Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Sister Jack

Round 26: Spring 2024

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Claudia Kirby is 23 and Josie Benton and Patience Draper are both 22.
(Jacob Weaver, Victoria Kirby and Rob Ashton are all 23, Troy Clarke is 21 and Rebecca Kirby is 15)

Narrated by Claudia Kirby

When I moved into this house right after graduation, I was all on my own and very bored.

Although I was never really lonely, I guess. I can hardly get rid of Rebecca.

She just lets herself in and bitches about how she has no privacy at home and no one respects her space.

I think the irony is completely lost on her.

This year has been completely different, now that I have my cousin Josie and her best friend Patience living with me.

With us three girls, as well as our boyfriends dropping by, it's usually pretty crowded around here.

Josie and Patience are probably the laziest roomies you could ask for though. Their main problem is that they're both incredibly spoiled.

Patience seems to be completely incapable of being quiet. I just don't know why we need dance parties at 1am on a Tuesday morning! Some of us actually have to get up early in the mornings.

Even knowing money is really tight around here, one of the first things Josie asked me when she moved in is when we'd be hiring a maid.

Um, never? Josie was pretty irritated that she'd have to make her own bed and pick up after herself. She likes things neat but doesn't really like doing the work to make it that way.

I guess Josie has somewhat of an excuse for being a little lazy at home. She's just started med school this semester and the days she's not at work, she's at the hospital for her classes.

She's only in her first year, so it's mostly theory and not much practical stuff. A ton of lectures and papers to write.

Josie's finding it quite tough going right now, but she's confident she can get through it. It's what she really wants to do, so she's willing to stick with it.

I'm kind of surprised we haven't heard any complaints about the doctors she's working with yet. Josie is abrasive at times but any issues she has with other people are always their fault.

But at least she's got some direction in life. I could use some of that. I've been working on a few political campaigns at town hall, under Zaria, the campaign manager.

We've become good friends - as friendly as you can be with your boss, I suppose - and she really thinks I could make a career in politics one day. Maybe I could but I don't know if I actually like it enough to do it all my life.

I'm feeling a little more relaxed about my relationship with Jacob too and I'm not so hung up on moving in together or anything like that.

We talked it all to death and I finally see it from his perspective and I have to agree. Most people our age aren't getting married or even living together. Finn and Victoria are an exception, not the rule.

I'm still looking forward to it happening for us eventually but I'm no longer desperate for it to happen right now.

I worry a little bit about Patience, the way she looks at Jacob sometimes. There's so much history there.

Patience is so into Rob though that I'm feeling a little better about her well-documented Jacob obsession.

I could do without constant evidence of how much she's into Rob on the couch though. Josie says she was the same when they lived together at college. She just got used to finding something else to do when the couch was occupied.

For all her faults though, I actually like Patience a lot. I was so reluctant to let her move in, because of the Jacob thing and I only allowed it because Josie begged. Well, and because I really needed help with the bills.

We really have a lot of fun together at home and it wasn't something I was expecting at all.

Josie doesn't tend to go out so much any more, since starting med school, but Troy is usually able to drag her out.

It's mainly because Troy makes it impossible for her to get any work done but she works too hard sometimes, so at least someone can get her out of the house.

I occasionally tend bar downtown for some extra cash and Patience came down to entertain me with some karaoke. She was actually pretty good!

She was better than anyone else who took the mic that night anyway. The other "singers" made me wish I could drink on the job.

Finn and Victoria announced their engagement a couple of months ago. I knew it was coming eventually and I was expecting to feel a little jealous that it wasn't Jacob and me getting married but I didn't feel that way at all. I'm just really thrilled for them.

She and Finn aren't really past the throwing ideas around stage. But every time we meet up, it's almost all we talk about.

Victoria's the first person I'm really close to to get married, so I've never been involved in wedding planning before.

There's over a year until the big day but I don't know if I can contain my excitement until then! I can only imagine what it must be like for Victoria!

  • Title is from Sister Jack by Spoon.
  • The sum of my knowledge about med school is gleaned from cursory glances at Wikipedia and TV shows, so um...don't expect much realism! Josie's wearing her scrubs in a couple of the pics because I did have her doing some dissection (hey, they had first year med school students doing autopsies on Tru Calling!) but I cut it for length. But the scrubs are fun anyway.
  • And yes, Sullivan finally has a hospital! I'm using the Shoe Flee Medical Center from MTS but I'm overhauling it quite a bit. Lukas Novak Memorial, which is what I've changed the name to in my hood, is a teaching hospital, so it needs a classroom and I want to have a room with a few of those CPR dummies and the science reward thingy to act as a lab for the students. The original lot is great but there are a lot of rooms I won't ever use so I'm moving stuff around and converting the entire top floor for med school purposes.
  • Patience and Jacob don't roll romantic wants for each other any more. Claudia's a little insecure though, which isn't totally unjustified, given how long Patience was hung up on Jacob. But that little glance down at Jacob in one of the pictures was the only interest Patience showed in him all play session.
  • Just the primary school update and one more family to go until Round 27. I've got my Round 26 wrap-up and Round 27 intro posts ready to go, so after I get those out, it'll be birthday time!


  1. I thought the med school scenes were great! Question: how did you stage her doing the assignment? Is she still a YA or is there a cheat that allows the "do assignment" as a adult?

    Good update!

  2. I liked the hospital as well. The scene from the lunch room reminded me of Grey's Anatomy. Also, the girls' house is really nice. Did you make it or is it from somewhere?

  3. Aw, so you finally gave up on Mercy Hospital? I actually don't blame you. It's too big, especially for my hood of 37!

    One of my favorite group of girls to read about! I especially have a soft spot for Patience!

    "I think the irony is completley lost on her" - oh Rebecca!

    Their house is really nice! I like the gameboy DS and the fridge, too. You have such great cc!

    It was nice to see each of the girls having healthy relationships.

  4. Thanks for your comments, guys!

    LaurelCrossing, thanks, I'm glad you liked those. I had a lot of fun with them.

    Josie is an adult. There probably is a hack to get them to do college interactions at any age but that's not what I did. I used the allmenus on cheat and just clicked on her as you would in college and there was the option. I wasn't sure it would work, as some of the allmenus options just drop out of the queue immediately but it worked great, as you can see!

    Christina, the house itself was downloaded but all the decorations and furnishings were my own work, so thank you!

    Billy, I actually never ended up taking a Sim down to Mercy Hospital! Right before I placed Shoe Flee (a month ago, at least), I'd just had a crash and I didn't feel like bothering with another. So I played it safe and used this one instead. I'm thinking of going back into Mercy Hospital, taking some pics and snagging some of the decor ideas though, so this hospital might look a little different next time you see it!

    I think these three are all pretty happy right now. All three of them went through a bit of a weird time in college on the romance front but they've kind of straightened themselves out, I think.

  5. I really like the hairstyles you picked for all three girls, you really have good taste. :-)

  6. I think we are all using theat hospital. LOL Riverdale fianlly has some oney from taxes to do a small remodel o the place. So I'm looking forward to that. And before I forget, I'm not sure about the autoposy. But in med school, first year you have anatomy lab. You get to go down to the donated bodys and "pick" around, learning all and everything that there is to learn in the human body.

    Though I only did it for nursing, and the program that I was in in high school gave us access to those body. I had a blast! I was right at home, picking, poking, and digging around. You learn so much!

    But onto the update. I got side tracked. LOL I love that all three girls are living together and they are all getting along!!! Patince and Jacob really do have a lot of history together. Hee, hee, hee. But it's nice to see that they both have moved on.

    I think Claudia was pushing Jacob to move in because in some way she wanted what her sister has. But I'm glad that she is taking things slow. Be happy with what she has. They will know when the time is right!

  7. I have the same hospital from MTS,for some reason it tends to crash after a while. I too thought it was a little big. I loved the update.

  8. I love the hospital and the classroom! I gotta check out that lot from MTS because I hate Wellington's current hospital, it's just an empty shell and looks crappy.

    I thought maybe you were using the vocational training thingy from SimWardrobe. I'm planning to use that if I actually ever start the post-graduate degrees system in Wellington.

    Josie is so funny asking Claudia when they can hire a maid. Girl, don't hold your breath waiting for that LOL

  9. Astrid, thanks! It's incredibly hard to make Patience look ugly though - she looks awesome with pretty much everything I put her in, so it's just a matter of choosing something I think is in her style.

    Riverdale, well, it is a pretty nice little lot! And you reminded me I need to subtract the cost from the treasury! Further remodelling will probably have to wait unless I still have enough left over.

    And thanks for the info on anatomy lab. I was thinking there'd be some practical element like that in your first year but I wasn't sure what.

    I'm so glad Patience is over Jacob now! She was really driving me nuts. He'd roll wants for her too but it was mostly one-sided. It was getting pathetic.

    And that's exactly why Claudia wanted Jacob to move in with her. She's always felt a little behind Victoria because she did everything so fast. She was kissed first, she had a boyfriend first, she lost her virginity first, she had a baby first, got engaged first. But Victoria and Finn have been together since they were 13 and Claudia didn't hook up with Jacob officially until they were 19. It's a big difference.

    Bernz, Shoe Flee? Oh, that's a shame! My computer doesn't seem to have problems with lots much larger than the hospital, so hopefully, I'll be okay.

    And thank you.

    Sari, Shoe Flee is a pretty nice little lot, you should definitely check it out. I didn't know Wellington had a hospital! I guess if it's an empty shell, you've probably never shown it!

    I haven't actually looked into the vocational training thing but I should. David's just using the regular podium there.

    Living on her own is a bit of a shock to the system for Patience and Josie; they both had butlers when they were growing up. Claudia's family is wealthy as well but not as wealthy and living out on the farm, they had to do everything themselves, so she's not spoiled at all. I can't say the same for Josie or Patience. Josie probably thought asking for a maid and not a butler was the economically sound choice!

  10. I love the med school idea! It looks good to me and I have about the same level of experience as you do. Oh plus I watch Scrubs on repeat a lot, lol.

    It's so nice to see everything working out for these girls so well.

    There was definitely a lot of amusement this round. Like Rebecca. Haha, silly kid.

  11. I love these three together. They've come a long way since their uni days of fighting over guys.

    I concur with everyone else about the wonderfulness of your hospital and med school shots.

  12. Lunar, LOL, I figure that's probably the extent of most people's knowledge about medical school, so I'm hoping everyone will forgive any artistic licence I take!

    Rebecca is much more outgoing than her sisters - 8 points to their 4 - so she really does just stroll in all the time. I love that she did that, because it fits in well with what I wrote in the Kirby update this round, when Rebecca also visited Claudia.

    Apple Valley, thank you! There are many parts of the hospital that aren't finished yet but the patient's rooms are done, and obviously, the classroom.

    I like these three together as well. They never really fought though. That was Maia, not Claudia. There was, however, some weirdness between Patience and Claudia, due to Jacob but Josie and Claudia have been friends since they were kids.

  13. Great update on the girls. They look great and I liked the peek inside the hospital. I hope you post more pics at N99 because I really like the idea of med school. I'm going to have to update my medical center.

  14. Danielle, thanks! What you would have seen at N99 (which is not much more than I showed here) is probably about the best part of the hospital/med school right now! I have some ideas for what I want to do but no motivation to do them yet!