geez...hold your horses, Caterina! Julian took a longer to roll any romantic wants at all past Fall in Love With Caterina but he rolls a ton of them now. No marriage wants but I don't know if I'd let them get married anyway. We'll see, I guess.
  • This is one of those times when I ignore the vaguely incestuous vibe I have going in this hood! Caterina is David's aunt (she's Filippo's sister) and seeing she used to be married to Ben (Collette's brother), she was also Kirstin's aunt by marriage. I have so many connections like this in my hood that I tend to ignore most of them, unless they're especially relevant to whatever I'm writing. I'm pretty sure every single Sim is now somehow linked to every other Sim in this hood!
  • Neither Camilla or Lila have shown any interest in boys yet, which was kind of a nice change from most of my teens! I'm due to play the high school soon though and I'm thinking that might change once they actually start interacting with some of the boys.


  1. I'm glad Julian is starting to get over Collette's death. I think he and Caterina make a lovely couple. I'm just trying to erase that last picture from my memory LOL!

    I haven't really thought about private school. Not many of my sims roll the want and so far I've always ignored it but I think in the future I'll probably fulfill the want but then carry on like I used to. I like having all kids in the same school.

  2. I ignore the pirvate school want. I don't really see a point to them atteneding it, and I really don't feel like having the head master over. LOL

    I'm glad that Julian has found romance later in life. My Nant Novak remarried after her husband Gorge passed. She actually spun up the want to marry Mathew like two sim days after hr husband passed. LOL They are a perfect fit too!

    Isn't it nice to have some teens who are all hormonal yet? But the boy crazy will start soon I think!

  3. Great update and ewww, grabbing bootys is not cute-regardless your age.

    For my school, when they roll wants for private school, I allow them to attempt to do so. Basically it means that they're in the honors program. I usually don't take photos of the event and they still attend the same school as the other sims.

    In my hood, everyone is related-I finished my online family tree


    and yep, I have to ignore the family ties since they can trace their history back to TS1.

  4. As far as private school is concerned, I plan to have a magnet school in Rockport, which is my downtown area. All students enrolled there will be private school according to the game. I haven't decided if I would have updates for it, but at least all of the private school wants can be fulfilled.

    Good update (Yay! Susannah!)

  5. Ew! Poor Lila, having to see her grandpa and his girlfriend grabbing each other's butts, lol!

    I hope Kirstin can come to accept her dad dating again. If he's lonely and he feels ready to date, he should be allowed to. It doesn't mean he's forgotten her mom.

    I hadn't ever really thought about private school before, I usually just ignore it, but when I read your question an idea to use it as an honors program popped into my head. And then I saw Apple Valley's comment that that's what she does, lol! It seems like a good idea--they can still go to the playable school during the school updates, but they would be considered honor students if they make it into the Maxis private school. I may have to start implementing that idea in my hood! :)

  6. About your question; I have been meaning to ask you the same question! I don't deal with that in my hood yet, since I only recently started schools. You could just fullfill the want a carry on like you did before. You could also make it very expensive, so only very rich sims can afford it, and they don't show up in the school-updates anymore. The thing LaurelCrossing does, seems good too...

    I'm glad Julian is finding some happiness again after the death of his wife. I know it must be hard on Kirstin, but she should just be happy for her dad instead of acting like she does.

    I love how Camilla and Lila look, thye both look so good! And Camilla is absolutely right, it's always nice to have your sister by your side. The agedifference between me and my sister is 18 months, and we do a lot together, and I really like it!

  7. Thanks for your comments, everybody, and for your thoughts about private school!

    Sari, I like Julian and Caterina together too. They're very sweet. But yeah...no more sex in your granddaughter's bed! I think now that she's slept in it, Camilla has "claimed" it so they hopefully won't.

    I like all my Sims in the same school too, which is one of the reasons I asked the question. Otherwise, I might just use the primary school as a public school and the high school as a private. But I don't want to separate the kids.

    Riverdale, the only reason I'm considering not ignoring the private school want is that when they're at private school and they get those pop-ups, they get a skill point instead of a paltry amount of cash. And also, they come home happier.

    I actually thought of your Nanat when I was pairing up Julian and Caterina! They seem like a good match but it remains to be seen whether Julian will spin up the marriage want. I don't always wait for both Sims to spin it but in this case, I probably will.

    I'm expecting some boy craziness to start today, when I play the high school!

    Apple Valley, yeah, I don't want to see butt grabbing at any age! LOL.

    I love your idea of having them in an honours program when they get into private school! Do you make them pay anything for the privilege?

    LaurelCrossing, oh, I'd miss having all my Sims together, I think, if I did what you did. So interesting to read what everyone does with that want though.

    And I put up a Susannah-centric update today and I thought of you. ;)

    Shana, I think Kirstin will get over it, eventually. This is very early days for their relationship, so she needs some time. I'm still trying to think how Max and Olivia would each react to this, for when I play their houses.

    Heh, I'm going to steal Apple Valley's idea too! LOL.

    Tanja, honestly, all the ideas so far have been good but I think I'm going to go with Apple Valley's. It allows me to make some sense of "private school" and the benefits it brings, while still letting me have all my kids in the one school. Which is exactly what I want!

    Kirstin will accept Caterina eventually, I think. This is all very new to her. She's never seen her dad with anyone else before and because they live together, it's right there in her face. She just needs a bit of time, I think.

    I'm really close to my sister as well (though we're 3 years apart and we haven't always been as close as we are now - 3 years is a lot when you're 12 and 15!) so I really enjoy writing about my sisters in game. I just put an update up today featuring Sarah and Susannah and thought of how much I like playing them together as well, now that Susannah is a teen.

  8. I definitely see Jessica Alba in Lila! She's a very pretty little girl! Camilla too though - she looks just like her mommy! :)

    Awww, elder romance! Wow, lots of surprising gameplay stuff - like Caterina's marriage want (I do think I've seen that before though, very rarely), and Julian's stuck wedding ring.

    I fulfill private school wants if they roll them (except my poor Harris kids wanted it and got rejected, lol!). Like Apple Valley, I make it into a sort of honors program instead of private school though. They attend extra classes, and they're kind of encouraged to do their homework a little bit more than my non-honors kids. On my school chart, my honors kids have an (AP) after their names.

    I do also hate the headmaster scenario, but I go through my kids so slowly that it's few and far between when I have to do it.

  9. Laura, I think Camilla and Lila both look a lot like Kirstin but I can see a tiny bit of David in Lila as well. I'm curious to see what Adelaide will look like, because I don't think she looks much like either parent. She's probably a mix.

    I just realised Julian and Caterina are the first elder couple I've allowed to start a real romance! My poor single elders get all of their date and woohoo wants ignored, usually. I don't know what's up with Julian's ring though. Caterina's is gone and I did the Fix Dead Romances thing on Julian and he still wasn't able to ask Caterina to go steady (fixed that with allmenus on though).

    I think you might have been the one I read mentioning something about a private school/honours program in your hood. Maybe for Dallas or somebody? I'm going to have a think about it and see what I can work out for my own hood but it'll be something along those lines, I think. I actually don't mind the headmaster scenario though. I have a fascination with the scoring!

  10. With my playable school, I actually pretended it was the private school. So I would actually enroll them in private school. That's why they always wore uniforms.

    And I'm going to echo Laura-- Awwww! Elder romance! I think that was one of the sweetest parts of this update.

    Well that and the girls hanging out. It is nice to see some teen sims who aren't obsessed with romance. It's like it's all part of their programming, lol.

  11. Lunar, I like that idea too! Then all of my Sims would have a chance at learning a skill point while at school. It makes more sense that they'd learn at school than bring home money anyway.

    I'm glad you guys like Julian and Caterina together. I do but I was afraid people would think it was too soon for Julian. It's only been one round since Collette died but that's (roughly) two years in the hood, which makes a difference.

    After playing my school this round, Camilla and Lila still aren't showing any interest in boys yet, which was a surprise (Sophie is another story but she's Romance).