Sunday, 23 May 2010

Round 26 Outtakes

Victoria wasn't sure about the apartment I picked out for her family at first. I love her expression but I'm mainly posting this for adorable little Declan in the background, sucking his thumb! So cute.

Right at the beginning of the round, Gordon and Jacob separately took Lia and Claudia on dates and the girls thought they'd drop off some gifts for the boys.

If this was a competition, I think Lia might have won!

Jace lost his head at Lia and Gordon's wedding... did Cordy!

I don't even know where the hell Mina is here (a hobby lot, probably, because I wouldn't allow that fug carpet and wall combination on any lot I could edit) but that is one hilarious face she's making!

I find it hard to believe that Maia was that horrified by seeing Aaron and Calvin naked, considering the amount of heart-farting she does over both of them!

Some of you may have already seen this at N99 but did you know that Sims could play with Chickenfeed Charlie? Hope did this autonomously.

I'm assuming they can do it with the gnome too, seeing Chickenfeed Charlie turns into the gnome at one point during the animation. EAxis is all about attention to detail!

It turns back into the chicken by the time she puts it down. If you're desperate to see it in your own game, you can use allmenus on to force it.

Aw, that's love, people! Joanna is so totally cool with Rose being an utter slob that she's come to find it amusing!

If Joanna was a different kind of girl, I might have used this pic in the actual wedding update but it didn't seem quite like Joanna to me. That's more of a pose I can picture someone like Lia striking!

Well, Madelyn is being a little odd!

Yeah, I don't know. I thought Lia had gone outside to clean the window but she just stopped and stared into the window all creepy like.

Speaking of creepy...this was actually at night and I went into buy mode and clicked the daylight toggle button. I was not prepared for this.

I have no caption for either of these. I just think Finn pulls the funniest faces!

And so does Caitlin! I wish I'd turned the camera around though.

Claudia tried to take up fishing this round, seeing she can't garden where she's living right now. She was unsuccessful.

And finally, who doesn't love smustle faces? I seriously never get sick of them!

  • I almost didn't do Outtakes this round because as I was going through the ones I'd saved, I found that a lot of them hinted a little too strongly at something I'm not planning to act on for a good while. But I scanned through my pics again quickly and found some I'd forgotten, so Round 26 Outtakes was saved!
  • For anyone wondering, Cordy and Jace's heads came back as soon as I deleted them and then restored them. I'm pretty sure it was just a sign from my computer that it needed a break, so I exited to the hood screen, minimised and left it for a little while! No more headless Sims after that, so I guess it worked.
  • I had Claudia at the creek for hours and she didn't catch anything except a boot. Of all the Sims I've ever taken fishing, Claudia is the worst at it!


  1. Wow... Lia... creepy... Cordy... oddly creepy? Maia: Funny! Ha! I loved your description of the wallpaper and carpet as "fug", totally going to incorporate that into my vocabulary :D
    Oh, I was also wondering, what's N99? I went to google it, but then I got all distracted by it's pacman theme and started playing the game... sorry :)

  2. Tessa, heh, I say fug all the time. Glad you liked the outtakes this round.

    You probably won't find N99 by Googling that anyway. It's short for Neighborhood 99, a Sims forum.

  3. They are all so funny, and creepy of course!
    The one where Victoria tries to take up fishing I think is hilarious! It looks like she's going to end up in the pond! Too bad that doesn't happed with sims :p

  4. I'm sorry I meant to say Claudia!

  5. Some of those pictures are hilarious! I love these out takes. Lia's was especially creepy.

    Claudia looks like she's falling headfirst into the water, lol.

    Also, lol @ Tessa's comment. Google's pacman struck again. XD

  6. Cordy's face looks like she had some very bad botox treatment!

    I love the smustle faces! For some reason I always find it even more funny when little kids or elders are doing the dance.

  7. ROFL LMBO LOL That pic of Lia, OMG, can you say teen slasher pic! SHe's like Jason's sister, can you hear the "chaa chaa chaa, haa ha ha"? ROFL

    I enjoyed these as always. Glad you posted them!

  8. Tanja, oh, it'd be so funny if they could fall into the water! A shame they can't!

    Lunar, yeah, I don't quite know what was going on with Lia! Perhaps pregnancy hormones were making her a bit loopy?

    LOL, I wasted enough of my day playing Google Pacman, so I get it!

    Sari, yeah, Cordy's face is I have no idea what would have compelled EA to animate a face like that! She's jumping into the leaves and I think I just happened to pause at the right split second.

    Riverdale, heh, I'm glad I included Lia's picture! I almost didn't because I wasn't sure if everyone else would find it as funny as I did. Clearly that is not an issue!

  9. OMG, the headless Sims! What causes that?

    Awww, that picture of Rose and Joanna! Don't those two always come up with the best random shots? A little bit doe-eyed for Joanna though, lol! But so sweet!

    OMG, Lia! This is like the alternate reality story where she's a brain-eating zombie, lol!

    LOL, Finn! I've said this before, I think, but he's the oldest young man I've ever seen!

    And Claudia looks like she's diving, lol!

  10. Laura, yeah, the headless Sims! I can only assume either my video card or my RAM was getting tired or something because it didn't happen again after I left the game rest for a while. Weird that it only happened to Jace and Cordy though!

    Yeah, Rose and Joanna had another nice random one that I posted in their actual wedding update. But like you said, this one was too doe-eyed for someone like Joanna.

    Ha, I think you have said something to that effect before! I think Finn is the most serious Sim I have in my game (mine usually tend towards playful), so he really stands out. That second pic where he's looking at Victoria is still cracking me up. I think that's one of the most awesome "bitch, please!" pics I've ever taken in my game. LOL. I only wish I had a reason to use it but they'd just got engaged and Finn really didn't have a reason to be so grumpy!